Monday, March 10, 2014

Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick & Thin / Micro Eyeliners: Review and Swatches!

A few weeks ago, I received a box of different Rimmel cosmetics from Influenster. Over the course of the past few weeks, I've been testing out each product here and there, and reviewing them as I go along. I had tossed these liners into the deep, dark abyss of my eyeliner drawer and completely forgot about them until last week. I was desperate for a felt-tipped liner so I could get a quick cat eye done, and that's when I remembered them!

Both liners are from the Scandaleyes line of Rimmel products, but they're slightly different from each other. The Thick & Thin liner has a flat, angled tip that allows for easy line-thickness adjustments, and the Micro liner has an ultra fine tip for very detailed and precise application.

(left: thick & thin liner, right: micro liner)

Here's what Rimmel has to say about each liner:

Thick & Thin Liner:
 2-in-1 slanted felt tip liner draws flawless lines! Unique applicator draws both thick and thin lines, Intense color lasts up to 24 hours, Waterproof and smudge-proof.
 Micro Liner:
Ultra-thin felt tip liner draws a super precise line! Intense color lasts up to 24 hours, Waterproof and smudge-proof.
  Let's take a look at the swatches:

To start, I swatched the Micro Liner on the left. You can see it give a very thin and precise line, but you can also apply a bit more pressure and create a thicker line if needed. On the right, I used the Thick & Thin liner to make a few lines of differing thickness. Both of these liners have excellent pigmentation, apply smoothly and evenly, and stayed on my eyes for quite a few hours without smudging. I do think these wore down a bit over the day, so I don't think they will last 24 hours as the company suggests, but I do think they are quite long-wearing.

If you're looking for a quality felt-tipped liner at a drugstore price, these are both a great option for you. I have been switching off between them for a couple of weeks now and I see no signs of them drying out or performing any less. I will say that you truly only need to buy one of these, and that is the Micro Liner. I think that the tip is firm, but still flexible, which allows it to follow the contour of your eye more smoothly. I also think it's much more versatile, as it can create a very thin line or an average one. You can also just use a bit more product to get an even thicker line. The "Thick & Thin" liner has a slightly more firm tip, and is a bit harder to use on the contours of the eye. It would work well if you are always looking for a thick, intense liner, but otherwise I don't think it's worth the money like the Micro Liner.

Both liners perform well and last a long time, however the Micro Liner is much more versatile and easy to use. Both have their place, but if you're in the market for just one new liner, the Micro Liner will definitely be a welcome addition to your makeup collection!


  1. I've never used a "felt tip like marker" eyeliner before. I've only used liquid (can't apply that to save my life) and the self sharpener (twist up) and regular sharpener eyeliners. Do these come off easily when you want to remove them? And would you recommend applying this to your waterline?

    1. Felt tips are one of my favorite kinds of liners! I would also recommend the Maybelline Line Stiletto for a really easy to use felt tip, and that stuff lasts FOREVER! It's not a marker, but it's still very easy to apply.

      As for the removal of the Rimmel liners, they are much easier to remove at the end of the day than immediately after a swatch. When I swatched them I had a bit of trouble, but with a eye-makeup remover they came off with minimal effort. When I remove my makeup at the end of the day these came right off. If you've used liquid liner in your water line before, then I'm sure this would be no different, although I stick to solely pencils/twist up liners in my water line as my eyes tend to burn if I use anything else!

    2. I'll have to give these a try! I'm still only using eyeliners in my upper and lower waterline (I know there's a fancy word for the upper waterline). Every time I try to use eyeliner on my actual lid it ends up crazy crooked, squiggled, or super thick; still working on that art work! LOL Thanks for responding! :)

    3. I think you're referring to the term "tight lining" haha :) That's a great way to define your eyes, while still having them look natural! I would definitely try these out, or a easy-gliding pencil (Try the Nyx Slide on Liners! LOVE them!) on your upper lid. If the pencil doesnt tug at your lid you'll get a much more precise line, and when you use a glide-on pencil rather than a pen like these, you'll be able to smudge them out a bit to hide mistakes and give a nice smokey look! :)

    4. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I'll have to begin experimenting! :)