Friday, March 21, 2014

Starlooks Starbox Review March 2014

My Starlooks Starbox mysteriously appeared in my mailbox today, and I wasn't even expecting it!
Starboxes usually ship around this time and arrive a few days before the end of the month, not to mention I never received a tracking number or shipping e-mail. Of course, I'm not complaining!

This month, Starlooks teamed up with youtuber Ashley Hackman and let her curate a special edition box. They have done this with other people in the past, although this is the first one they've released since I've been subscribed.

I don't know much about Ashley, but I'm sure it must have been exciting to be able to curate your own box! Starlooks even had her signature put on all the products that were in the box this month. I thought that was a nice touch!

There were 3 items included in this month's box, as well as an information card featuring Ashley as the model for this month's products. There was also a card inside that said Starlooks would be making a donation from the proceeds of this box to the Downtown LA Women's Shelter, which is awesome!

1. Lipstick in "Boss" ($12)
 "The Most remarkable red lip you'll ever find. Starlooks' signature color "boss" will complete your look with that perfect, timeless pop of bold rouge and satin shimmer that screams, "Girl Power!", and it doesn't stop there. Our ultra-moisturizing lipstick formula leaves your lips feelings kissably soft.
This wasn't the best way to start off the box for me. First of all, this shade is an orangey-red, which looks absolutely horrendous with my skin tone/hair color combination. I don't understand why this color is Starlooks' signature shade, because it's a really bright orange-red with golden flecks in it. This is not a color that a lot of women could pull off, like a blue-based red, or a pink toned nude. Really unhappy with this shade, and to top it all off, the formula is anything but moisturizing. I found it to be very drying, and took it off immediately after applying it. 

2. Lip Pencil in "Cherry Cedar" ($12)
 Don't forget to prep those bossy lips with this classic, matte red liner. Our prestigious lip liner formula creates the ultimate canvas for any lasting lip look. Ashley specifically selected a deeper red to urge you to get creative and experiment with shading.
This is fine. I honestly don't know what else to say about it. It's a red lip liner. It's not as deep as the name or the shade on the bottom of the pencil would suggest. It's actually more of a basic cherry red. I will use this, as I wear red lipstick quite a bit and it's nice to have a liner when using a color that requires precise lines, but a red lipstick and a red lip liner just seems expected and boring.

3. Longwear Eyeliner Pot in "Black Hole" ($13)
A must-have, staple product for every makeup lover. This creamy, quick dry formula provides that time-honored, slick, black liner look that has kept every woman looking her absolute best for centuries.
Sigh. Two red lip products and a black liner. I don't even know what to say about this either. It's just a black liner, and unfortunately, not a very good one. It seemed a bit oily when I was trying to get swatches, and if you notice, it's not very black/pigmented, especially for a shade called "Black Hole!" I don't think it's terrible though, and while it will probably get used at some point, it's just incredibly boring.

Total Value for the March Starbox: $37

Not only is this box the lowest value Starbox since I signed up, but it's also by far the most boring I've ever received. Even so, I know that there are people out there that would love this box, especially those who are just getting into makeup, or maybe want to try a pin-up look for the first time. Personally, out of every product and every shade possible from the Starlooks line, red lip products and black liner are probably dead last on the things that I need/want. I already have my favorite red shades. I have a zillion black liners, as most makeup lovers do. While the value was $37 and I paid about $18, I still feel like I wasted my money.

I think that this will be my last Starbox for awhile. They started out being filled with products that were exciting and helping me get out of my makeup comfort zone. They always seemed well worth the money and while I didn't always love everything, I always felt the boxes had value.

Not only do I not feel that way anymore, I also feel like their customer service has gone downhill.  I have had an issue that has yet to be resolved, and I really dislike the lack of communication in regards to their referral program.

I will keep a very close eye on future boxes, and be sure to resubscribe if I feel like they are once again worth the money. If this box looks like something you'd love to receive, feel free to check out my other Starlooks reviews and see if it's something you might be interested in subscribing to!


  1. Rachel, I totally agree with you in that this box is boring, very boring and I also couldn't wear that tone of red! I know others can so don't want to discourage them from getting if they like. I also don't car for the Starlooks brand so I guess tha makes me dull!!!! LOL they are way too bright and I just can't wear most of their colors! Now on the other hand there are some women who can totally pull it off so cudos to them!!!

    1. You're right that lots of lovely ladies can pull off this look, but at the same time, I think that this shade of red was a bit too off for the majority of people. :( I love bright shades and fun colors but this red was just too orange for me!

  2. I'm not digging it either! I hate the red lip trend since it looks horrid on me. And they could've at least sent a brush for the eyeliner,,,, last months box was ok. I loved the phaser eyeshadow cream!

    1. I can pull off red lips, but orangey red...not so much! LOL. I couldn't get the eyeshadow cream to work on me! I have super oily lids so it was creasing like crazy. :( I gave it to a friend however, and they loved it! Glad it worked well for you!