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Diamond Candles Review, Demo, Coupon and Ring Reveal!

It's been awhile since I've done an updated review of Diamond Candles, so I thought I'd squeeze one in before my next slew of subscription box reviews!

 Diamond Candles are candles with rings hidden inside the wax. While they aren't the only company that offers these "ring candles," they are the most popular, by far. The rings can be valued anywhere from $10, all the way to $5,000!

Their website offers a constantly rotating selection of scents that includes year-round favorites, as well as limited time offers depending on the season.
Ring Candles- These candles are 21oz candles and cost $24.95. These candles contain a ring!
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Now that we got that out of the way, lets take a closer look into how all of this works!
Guava Berry is a newer scent that was introduced for the spring/summer months, and it sounded right up my alley! I usually prefer fall scents and bakery-like scents for candles, but unique fruit scents will also catch my eye during the summer if they're interesting enough. Guava Berry isn't a very comment candle scent, so I scooped this one up! Unlike some of the Diamond Candles I've received in the past, this candle smells exactly like it's described. Very fruity and sweet, but perfect for summer!

 Diamond Candles placed a gold sticker on the inside of the glass, and that is where your ring pouch is glued before the candle is poured. While 95% of the time, that is where you're ring will be, there are some instances where the ring falls to the bottom of the candle, and you've got an even longer wait ahead of you!

 To begin, simply light your candle and wait! I'd say most candles take about 8-10 hours of burning on their own to get to the ring. That can be a ridiculously long wait if you're as impatient as I am! I have noticed a lot of people digging their ring out and ruining their candle, which is such a shame! I have a quick and easy route to your ring that will also keep your candle intact!

 If you don't have a candle warmer (which will also allow you easy access to your ring) You can cover the candle with tin foil, and leave an opening at the top. This will help the wax melt super fast, and you will have access to your ring within a couple of hours!

 Once the wax melts past the gold sticker, you should see the foil-covered ring stuck to the side, as pictured here. At this point, you can blow out your candle, and use a pair of pliers or a spoon to gently dislodge your ring and lift it out of the wax.

 Have tissues, paper towels, a paper plate etc nearby as the foil will be covered in wax! I try to clean off as much wax as I can, unfold a size, wipe the wax, and continue until the foil is removed.
Once the foil is off, the ring will be inside a small plastic bag, which is also usually covered in wax. I wipe the bag as clean as I can get it before shaking the ring out onto a clean tissue, and then wiping it clean as well.

This was not an option when I originally did this review, however Diamond Candles now includes a slip of paper along with the ring that has a code printed on it. You can imput this code on the diamond candles website to find out the value of your ring!

If you noticed that there is wax on your ring, a very easy way to get it off is to run extremely hot water and hold the ring underneath the water to melt off any excess wax.

These are the rings I received, and from which candle. Unfortunately, you can occasionally receive candles with duplicate rings, which is what happened here with Cinnamon Bun and Guava Berry. Both rings are very pretty, but it was definitely a bummer to get the same ring twice. They were both about a size 9. The Ring that I received in the Cupcake candle was a size 7-8, and was a beautiful heart-shaped purple stone. It sparkled much more than the other two rings, and looked more expensive, also. The double rings are definitely $10 ones, however the cupcake ring might be worth a bit more, like $25 or so. Obviously no big winners here, but as you can see, the rings are always pretty and fun to find!

The downfall of Diamond Candles is that they do not allow you to choose your ring size. While it can be a gamble, they sizes range from 4 to 11. The average rings being sizes 7-10. Most of the rings I have found have either fit my ring finger or my pinky. If you're dead set on getting a ring that is your ring size, I would consider looking into JewelScent. While I have never made a purchase from them and cannot vouch for the quality of their product, I do know that they allow you to choose the ring size.

Other Scents:

 This is an incredibly sweet, vanilla scent. It doesn't really smell like a cupcake, but like sugary, vanilla frosting. It's throw is small, however it can fill up my bedroom without any issue. It's not an overpowering scent, but you'll know it's there! I actually really enjoyed this one and would definitely consider re-purchasing it in the future.

Cinnamon Roll
My very first Diamond Candle was Cinnamon Roll scented, and I loved it so much that I had to get another one! This is a very strong scent that could fill a large room without any issue. It's a very sweet cinnamon scent laced with a warm, creamy vanilla. I wouldn't say that it smells exactly like a cinnamon bun, but if you like bakery scents, this is a fantastic choice!

I haven't always been happy with Diamond Candles, but I had a very pleasant experience this time around. My past issues: slow shipping, poorly scented candles etc, were not a problem with this order. I really enjoyed the scents of all 3 of my candles, and felt that they had a nice throw, and lasted a long time. My only suggestion is that you stay on top of trimming the wick. These candles have a very large wick that can get very sooty, very quickly!

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  1. Diamond Candles are so fun! I tried about 4 of them, nice scents but some weren't very strong. I HATE that you can't choose your ring size! So now I have 4 rings sitting at home somewhere in a box. :( And they do get very sooty! Still fun anyway but I'm sticking to my Scentsy lol.

    1. You should look into Jewel Scent next time! You can choose your ring size, and they also have fragrance beads and soaps with rings in them: so no soot problems! I've never tried them, but a friend of mine swears by their company! I do love my Scentsy too, though! :D

    2. My friend found Fire & Ice Candles and bought one of their ring candles. They are a start-up company. Their candles sell for $19.99 with free shipping. They are at

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