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City Color Timeless Beauty Palette and White Gold Mousse Review

I am so excited to bring you the next part in my City Color Cosmetics Review Series! This particular section will focus on some of the different types of cosmetics in their line that focus on the eye area. One of them is an interesting eye product with a mousse-like consistency, and the other is a fun palette that is perfect for the spring/summer months!

White Gold Shadow and Highlight Mousse ($3.99)
Brighten your eyes and cheekbones with our radiant White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse. This smooth and creamy product is enriched with luminosity, providing a beautiful gold sheen finish. Its aggregate feature allows for the use as an eye shadow base as well as a highlighter.
This cute little jar was quite intriguing to me when I first saw it. It's about the size of a jar of gel liner, and has a small plastic stopper inside to keep the product in place. Once the stopper is removed, it can be a bit messy, so be careful taking it out! This product is to be used on the eye area, or as a highlight. This product is a mousse, not a cream, so you're able to easily grab as much or as little as you need with a brush or just a finger. This product only comes in one shade: white gold. It's an excellent color to use as a shadow base, or even as a highlight. The mousse consistency makes it incredibly easy to apply.
Swatching this product was a blast! You can really work with it to get a sheer, golden sheen, or a really intense, frosty white-gold look. I think this would look amazing as a base to powder shadows that need a shimmery pop. The best part about this product is that it will not budge. I had those hand swatches on all day and they didn't move until I took them off with a makeup remover wipe. I can't wait to play around with this product a bit more and see what else it can do!

Timeless Beauty Palette (Gold) ($9.99)

Timeless Beauty Palette includes 12 eye shadow shades and 3 blushes or bronzers that will give you the freedom to design any way you please when creating your fabulous look. Comes in 2 palette selections: Gold Palette is set with 2 bronzers and a highlighter for a summer glow.
This is the first palette I have tried from City Color, and it screams SUMMER! The palette comes with a sponge tip applicator and a small blush brush. These are low/typical quality. Honestly I wouldn't touch these unless it's an emergency and you've forgotten your brushes! This palette also has a very large mirror, which makes it excellent for travel and touch ups! 
There are 4 sets of 3 shadows that of course could also be mixed and matched if desired. Along with the shadow trios, there are 2 bronzers and a highlighter.
Ehh...OK? Personally I can tell just by looking at this palette that the "bronzers and highlight" are WAY too shimmery to work on the face, but that's just me!

The Bronzers/Highlight
The "bronzers" are on the left and right. The highlight is in the middle. First off, let me state that these are incredibly, ridiculously pigmented. I barely swiped my fingers over these and I got these swatches with no primer. I think that if used very carefully and on the right skin tone, these could work as face products, but honestly, they are just way too shimmery for me. However, they perform so well that I wouldn't hesitate to use them for a bronzey, shimmery eye look!

The Shadows
(These shadows were swatched on the back of my hand. An eye primer and a brush were used.)
I made a quick attempt at swatching these shadows without primer, and I'm going to be honest, they did not stick very well to my skin. I found them to be a bit on the dry side, and their pigmentation was a bit lacking. However, this entire palette has the small price tag of $9.99, so I thought I'd play with it a bit more to see what I could get out of these shades.
With a primer, it's absolutely amazing how pigmented and lovely these shades apply! I really think they just need something to "grab onto" and they perform beautifully! The Shades admittedly appear a bit differently in the pan then they do on the skin. The black shade is more of a grey with a golden undertone, which is just gorgeous! The pink trio leans a bit on the bronze-toned side when applied to my skin.

Again, these two shadow trios performed beautifully with a primer, but appeared differently when applied than they do in the pan. The bronze/purple trio applied beautifully, but the purple was a bit of a letdown. Purple is a hard shade to master when it comes to eyeshadow, and like this one here, they can tend to look a bit too brown once applied. The Green-base trio swatched like a dream, but again, the pinky/purple shade came off more like a cream color. Overall I'd say the shades are very neutral throughout this palette.

Overall Thoughts
 I am absolutely in love with the White Gold Mousse. I think that this stuff is incredibly versatile, and I love the fact that it stays as long as my Maybelline Color Tattoos. It's such a gorgeous shade and is really unique in format and application. I think the price is insanely good, and it's something that is new and different in my makeup collection!

The Timeless Beauty palette is a bit of a middle man for me. The blush/bronzer shades are incredibly intense and pigmented, but I think they make much better shadows color-wise than they do face products. The 4 shadow trios that are in this palette will not work well for someone that doesn't use a primer. However, I am happy to report that they stayed on for 8+ hours without much fading when I used a primer on my eyes. I think for $9.99, this is quite a pretty palette, and can be used to create some lovely summer eye looks. However if you're used to more pigmented shadows, this palette may not be the best for you. If you usually use drugstore shadows, or prefer shadows with a bit less intensity, this palette could work well. I intend on taking it with me on day trips when I need a quick touch up, but don't want to risk taking my more expensive palettes on the road with me!

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  1. I'm hoping to get that highlighting mousse in my Ipsy bag! Thanks for the review!

  2. I got the highlighting mousse in my Ipsy bag this month and I love it! My problem is, even with eye primer it has been creasing within 10 minutes of putting it on! I agree with you that it's long lasting (I swatched it on my hand and hours later after I forgot about it, it was still there!) Any tips for stopping the creasing?

    1. Wow that is strange, I didn't notice it creasing on my lids at all! Have you tried putting a little less on/ a little bit at a time? Try putting on a very thin layer and almost buffing it into your eye until it's blended and dried. Then apply a second layer to make it a bit more intense. If that is still causing creasing issues. I would put an eye primer on first, allow it to dry, then apply the mousse the same way as suggested above. Once the mousse is dry, dust a bit of transluscent powder over the top to keep it from creasing. If you have oily eyelids, it might crease no matter what, unfortunately. It might be used better for you as a shadow base. It won't crease with shadows over the top of it, and it'll really make your shadow pop!