Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Memebox: Memebrush Review!

Memebox is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and most popular beauty boxes out there, and have recently started branching out by creating and marketing their own line of beauty tools. The first to launch is their set of travel brushes, called "Memebrush." 
(If you're not familiar with Memebox, please feel free to search "Memebox" here on Harlot Beauty for more reviews and information!)
The Memebrush Kit arrives in a branded box, and the brushes are contained within a cute faux-leather travel case. The top of the travel case has a rough/glittery finish, although I can assure you that the glitter doesn't come off, or get all over everything! I made sure of that, as it's one of my biggest pet peeves! I will note however, that the case has a strong, cheap-plastic smell. It's similar to the smell that my coastal scents brush case had when I first got it, however it dissipates within a day or two. If you're extremely sensitive to scents, please keep that in mind!
Inside is also a small booklet (mostly in Korean) that shows each brush that is included with more detailed information on each brush.
Inside the case, the brushes fit nicely in their own little pouch. There is a netted pouch on the other side of the case for extra brushes or possibly some cosmetics. I would probably use that side for cotton swabs, tissues, makeup sponges, spoolies, etc.
There is a total of 6 travel-sized brushes, one of them is metal, retractable, and double-ended. I genuinely can't tell if the handles are wooden with a heavy varnish, or if they are indeed, plastic, like they feel and appear. The ferrules are made of metal, as they are on most cosmetic brushes.

Here's a better look at each brush!

1. Lip & Blending Brush (Synthetic)
 This is a metal, retractable, double-ended brush. This is actually one of the better lip brushes that I've owned. I love that it's retractable, so I can take it with me to reapply lipstick and not risk getting dirt all over it, or lipstick all over my makeup bag. It's a firm, yet soft brush and does an excellent job of applying my lipstick. I think it will be my most-used brush in this pack. The other end of the brush is what memebox calls a "blending brush" and while it's not retractable, it has a little cover. This is a small, dense and very firm little brush, and I don't think I would consider it a blending brush at all. I would most likely use this for smudging out liner or shadow, for dotting on concealer, or even as a very tight brush for my crease. 

2. Angle Eyebrow Brush (Synthetic)
This is your typical angled brush! It's not too soft, so it could easily be used as a slanted liner brush, but I think that it's length works best as a brow brush. I've used it as both and haven't had any issues, although I think that the bristles are a bit too soft for me. I have very dark hair and blonde eyebrows, so I need a thicker bristled brow brush to really get the right tone to my brows. I will definitely keep using this as a liner brush, though!

3. Angle Contour Brush (Wool)
 This is the first of 3 brushes that contains a non-synthetic fiber. This brush is made of wool, however it still has a nice softness to it. It's a more thick, dense brush, but not overly so. I was able to use this to contour my cheeks, forehead and jawbone without any issues. It blended my bronzer quite well and gave a really natural look to my contouring.

4. Basic Eyeshadow Brush (Linsey-Woolsey)
My first thought when I was researching what these brushes were made of: "What the hell is a Linsey-Woolsey?" Wikipedia describes it as a "plain-woven fabric woven with a linen warp and a woolen weft." I'm guessing that it's a synthetic/animal hair (probably wool) blend. this brush is actually perfect for a travel set. While I think it's a bit too fluffy for a typical shadow brush, it does pack on the color quite well, and yet is fluffy enough to use in the crease, blend, and highlight the brow bone. It's important to have a versatile shadow brush like this in a travel set!

5. Multi-Powder Brush (Wool and Synthetic Fiber)
This brush is almost identical to my Multi-Powder brush in my Coastal Scents brush set. They have the same look and feel, and while it's very soft-feeling on the skin, I find that these types of brushes aren't my favorite. The base of the bristles is very densely packed, yet the top is very thin and sparse. I think this is a good brush if you want a light dusting of something, but I am a blush queen and while many people would prefer a more natural look, I love my bright and crazy blush to pop! This brush doesn't do that for me, unfortunately.

6. Eyeliner Brush (Synthetic)
 Another "good but typical" brush. This brush is firm, yet slants and bends along with your movements so you're able to get the exact look you want with your liner. I am one of those people that prefers a thin, yet dense angled brush to put on my liner, as I wear cat eyes like they're going out of style. So for me, this will probably be re-purposed as a concealer brush. It's a good size to nab all those stubborn spots.

 Overall Thoughts
Cons: The case has a strong chemical/plastic smell that is pretty common with these lower-cost brush sets. It does dissipate with time, but I can imagine it would be bothersome to someone that is sensitive to scents. The case is also not very well made, in my opinion. After just a few opening/closings, the zipper began to split. Although I was able to fix it, it does give me some trouble from time to time. Finally, I find that there isn't a very good crease or blending brush anywhere in this kit. You can definitely use the shadow brush as one in a pinch, but when you use these brushes daily, it's hard to ignore the lack of them in this kit.

Pros: I think that I have a positive look on this brush kit overall. I think that the $36 price tag is definitely reasonable, as that makes each brush about $6, if you don't include the price of the case. I find myself reaching for this set often, as they are quick, easy, and no-nonsense brushes. It's truly an excellent kit for anyone who travels, or needs a smaller, portable brush set to keep at the office, in the car, gym bag etc. The quality is decent, and I definitely think it's comparable to my Coastal Scents set, which I love and use daily. It's probably not going to rival your high end brushes, but overall I was pleased with the performance and the feel of these brushes. I will definitely continue to use and enjoy them!

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