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drww. Power Lift Collection Review!

Memebox is always introducing me to new and interesting Korean brands, and drww. is one that's completely new to me!
drww is a popular brand in Korea, and featured in Memebox #10 (review coming soon!). drww (pronounced "dru") is designed by "Yu-Jin" who is a famous beauty guru in Korea. While drww is not currently available in the Memeshop, it will be soon, so keep an eye out!

I've gotta tell you, I've only had these products for a few days, and I'm so excited about them that I bumped them to the top of my review list!

1. Power Lift Foundation Pact

 Flaunt a flawless, luminous complexion with this revolutionary compact that provides light to medium coverage, superior antioxidant delivery, sun protection, and instant hydration for that au natural barely there Korean makeup look. Infused with real royal jelly honey, this formula fills in micro lines and ensures a smooth and lifted skin surface, and brightens skin for a healthy glow. You can have that instant barely there natural Korean makeup compact.
How To Use
This compact is pretty unique. To get the product started, you press down a few times on the top with the sponge, and the foundation will press out of the small holes (as shown in the picture). Then you simply dab the sponge with the product on your skin. I have been using the dabbing motion to apply as directed, similar to the way one would use a beauty blender. Dabbing the product really presses the product into your skin and slowly buffs it out, rather than "wiping" the product on.  

This foundation is very buildable. You can create a very natural coverage with just a few dabs, or continue to build for a more intense coverage. It has a thicker consistency, but almost seems to melt into your skin when it's applied. I love the feeling of it! I find that it's quite easy to apply and to blend as well.

The great part about this product, is that the compact is refillable, and it comes with a refill and a replacement sponge. You're basically getting two for the price of one, which is always a great thing in my book! To refill, you simply press the bottom of the commpact firmly to remove the insert, and place the new insert into the open compact. Easy enough!

2. Power Lift Strong Cream with Omega 369
 This cream is enriched with omega 3 and hyaluronic acid for long lasting hydration and elasticity for your skin. When used before makeup, it conditions the skin for flawless makeup application and long lasting staying power. With gradual use, you will notice firmer, brighter, more supple and radiant skin and also notice anti-wrinkling effects.
This cream is sooo nice! Even after just a few days, I can tell I'm going to cry when this jar is empty. The description alone makes it seem like a wonder cream, and it is! I find that it moisturizes, but still makes my skin feel firmer and more plumped up. I have been using it as directed (before makeup) and it does seem to make my makeup application smoother. It suggests that it provides "long lasting staying power" although I'm not sure if they're referring to the cream itself, or the makeup. I have continued to use use a regular primer with this moisturizer, so I can't speak on how it helps makeup last, but I can say that my skin felt moisturized throughout the day. I did noticed I got a bit oily in my T-zone by the end of the day, but it's very possible that is due to the recent warm weather, and not the product itself.
Overall I am loving this cream, and I'm excited to see if the "gradual use" will provide firmer, brighter, wrinkle-free skin. Seems like a lot to claim, but so far I have been pleasantly surprised, so I'm hopeful!

3. Power Lift Celeb Medalist
 (from left to right: burgundy lip tint, coral pink lip/eye/cheek tint, and concealer)
The DRWW Medalist contains 5 all-time celeb makeup artist favorites in a handy 5 piece set, which includes a primer, Burgundy lip tint, Coral Pink lip & eye & cheek tint, lip balm and concealer. Get that instant healthy glow with this handy set!
I love makeup sets and kits, so when I opened this box I admittedly produced a mini squeal of delight. The packaging in the little jars is just the cutest, and I really love the idea of a "Finger melting method" which is pretty popular in Korea. Applying a cream product with your finger gives the product a more melted, sheer appearance on the skin.
I didn't swatch the primer or the lip balm because both are sheer/almost colorless. 
1. Primer 
Apply primer on cheeks, forehead, chin and other oil prone areas for a smooth and velvety skin surface before makeup application.
This primer is actually quite nice! I found it to work better as an eye primer than a face/skin primer, however you could absolutely use it anywhere you'd like. I have red/acne-prone skin, so my entire face is usually covered in a primer. This little jar wouldn't last long if I were to use it that way! On the eyes, it stayed put on my oily lids and did a great job holding my shadow in place all day with no issues!

2. Burgundy Lip Tint 
Apply lip tint on moisturized lips finger for a subtle rosy color.
This product is probably my favorite in the kit. I love the shade, and I love how it can be a sheer pink/berry tone, or a deeper burgundy lip depending on how you apply it. One of the more versatile burgundy shades I've owned!

3. Coral Pink Lip & Eye & Cheek Tint 
Apply on lips and on the apple of the cheeks and blend with fingertips.
 This leans much more to the cheek side of things. Meaning I don't think it looks very nice on the eye or the lip. It also has a subtle powdery feeling that only happens in cream blushes. Lots of companies market a all-in-one type of product, but more often than not, it's just a glorified cream blush. At least in my opinion! Aside from that, this is a beautiful cream blush that gives a really gorgeous doll-like glow on the cheeks. The downfall? It doesn't seem to last more than a few hours. I had to re-apply it midday.

4. Lip Balm 
Apply throughout the day and before bedtime.
It's a lip balm. Nothing much to say about it, other than it has a sweet, yet subtly floral scent. It's a cute balm and I'll probably use it for priming my lips for lipstick.

5. Concealer 
Apply after foundation to areas that need extra coverage after applying foundation and set with powder.
Another favorite in this collection for me. This concealer is thick, but creamy. It's blendable, but still stays medium-full coverage. Setting it with a powder locked it in place all day for me. I think this is the product I will use the most, and the one I was most impressed with in the collection. Definitely a winner for me!

Overall Thoughts
This is my first introduction to the drww. line, and I am incredibly impressed. The Power Lift products really pack a punch, and each one has a new place in my skincare/cosmetics rotation. I am really interested to see what other drww. products Memebox will begin carrying in the Memeshop. If these products are any indication of the quality, I will be purchasing many more drww. products to come!

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More Memebox Coupons:
 Free shipping on orders above $70 from Memeshop: FREESHIPPING$5 off on orders over 3 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3

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Orange Glad Sweet Box May 2014 Review!


OrangeGlad is a dessert subscription box for anyone that loves sweet treats! The people at Orange Glad search high and low to discover yummy snacks from bakeries and sweet shops all around the nation! These sweets aren't something you can just go pick up at your local grocery store. Each item feels like a special treat, and receiving one of these boxes is truly an experience in itself!

What is Included in Each box?
-5 gourmet desserts individually wrapped and packaged with care so that they arrive safe and sound!
-Information card with Ingredients list and description of each snack
-5% off coupon code to use in their marketplace to purchase full size packages of your favorite sweets
How Much Does it Cost?
To sign up month-to-month, each box is $15, plus S+H.
A 3 month recurring subscription is $14 per month, plus S+H
A 6 month recurring subscription is $13 per moth, plus S+H
You can also gift boxes in groups of 1, 3 and 6 months. These boxes are not recurring subscriptions and there is a one-time charge.
*BONUS*- If you'd like to double your items in your Orange Glad boxes, it's only $12 more! So if you and your significant other want to share a box, you can save money by doubling the items rather than purchasing 2 subscriptions. This would also be a great idea to gift to a couple!
Orange Glad was sweet enough to provide everyone with an awesome coupon code where you can get your first box for just $10 (including shipping!)! Use FIRST10 at Checkout!
Can I see What's in Past Boxes?
Sure Can! But when your mouth starts to water, don't say I didn't warn you!
Check out items from past boxes HERE.

Check out what was in the May Sweet Box!
(Orange Glad packed any meltable items in a cooler pack so they were perfect and intact even on a warm day! Awesome!)

Baking Betty's Cookies: S'Mores and Peanut Butter Cup
There are few desserts/baked goods that are irresistible to me, but cookies are definitely one of them. They're like the pizza of baked goods: you can put almost anything on them and they're always amazing! These particular cookies were PB Cup and S'Mores flavored, and they did not disappoint. I am a huge peanut butter and chocolate fan, and since that cookie was so goes without saying I ate the entire thing by myself. The S'Mores cookie was marshmallowy goodness. Luckily it was large enough to share with my fiance and our roommate!

Fine Stonehenge Baking Co: Gluten Free Brownie
I am not a gluten free diet person, but I know people that are. I know the constant struggle to find gluten free foods, and it's even more difficult to find baked goods or just fun foods in general that are also gluten free. This brownie...oh man. SO. good. It tasted super chocolatey, and incredibly rich and decadent. It was almost like a piece of fudge. Probably my favorite item in the box this month. If you're gluten free, or even if you just love amazingly delicious brownies, you have to get one of these bad boys!

Orange Cranberry Welsh Cakes
The only flavor I don't like in sweets is orange. I'm not sure why. For the sake of reviewing these, I tried them anyway, and had my fiance let me know what he thought of them as well, since he loves anything citrus-flavored. He thought they were awesome! These had a very light texture that was doughy, yet a bit crumbly. A bit like a scone, but a lot less dry. The orange was subtle, and the cranberry flavor was lovely. I bet these would taste amazing warmed up a bit with a cup of tea!

Cici's Italian Butterhorns
These Butterhorns came in a very close second to the brownie as my favorite treat this month. I am a sucker for apple pie, or anything cinnamon sugar. The flavors always remind me of Fall, which is my favorite time of the year. These little guys were like a cross between an apple and pecan pie (as they contain a small amount of nuts rolled up inside) and are coated in cinnamon sugar. They are crumbly, delicious, and melt-in-your-mouth. I must have more of these!

I think that Orange Glad is an awesome dessert gifting service, and would be great as a personal gift, a corporate gift, or a fun surprise for a loved one! There are a lot of food subscriptions out there, but Orange Glad has such a unique premise in finding local and small-businesses to include in their gourmet dessert boxes! The curation of these boxes always makes it feel fun and special. This is one of the most anticipated boxes for my fiance, as he absolutely loves baked goods. Orange Glad has always been one of the most fun subscriptions that we receive!

Don't Forget! If you'd like to try Orange Glad for yourself, or gift it to a friend, use the coupon code:
"FIRST10" to get a box for just $10 (including shipping!)!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Summer 2014: Candy Aisle!

 OK guys, I've got to come clean: Fortune Cookie Soap box is seriously my FAVORITE subscription! I don't know what it is, but I get so ridiculously excited when it's time for a new FCS box, and this is only my second one!

Fortune Cookie Soap sells fresh, homemade bath and body products. While they started out selling the fortune cookie-shaped soaps, they've continued to add all kinds of different goodies! Each season (4 boxes per year), FCS puts out a box that showcases their newest scents. The boxes normally include about 8 products.

Each box costs $20, however they also contain a $10 gift card to use in their store on any purchase. Sweet! To make it even more fun, FCS hosts a "Launch Party" where they show all the new products and scents, do pop quizzes and giveaways, and usually give out a special coupon code that you can use along with your gift card! I participated in their Spring Launch party, and it was a blast! FCS has a really loyal fan base, and everyone who works for the company seems to be really passionate about their products and what they do.

The Summer 2014 box is a Candy themed box, and I've got to tell you: It's AMAZING! 

The Goods
 1. Fortune Cookie Soap in "Lick Your Lips"
 Cool Peppermint ice cream with flecks of dark chocolate.

What better way to start off this box than with the Fortune Cookie Soap itself! This month, it's a mouth-watering scent of chocolate-mint. It smells like a Peppermint Patty, or an Andes Candy. These soaps work really well in a guest bathroom on a cute soap tray. You'll definitely get lots of compliments!

 2. OCD Hand Sanitizer in "Lollipop Your Cherry"
 Cherries, cherries, cherries, an more cherries swirled with vanilla and a hint of orange and pineapple.

I am obsessed with the FCS hand sanitizers. I think all their scents are super imaginative and unique! I've gotta say that this one in particular is extremely fruity and very heavy on the cherry scent. Before you rub it in, it smells a lot like cherry cough syrup. Once it dries on the hands, the scent is like a cherry candy with a very light citrus hint in the background. Yum!

3. Solid Sugar Scrub in "Rock Your Socks Off"
Straight up grape candy.

Sometimes, the simplest scents in the box are the best! This one smells so good. It really smells exactly like a grape candy, or a grape pixi stick. Their sugar scrub is a new creation, and they claim it exfoliates, moisturizes and softens. I am obsessed with body scrubs, so I can't wait to use this! 
4. Whipped Cream in "Captain's Berried Booty"
 A crunchy, fruity, berry scent with powdery vanilla, raspberry and tonka bean notes.

Yep. It smells exactly like Crunch Berries from Captain Crunch cereal. I have no idea how they got this lotion to smell exactly like crunch berries, but they did! While it does seem strange to slather yourself in a lotion that smells like cereal, the scent is just totally addicting! The berry scent is the most prominent in this, but once it absorbs into the skin, the light vanilla undertone appears, making it a lot more wearable. Definitely a favorite in the bunch!

5. Wax Tart in "Sweet Dreamsicle"
Ripe pineapple livened with a splash of bright orange citrus and luscious vanilla cream.

This is the first wax tart I have received from Fortune Cookie Soap, and I have a feeling I'll be using my gift card to buy more! I have a little plug-in night light wax burner in my bathroom and I'm kind of obsessed with it. I'm always looking for different waxes and scents to burn, and this one smells good enough to eat! Clearly this smells exactly like an orange creamsicle, but it also has a pineapple element that really makes it. Smells like a delicious tropical drink being sipped on a a beach in Hawaii!

6. Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub in "Lemon Drop it Like it's Hot"
Lightly fragranced with lemon peel essence and orange zest.

This is the newest product in the FCS skincare line. It is supposed to be used 1-2 times per week, and works as a gentle face scrub to brighten and smooth skin. The citrusy scent is very subtle, but is more apparent when used. This is one of the first products I tried, and I really enjoyed how it exfoliated without being too rough on my skin!
7. Sparkle Me Body Spray in 'The Sweet Spot"
Fresh picked melon, strawberries, and peaches twisted with sour mandarin oranges and pineapple, all sprinkled with a touch of sugar.

This body splash reminds me so much of my childhood. I used to have a ton of little shimmer sprays! While I'm not a huge fan of glittery body mists, I do LOVE the scent of this! It's ridiculously fruity. The heaviest note is definitely the mandarin oranges. The melon lightens the scent and the pineapple round it off. I think the strawberries and peaches get a bit lost in the fruit salad of this scent, but it smells absolutely amazing regardless. I would have loved this product if it didn't have the glitter particles in it, but I will probably still use this in the summer on my chest and shoulders.

8. Lip Scrub in "Blow Me"
It smells like Bubblegum!

This doesn't just smell like bubblegum. If I didn't know better, I would probably scoop this out and try to chew it! Since it's a lip scrub, it also has a slight bubblegum flavor to it as well. I LOVE lip scrubs, and I especially love that one was included in this box. My lips get so dry and flaky during the winter months, so having a bubblegum scented scrub to prep my lips for summer is awesome! This scrub is a little more dry than scrubs I've used in the past. Even so, I scoop out a small amount and press it onto my lips. Then I simply buff it into my lips with my finger and brush off the excess. It works quite well, and tastes yummy too!

While I don't have many other boxes to compare it to, I think that Fortune Cookie Soap continuously releases fun and exciting scents and products each season. The Soap Box is always worth the money to me. I love that it's only $20 with shipping included, and I get all of this product AND the $10 gift card. It's such a fantastic value, and really helps in deciding what products and what scents I want to buy! I cannot recommend this box and this company enough. If you're into supporting small businesses and love bath and body products, this is hands down the best box for you!

If you want to check out Fortune Cookie Soap, please consider using my referral link and get $5 off your purchase of $30 or more!
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Birchbox May 2014

I got my first Birchbox super early this month, and thought I'd be able to have my review up sooner than usual. Unfortunately Box #2 didn't arrive until a few days ago, so apologies for getting this up so late! But hey, better late than never!

The theme this month was "freewheeling" and as you can see, the usual chevron interior of the Birchboxes was replaced with the black and white striped pattern from Kate Spade's Saturday collection. This month, Birchbox teamed up with Kate Spade, and offered a $25 coupon (off of a $75 purchase) in every Birchbox! If I wasn't on a low-buy, I'd so take advantage of that coupon! I totally dig Kate Spade, and I think the Saturday line is totally fun!

BOX #1

1. SmartyPants All-in-One Gummy Vitamins for Adults
2. Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner (Silver)

3. Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Lotion
4. Marcelle Gold Glow BB Cream

5. Number 4 High Performance Shampoo and Conditioner

In the interest of making my Birchbox unboxings more short and sweet, I figured I'd give an overall opinion rather than my usual long, drawn out ramblings on each product. 2 boxes is a lot to get through!
This was the worse of the 2 boxes for me. While I think that this could be a great box for someone else, it absolutely missed the mark for me.
I really dislike Gilchrist and Soames products in general, so the lotion was a bummer.
I got the Cynthia Rowley liner in my Birchbox last month, only in a different shade. It's something I will probably use, but not very exciting to get two months in a row.
The BB cream was also kind of a dud. I have so many BB creams that I'm in love with (all Korean brands) so any BB cream I get in my subscription boxes is usually put in the give away pile. Why mess with new ones when I've already found my holy grails?
The No.4 Shampoo and Conditioner was a huge bust for me. I love hair products, but it seems like whenever Birchbox featuring a new set of shampoo and conditioner, it always ends up in my box. These will get passed on as well.
The sample packet of gummy vitamins was a cute extra, although not one of the better ones I've received.

Unfortunately, this was a punishment box for me. Luckily enough, my second box was a winner!

BOX #2 

1. Votivo Candle in "Azure Garden

2. Sumbody Salt Scrub BonBon in "Lavender"

3. Pixi Beauty Shea Butter Lip Balm in "Coral Crush"

4. Nexxus Color Assure Hair Care

5. Cotz Face Tinted Natural Skin Tone

This was one of the box combinations I was hoping for, and I am SO glad that I got it!
The Votivo candle is so ridiculously adorable! It's about the size of a tealight. The scent is floral, but not overbearingly so. I love candles. Thrilled about this sample!
The Nexxus haircare trio is MORE shampoo and conditioner (grumble grumble) but I'm OK with it because it wasn't one of my main samples. I also think that the pre-wash product is something new and different, so I'm interested to try it out!
The Cotz face was the only dud in this box. This product has been popping up in multiple different beauty boxes, and I am totally bored of seeing it. It's a tinted moisturizer. Nothing to see here. Moving on!
The SumBody solid body scrub bonbon is super cute! I looove body scrubs. I have pretty dry skin, so It's awesome to be able to slough off all the flaky grossness and then load up on moisturizer. It really makes my skin feel brand new. Totally excited to try this!
Finally the Pixi Lip Balm. I was hoping for the other lip product offered this month (LAQA & Co.) however I was just happy to even get a lip product! I didn't think I'd like this orangey-coral shade, but it looks so pretty and summery on the lips! Love it!

This month was 50/50 for me. One box was a complete dud and the other was a total win! I can deal with that! Considering Birchbox is only $10 a month, and you get $1 in credits for each item you review, It's always a fantastic deal, and will always be one of my favorite subscriptions!

If you're interested in signing up with Birchbox, feel free to use my referral link.
If you want more information about Birchbox, check out my Birchbox vs. Ipsy review!
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Memebox 9th Global Edition Review and Giveaway! 2014 미미박스

Memebox is one of the most exciting, confusing and buzz-worthy beauty boxes available right now. What sets them apart from other beauty boxes is what makes them so incredibly popular! They have managed to take the beauty world by storm, and practically single-handedly introduced Korean beauty products to everyone who had never dabbled in them before.

While this review is for the 9th Global Edition, I do want to give a quick description of Memebox for anyone who is a bit confused, or all-around unfamiliar with the company!

  What Memebox is:

-Memebox ships 4 or more Korean beauty products that are deluxe samples or full size right to you, straight from Korea!

-The cost of Memeboxes vary depending on what type you are purchasing (see below for more details) with shipping to the US or Canada being $6.97. 
-Memebox is not a subscription. You will have the option to buy each box every time they come out, so there is no obligation to sign up for a monthly program. All you have to do to get a new box is to register your e-mail on their website, and they will send out a message when a new box is available! But don't wait on these. Some of them sell out in just hours!

-Memebox offers many different types of boxes on their site. This can get a bit confusing to a new customer, so here is a quick breakdown:

-Memebox Global Edition-  ($23) 
The original "Memebox" These are numbered on the website (#1-#16 at the time of this post) They include a wide variety of deluxe samples and full size beauty products from Korea.

    - Luckybox- ($23) 
A box full of products that were featured in previous Memebox Global Editions.

    -Superbox- ($32+)
Themed boxes that contains only full size products.

    -Ltd Edition Boxes- ($23+)
 Memebox also comes out with brand-specific boxes, as well as themed
                   boxes like "Hair and Body," "Anti-Aging" and more! You can find these on the website in the same place as the Global Editions are sold.

Don't be overwhelmed with the amount of boxes available! Just choose one that sounds the most exciting to you and have fun!

Now onto the 9th Global Edition!  
 The 9th Edition contained 7 products: 4 of them are full size, and 3 are deluxe samples.

1. Kerasys: Oriental Premium Shampoo
(Deluxe Sample: 200g / Full Size Product: 600g $20)
This product is a nourishing shampoo that seals split ends and moisturizes. I'm glad this was included, as I got a deep conditioner in my Hair and Body box, so I was looking for a Korean Shampoo to go along with it!
This is a deluxe sample, however Memebox has the retail price of the full size bottle listed at $90. I found this to be absolutely ridiculous, so I did a little research, and found the full size bottle of this product selling on most sites for around $20. I don't know if that was a typo on their part, but I'm going to calculate the total value of the box based on the $20 RTV, not $90. 
2. LUNA: Wonder Essential BB Foundation
(Deluxe Sample: 15ml / Full Size Product 40ml $35)
This is a BB foundation cream that moisturizes, primes and protects skin and diminished the appearance of wrinkles. I found that this BB cream looked a bit orange and felt a bit watery, however as I blended it into my skin, it seemed to thicken slightly and the tone became much less orange/yellow. I haven't used this enough to get a good idea of longevity, but it's a light to medium coverage BB that dries to a mostly matte finish on my skin. I'm interested to try it a bit more and see how it stands up to my Skin79 BB cream!
3. Jaminkyung: Gokmul Care Cleansing Masque
(Full Size Product: 100ml $45)
  This is definitely the product I am most excited about, unfortunately I haven't been able to try it out! I am in the process of moving out of state, so as soon as I get pictures of products I try out as many as I can and then pack them up. This was one that I wish I had kept out to test, but if I am as impressed with it as I think I might be, I'll let you know!
This product is a cross between a cleanser and a mask, and it smells like cocoa goodness. It's supposed to unclog pores and remove blackheads, which is totally an products that is up my alley. My pores are huge and always clogged because of all the makeup I use! It's also supposed to give "intense hydration."
The fun thing about this product is that you can use it 3 ways:
Cleanser: Lather cleanser on wet hands and apply to skin. Rinse.
Mask: Apply to entire face. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.
Scrub: I assume when cleansing you're only supposed to apply and then rinse. As a scrub, they suggest only applying to blackheads and large pores, then gently massaging with fingers. 

4. 25cc: Hairbooster 
(Full Size Product: 25ml $23)
You know a hair product means business when it's packaged in a huge plastic syringe! This stuff nourishes your scalp and hair and repairs long-term damage while increasing strength against breakage. The directions suggest shampooing your hair, removing excess water and applying this product onto clean, damp hair. Leave on for 3 minutes and then rinse well.

I have heard through the grapevine that there is enough product in this syringe to use at least 2-3 times, possibly more depending on the length of your hair, so heads up: don't squeeze it all out at once!

(Want to win this product? Check out my Giveaway at the end of this review!)

5. Savia: Magic Count Down 7 Days EGF & Multi-Peptide
(Full Size Product: 5ml $30)
I had no idea what this product was when I first opened it, but I was right in assuming it's a serum-type product. It protects skin and prevents "skin troubles" while giving a healthy and brightened skin tone. You simply apply this product to the skin after cleansing, similar to other serums. I have lots of serums from Memebox still to use, so I am passing this little guy on to my mom!

6. Ellegirl: I Say Tint, You Say Gloss in "Rock Berry"
(Full Size Product: 5ml $23)
So not only is this lip gloss super cute, it also packs a punch! This is a moisturizing gloss with a thinner texture. It feels similar to a lip tint, however it does have a bit of a gel-like feel rather than a liquid. The shade "Rock Berry" is a cool-toned berry red and is super wearable. It definitely looks like a gloss when applied, but stains the lips with a cool pinky red shade. This stuff really does stain, though. The leftovers from the swatch above lasted through multiple hand washings and one shower! It did come over with a bit of scrubbing and makeup remover, though! 

7. Botanic Hill: Boh Moist & Radiant Youth Ampoule Essence
(Deluxe Sample: 5ml / Full Size Product: 50ml $40)
These guys are anti-aging essences that combine ampoule, essence and oil all at once. While this might sound confusing to some, Korean skincare is usually a multi-step process that involves layering products. These essences combine 3 of those steps into one, making for a much easier skincare routine. Essences are usually applied with the fingertips and gently pressed into the skin until absorbed. I have lots of essences to use up, but these are such great travel sized bottles that I will keep these for when I travel or spend the night somewhere!

Memebox #9 cost $23 ($30 with shipping) and has a value of over $150! I think that's a great value, as almost all my past memeboxes have been. I am thrilled with this box and I think it has a great variety. I'm really looking forward to #10!
Don't Forget!
Making a purchase with Memebox? Use the code, 36Q1JG to save $3 off your purchase!

 Memebox was awesome enough to send me THREE extra 25CC Hair Boosters to give to my readers! (valued at $23 each!) Want to win one? Enter below for your chance!

RULES: Open to US residents only. Winning entries will be checked and verified. Winners will be chosen at random by rafflecopter and Winners will be contacted by e-mail and must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. There will be 3 winners chosen.
 Good Luck! XOXO

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