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Beauteque: Mother's Day Boxes!

As most of you know, I've been on a huge Korean beauty/skincare kick. Although it seems that obsession is  right in line with the rest of the world! Korean beauty in IN, and has been known to be years ahead of the pack: always inventing the latest and greatest in skincare and cosmetics. Because of how advanced their skincare is, you can almost always find a strange and interesting product to try! It's been such an fun adventure getting to test out snail creams, fancy sheet masks and more! 

One of my favorite websites to get Korean beauty and skincare has been Beauteque. They have such an easy to use website,  and feature some of the most popular brands in Korean skincare and cosmetics. They also offer free sample bags as well as free shipping on orders over $35. The best part is that they are located in New Jersey, which means I don't have to wait for my products to ship from another country. 

Beauteque recently released limited edition boxes for Mother's Day, each one focusing on a different Mom-Related theme. 
 I received the "Dream Box" which was curated to "ensure a good night sleep" for any hard working mom!
No longer count sheep to fall asleep. This box will help mom drift into a zen-like sleep all while hydrating her tired skin.
The Beauteque Beauty Team has handpicked special products that can be used prior to bedtime to cleanse the long day off of mom’s face. We also have included products that actively soothe, hydrate, and nourish her skin throughout the night. She will wake up feeling fresh, vibrant, and absolutely glowing.
Sleep tight!
What's Inside?

1. My Beauty Diary Under Eye Care Hydrogel Patch Individual Sheet ($11.00)
2. My Beauty Diary Deep Hydrating Mask Individual Sheet ($3.59)
HydroGel Eye Patches
These refreshing and brightening hydro-gel masks revitalize the eye area with its mix of grapefruit, honey and cucumber extracts, and glycerin, which hydrates the skin's surface to relieve dryness and soothe tired, stressed eyes. The eye masks are great for all skin types. 

Sheet Mask
This mask box contains antioxidant luffa and aloe extracts. A luffa is a tropical vegetable that grows on vines, which is very popular in Asia and Africa. This product also conatins aloe extracts for healing and soothing.  

I am already sold on the sheet mask because, well...look at it. Could it be anymore adorable?! The sheet masks I've received from Beauteque in the past have been absolutely fantastic, and the My Beauty Diary products in general are excellent quality. These are great additions to this box!

3. Lioele All Night Moisture Lip Essence ($12)

Lioele All Night Moisture Lip Essence Treatment is a lip treatment for overnight relief that cures rough and chapped lips to make them soft and moist. Petroleum jelly helps form a protective layer on dry lips so there will be no moisture loss, giving them a concentration of nutrients and moisturization to keep lips supple until the next day.

I'm saving this for my mom so I wasn't able to try it, but I did give it a sniff and it smells fruity and delicious! 

4. Lioele V-line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack ($15.60)

Lioele V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack includes Swiss Alpine extract. It is absorbed without stickiness and also creates a moisturizing film to supply moisture and nutrition into tired skin throughout the night to keep your skin moisturized until the next day. Various beauty ingredients give a shaping effect to tighten skin while sleeping.

Sleeping packs are amazing, especially for mom's (or anyone!) with dry skin. Put one of these on after cleansing and toning and go to sleep. When you wake up, your skin will be plump, soft and moisturized! I swear by them!

Beauteque also included a sample bag with 6 different samples, as well as a super-cute bag of Hershey Kisses with the Beauteque logo on them! Adorbs!

The Total Value of this box is over $42 (not including the samples and the chocolates), and cost $35. 
You get $42 worth of product, a gift box, a bag of Beauteque-branded sweets and a sample bag! This is a great value, especially if you're looking to try some new products, or introduce someone to Korean Beauty! Take another 10% off with the coupon code listed below, and you've got a great price on a ready-to-gift box of goodies, for yourself, a friend, or a belated Mother's Day surprise!

While you may be too late to get one of these boxes in time for Mother's Day, Beauteque is extending the sale of these boxes, AND they released a 10% off coupon code for Harlot Beauty readers!

Use ILOVEMOM2 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase of Mother's Day Boxes! (until 5/14)
Don't forget your free sample bag, and that there is FREE SHIPPING on orders over $35!

Pick your Favorite Mother's Day Box HERE!

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