Monday, May 12, 2014

Birchbox Man May 2014

J's Birchbox Man showed up on our doorstep on the first or second day of May. If only my regular Birchbox showed up that early in the month!
This month, the theme was "Good Form" and from the little note on the info card this month, I think they basically want guys to start spring cleaning? I have no idea...the theme and the note didn't make much sense with each other, or with the items that were actually in the box, other than maybe the cool poster that was included this month:

J liked the poster and wants to hang it up by his desk. I'm hoping it will become his personal mantra and I won't have to pick up dirty socks all over the house anymore! Wishful thinking?

To celebrate the new Birchbox Aces program, the guys received a cool pack of Bicycle playing cards. What did the ladies get? An e-mail. Whatsamatta' Birchbox? Think ladies don't like to play a good game of Poker, too? (Kidding of course! I can imagine they probably gave these to the guys because they pay double what the ladies do for their boxes!)

1. COOLA: Environmental Repair Plus Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion
 COOLA has crept over like a virus from the ladies boxes and found it's way into the men's boxes too! And OK, I know I'm being mean. I'm sure there are a lot of people who love and enjoy the COOLA products. I just find them to be redundant and boring. How many tinted moisturizers with SPF can a person have? At least this product is a bit different. It's an "After Sun" lotion that takes the sting out of sunburns and gives moisture back to the skin. If I wasn't a semi-vampire who hissed every time the sun hit me, I'd find this useful. J is in the sun a lot more than me, but he has an olive skin tone, so he almost never burns. We'll probably pass this on to friends.

2. Hanz de Fuko: Claymation
 So this is a styler that "pairs the holding power of wax with the soft, versatile finish of clay." If used on wet hair it creates a shiny finish, and a matte finish on dry hair. J has a handlebar mustache (I know, so dashing!) and he's always looking for a wax that will keep those ends curled upward to perfection all day. He tried this stuff out, and got an amazing result. He's been using it as his go-to mustache wax since. Definitely a winner for us, and one that we'll repurchase for sure.

3. PLANT: Face Oil
 Hmm. This is a basically just a facial oil moisturizer. Now that people aren't terrified of using oils on their face anymore (oily skin people can use them too!) tons of companies are coming out with facial oils. I don't know about other guys, but I pretty much have to force J to moisturize his face. If he's not using a typical lotion, I don't think he's going to use an oil. Fun idea of some guys, but a miss for us overall. Going in the give-away pile!

4. Proraso: Shave Cream
 I think the Birchbox Man boxes must be a lot more difficult to curate. With women, there are zillions of products on the market and we are all made to feel like we desperately need each one, or we're hideous ogres that need to be hidden from society. Guys a lot of the time could care less about any new product they are told they "need." If it takes up too much time, they usually can't be bothered. The Proraso Shaving cream is an item I've seen popping up in BB Man boxes for a while now. It's a shave cream, it's pretty basic, and it gets the job done. Boring for me, good for J. He'll definitely use it, and it's good to have travel-sized products like this for when we travel!

5. 32 Oral Care: Effervescent Breath Treatments
 These have shown up in the regular Birchboxes as well, and I find them incredibly odd.. They are basically PopRocks in minty flavors that you swish around in your mouth to freshen your breath. I find this to be a bit too gimmicky for my taste (why not just use a mint?) but J thought they were fun and different, so these were another win!

6. Riada by Adair: Tie Bar
So not every guy is a tie wearer. Not every guy would even find a use or an interest for a tie bar. Luckily, J is one of those guys who find the idea of a tie bar to be awesome! J loves getting dressed up, and is also always going for that rustic mountain-man look, (swoon) so this wooden tie bar was a huge win for him. It marries his aesthetic and his love of getting dressed up perfectly. It was a great match of him for the lifestyle products.

Overall, this box was a big win for J. 6 products plus the pack of cards and the poster made it fun for him to open, and the tie bar was not only worth the price of the entire box ($20) but also his favorite item! This is our second month receiving Birchbox Man, and so far, we've both been really impressed with the curation, and how well the product fit into J's lifestyle.

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