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Birchbox May 2014

I got my first Birchbox super early this month, and thought I'd be able to have my review up sooner than usual. Unfortunately Box #2 didn't arrive until a few days ago, so apologies for getting this up so late! But hey, better late than never!

The theme this month was "freewheeling" and as you can see, the usual chevron interior of the Birchboxes was replaced with the black and white striped pattern from Kate Spade's Saturday collection. This month, Birchbox teamed up with Kate Spade, and offered a $25 coupon (off of a $75 purchase) in every Birchbox! If I wasn't on a low-buy, I'd so take advantage of that coupon! I totally dig Kate Spade, and I think the Saturday line is totally fun!

BOX #1

1. SmartyPants All-in-One Gummy Vitamins for Adults
2. Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner (Silver)

3. Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Lotion
4. Marcelle Gold Glow BB Cream

5. Number 4 High Performance Shampoo and Conditioner

In the interest of making my Birchbox unboxings more short and sweet, I figured I'd give an overall opinion rather than my usual long, drawn out ramblings on each product. 2 boxes is a lot to get through!
This was the worse of the 2 boxes for me. While I think that this could be a great box for someone else, it absolutely missed the mark for me.
I really dislike Gilchrist and Soames products in general, so the lotion was a bummer.
I got the Cynthia Rowley liner in my Birchbox last month, only in a different shade. It's something I will probably use, but not very exciting to get two months in a row.
The BB cream was also kind of a dud. I have so many BB creams that I'm in love with (all Korean brands) so any BB cream I get in my subscription boxes is usually put in the give away pile. Why mess with new ones when I've already found my holy grails?
The No.4 Shampoo and Conditioner was a huge bust for me. I love hair products, but it seems like whenever Birchbox featuring a new set of shampoo and conditioner, it always ends up in my box. These will get passed on as well.
The sample packet of gummy vitamins was a cute extra, although not one of the better ones I've received.

Unfortunately, this was a punishment box for me. Luckily enough, my second box was a winner!

BOX #2 

1. Votivo Candle in "Azure Garden

2. Sumbody Salt Scrub BonBon in "Lavender"

3. Pixi Beauty Shea Butter Lip Balm in "Coral Crush"

4. Nexxus Color Assure Hair Care

5. Cotz Face Tinted Natural Skin Tone

This was one of the box combinations I was hoping for, and I am SO glad that I got it!
The Votivo candle is so ridiculously adorable! It's about the size of a tealight. The scent is floral, but not overbearingly so. I love candles. Thrilled about this sample!
The Nexxus haircare trio is MORE shampoo and conditioner (grumble grumble) but I'm OK with it because it wasn't one of my main samples. I also think that the pre-wash product is something new and different, so I'm interested to try it out!
The Cotz face was the only dud in this box. This product has been popping up in multiple different beauty boxes, and I am totally bored of seeing it. It's a tinted moisturizer. Nothing to see here. Moving on!
The SumBody solid body scrub bonbon is super cute! I looove body scrubs. I have pretty dry skin, so It's awesome to be able to slough off all the flaky grossness and then load up on moisturizer. It really makes my skin feel brand new. Totally excited to try this!
Finally the Pixi Lip Balm. I was hoping for the other lip product offered this month (LAQA & Co.) however I was just happy to even get a lip product! I didn't think I'd like this orangey-coral shade, but it looks so pretty and summery on the lips! Love it!

This month was 50/50 for me. One box was a complete dud and the other was a total win! I can deal with that! Considering Birchbox is only $10 a month, and you get $1 in credits for each item you review, It's always a fantastic deal, and will always be one of my favorite subscriptions!

If you're interested in signing up with Birchbox, feel free to use my referral link.
If you want more information about Birchbox, check out my Birchbox vs. Ipsy review!
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