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drww. Power Lift Collection Review!

Memebox is always introducing me to new and interesting Korean brands, and drww. is one that's completely new to me!
drww is a popular brand in Korea, and featured in Memebox #10 (review coming soon!). drww (pronounced "dru") is designed by "Yu-Jin" who is a famous beauty guru in Korea. While drww is not currently available in the Memeshop, it will be soon, so keep an eye out!

I've gotta tell you, I've only had these products for a few days, and I'm so excited about them that I bumped them to the top of my review list!

1. Power Lift Foundation Pact

 Flaunt a flawless, luminous complexion with this revolutionary compact that provides light to medium coverage, superior antioxidant delivery, sun protection, and instant hydration for that au natural barely there Korean makeup look. Infused with real royal jelly honey, this formula fills in micro lines and ensures a smooth and lifted skin surface, and brightens skin for a healthy glow. You can have that instant barely there natural Korean makeup compact.
How To Use
This compact is pretty unique. To get the product started, you press down a few times on the top with the sponge, and the foundation will press out of the small holes (as shown in the picture). Then you simply dab the sponge with the product on your skin. I have been using the dabbing motion to apply as directed, similar to the way one would use a beauty blender. Dabbing the product really presses the product into your skin and slowly buffs it out, rather than "wiping" the product on.  

This foundation is very buildable. You can create a very natural coverage with just a few dabs, or continue to build for a more intense coverage. It has a thicker consistency, but almost seems to melt into your skin when it's applied. I love the feeling of it! I find that it's quite easy to apply and to blend as well.

The great part about this product, is that the compact is refillable, and it comes with a refill and a replacement sponge. You're basically getting two for the price of one, which is always a great thing in my book! To refill, you simply press the bottom of the commpact firmly to remove the insert, and place the new insert into the open compact. Easy enough!

2. Power Lift Strong Cream with Omega 369
 This cream is enriched with omega 3 and hyaluronic acid for long lasting hydration and elasticity for your skin. When used before makeup, it conditions the skin for flawless makeup application and long lasting staying power. With gradual use, you will notice firmer, brighter, more supple and radiant skin and also notice anti-wrinkling effects.
This cream is sooo nice! Even after just a few days, I can tell I'm going to cry when this jar is empty. The description alone makes it seem like a wonder cream, and it is! I find that it moisturizes, but still makes my skin feel firmer and more plumped up. I have been using it as directed (before makeup) and it does seem to make my makeup application smoother. It suggests that it provides "long lasting staying power" although I'm not sure if they're referring to the cream itself, or the makeup. I have continued to use use a regular primer with this moisturizer, so I can't speak on how it helps makeup last, but I can say that my skin felt moisturized throughout the day. I did noticed I got a bit oily in my T-zone by the end of the day, but it's very possible that is due to the recent warm weather, and not the product itself.
Overall I am loving this cream, and I'm excited to see if the "gradual use" will provide firmer, brighter, wrinkle-free skin. Seems like a lot to claim, but so far I have been pleasantly surprised, so I'm hopeful!

3. Power Lift Celeb Medalist
 (from left to right: burgundy lip tint, coral pink lip/eye/cheek tint, and concealer)
The DRWW Medalist contains 5 all-time celeb makeup artist favorites in a handy 5 piece set, which includes a primer, Burgundy lip tint, Coral Pink lip & eye & cheek tint, lip balm and concealer. Get that instant healthy glow with this handy set!
I love makeup sets and kits, so when I opened this box I admittedly produced a mini squeal of delight. The packaging in the little jars is just the cutest, and I really love the idea of a "Finger melting method" which is pretty popular in Korea. Applying a cream product with your finger gives the product a more melted, sheer appearance on the skin.
I didn't swatch the primer or the lip balm because both are sheer/almost colorless. 
1. Primer 
Apply primer on cheeks, forehead, chin and other oil prone areas for a smooth and velvety skin surface before makeup application.
This primer is actually quite nice! I found it to work better as an eye primer than a face/skin primer, however you could absolutely use it anywhere you'd like. I have red/acne-prone skin, so my entire face is usually covered in a primer. This little jar wouldn't last long if I were to use it that way! On the eyes, it stayed put on my oily lids and did a great job holding my shadow in place all day with no issues!

2. Burgundy Lip Tint 
Apply lip tint on moisturized lips finger for a subtle rosy color.
This product is probably my favorite in the kit. I love the shade, and I love how it can be a sheer pink/berry tone, or a deeper burgundy lip depending on how you apply it. One of the more versatile burgundy shades I've owned!

3. Coral Pink Lip & Eye & Cheek Tint 
Apply on lips and on the apple of the cheeks and blend with fingertips.
 This leans much more to the cheek side of things. Meaning I don't think it looks very nice on the eye or the lip. It also has a subtle powdery feeling that only happens in cream blushes. Lots of companies market a all-in-one type of product, but more often than not, it's just a glorified cream blush. At least in my opinion! Aside from that, this is a beautiful cream blush that gives a really gorgeous doll-like glow on the cheeks. The downfall? It doesn't seem to last more than a few hours. I had to re-apply it midday.

4. Lip Balm 
Apply throughout the day and before bedtime.
It's a lip balm. Nothing much to say about it, other than it has a sweet, yet subtly floral scent. It's a cute balm and I'll probably use it for priming my lips for lipstick.

5. Concealer 
Apply after foundation to areas that need extra coverage after applying foundation and set with powder.
Another favorite in this collection for me. This concealer is thick, but creamy. It's blendable, but still stays medium-full coverage. Setting it with a powder locked it in place all day for me. I think this is the product I will use the most, and the one I was most impressed with in the collection. Definitely a winner for me!

Overall Thoughts
This is my first introduction to the drww. line, and I am incredibly impressed. The Power Lift products really pack a punch, and each one has a new place in my skincare/cosmetics rotation. I am really interested to see what other drww. products Memebox will begin carrying in the Memeshop. If these products are any indication of the quality, I will be purchasing many more drww. products to come!

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  1. love the packaging! the products look great!

    1. I love the packaging too! I especially love the Foundation compact. It's so cute AND refillable! :D

  2. Great review. Loving this brand! Just need to ask memebox where to buy the products, really!

    Also, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out here:

  3. I tried looking online for the box, it has great products, and can't find it, do you have a link to that specific box or did you get a pre-release? Also, I voted for you!

    1. Hey hun! This actually wasn't a box, these are products that will be available soon in the Memebox shop. I don't think they have been released, yet though unfortunately! :(