Monday, May 5, 2014

Memebox Hair and Body Review

Hello my lovelies! It feels like it's been forever since I've done a review! I apologize in advance if I happen to be updating less frequently, but I have crazy amounts of stuff going on in my life at the moment! We are in the process of apartment hunting and packing our lives up into boxes (way harder than you ever think it's going to be!) and I am also preparing to have gastric bypass surgery. It's been a very long road in that regard, and I have a lot of doctor's appointments and surgical consultations coming up! I will absolutely still be blogging throughout this busy few months, however it won't be every other day like I'm used to! At least not until I get settled into my future apartment! 

Now that the personal stuff is out of the way, can we please just take a moment to talk about Memebox?
They are out of control, I'm telling you! I feel like they are coming out with new boxes every single day, and I am always getting messages about the differences between them and which one is best etc. It's craziness! If you're still super confused about memebox, what they offer, or where to begin when you get on their website, never fear! I plan on doing a comprehensive review of memebox as a whole that will help you understand their boxes and their company a lot more!

For now, all you need to know is this: Memebox is a company that provides fun boxes filled with Korean beauty products. They are crazy-addicting to the point of madness, and the products are always intriguing, unique and fun! 
This particular box was focused specifically on hair and body products. Many of the past memeboxes have tended to lean toward skincare, so I was really excited for this one! This box cost $23.00 plus $6.99 shipping, which is a pretty common price bracket for memeboxes.

Also that box...dying of cuteness! I love the pale pink and the polka dots inside. I am definitely reusing this!
Enough of my rambling now. Let us get right into the goodies!

1. Rosapacific: 19 Real Neck Sheet
(Full size product: $3.50)
So I've received lots of sheet masks before, but a neck mask is definitely a new one. It's true that we tend to neglect our necks when it comes to skincare, so it's nice to see a product created specifically for the neck area. This was basically a paper/gel mask that is in the shape of a rectangle. You basically just slap it on your neck and wait for the magic to happen! 
Memebox explains that this mask is made from "bio-cellulose," which is a natural gel sourced from coconut juice and is "hydration delivered at it's finest."
Hmm. Well, I will say this was a rather awkward mask to wear. I suggest putting this on,\ and laying back with a good book for the 15-20 minutes that it suggests you leave it on. If I moved my head even slightly, it seemed to peel off a bit and I'd have to slap it back in place. After removing it, my neck felt clammy and that's about it. I don't feel like this product did anything special, but maybe it's one of those things you need to use over a period of time. Either way, probably not something I'd get again.

2. 1004 Laboratory: Kiss the Perfume Brilliant Hair Treatment
(Full Size Product: $49)
 Memebox says on the information card that, "men fall in love with the scent emanating from a girls' hair" but let's face it: we like our hair to smell nice whether or not we're trying to "attract a man." *insert eye-roll here* This stuff is a conditioning treatment that claims to have a very strong and long lasting scent. I've used this treatment quite a bit since getting this box, and while I think the cherry blossom scent is to die for, I don't think the scent is very long-lasting. I find the scent to be incredibly strong in the shower, yet it's very subtle once my hair is dry. It was light, yet very conditioning for my hair. I will continue to use and enjoy this, but I won't be seeking another bottle. I saw the retail value of this stuff is $49, and I decided that there are probably dozens of other products that perform better at a fraction of the price. Even so, as an addition to this box, it was a winner for me!

3. Annagaspi: Brilliant Body Design Patch
(Full Size Product: 2 pouches: 2 patches in each $17)
 Not only was there a neck mask in this box, but a mask for the body as well! These little patches are a "hydro-gel" body patch that reshapes and firms swollen legs and feet, or helps tone and firm up any other body part you stick them on. They suggest the back of your thighs, your arms, tummy etc. The patches are supposed to be left on for 4-8 hours. That seems like an awfully long time, but I guess it's good to sleep in them, or use them on a Sunday morning when you're just laying around sipping coffee and surfing the internet!
My personal experience with these was not a great one, I have to admit. I thought I'd put them on the insides of my arms to test how effective they were. I have a lot of upper arm fat, so I thought if they're going to work anywhere, it would be there! The patches smell like menthol and have a cooling effect on the skin when first applied. I did notice shortly after, however, that they felt SO cold, that my skin started to feel like it was burning. It was similar to when you hold a snowball in your hand for too long. This burning continued for about a half hour, and right when I was about to throw in the towel, it began to subside. 
I peeled them off 4 hours later and my skin felt sore and tender. I did notice a visible difference in my skin: it was definitely tighter and more firm, but at what cost? My arms felt sore the rest of the night, and by the time I woke up the next day, the effects wore off. Not worth the pain, in my opinion!

  4. SD: Hair Steam Hair Pack
(Full Size Product: $21)
 Neck mask, body only makes sense to include a hair mask in this box! This is one of the two items I haven't tried out yet from this box, but I am saving this one for a special day! 
When I was younger, I loved watching my mom use the V05 Hot Oil. It seemed like such a neat ritual, even if it did take awhile. This Hair "Steam Pack" is similar, and why I have yet to try it out. You basically wash your hair, and apply the mask (it's a bit like a shower cap) to your damp hair. You tighten it up and use a little sticker to hold it in place. It suggests leaving the cap on for 20 minutes, then removing rinsing hair with warm water. 
The mask has argan oil, royal jelly, and "black food" whatever the heck that is. Memebox says these 3 items are "renowned" for their deep nourishment and moisturizing properties. I am SUPER excited to try this one out, and if it changes my hair as much as I hope it will, I will come back and update!

5. Kocostar: Nail Therapy
( Full Size Product: 3 sets of Nail masks: $15)
 And the masks keep coming! These packets contain little masks that slide on your fingertips and nourish your nails and the skin surrounding them. They contain botanicals and vitamins that soothe, protect and repair stressed nails while strengthening them against splitting and breakage. 
Each packet contains 10 masks that are about the size of large thimbles. You slip them onto each finger and leave them on for 30 minutes to 1 hour. I just popped on a movie while I had them on. When they're removed, it's suggested that you massage any leftover serum into the nails and cuticles. 
I have very dry cuticles and brittle nails, and I actually did see a significant difference in the quality of the skin around my nails after using these masks. It looked much more moisturized and well-taken care of. I only used one pack, so I wasn't really able to see a huge change in my nail strength, although I'm excited to see if they do work in that regard!

6. Zivon: Plu Scrub Oriental Jin
(Deluxe Sample: 50g / Full Size Product 200g $25)
This is a deluxe sample of a body scrub that contains olive, macadamia, argan and other natural oils. The scrub is made from walnut shell powder, and gentle exfoliates while it deeply moisturizes and restores skin. This scrub has a fresh citrus scent with a very light floral undertone. It's a very clean smell, and it's quite pleasant. I found this to be an awesome scrub! I think it's similar to the Julep hand scrub, and I have been using it as a hand exfoliator. It's good to use a gentle scrub like this at least once a week and then use a heavy duty moisturizer afterwards. It's amazing how soft my hands feel, especially after using this scrub. Super happy with this product!

7. EVAS: RoseMine Perfume Touch in "Blessing Blossoms"
(Full Size Product: $17)
It's not often that perfume shows up in a Memebox, never mind one that is this adorable! I absolutely love the packaging of this perfume, although I found the application to be a bit tricky. At first, there was absolutely nothing I could to to get it to come out. It sees like it's just a squeeze bottle, but not matter how hard I squeezed, no product came out. Luckily, after stabbing it with a safety pin, I was able to get the product flow out very easily. Just a very light squeeze will produce a shimmery, watery gel to emerge. This particular scent, "Blessing Blossoms" is a very gentle floral that is absolutely lovely and girly. This is a great little perfume to stash in your purse.

8. Golden Glove: Exfoliating Gloves
(Full Size Product: $16)
Exfoliating gloves are not a new thing, but they're not always something that I have kept in my arsenal. Lately I've been struggling with severely dry skin all over my body, and I haven't been exfoliating nearly as much as I should. It can become a hassle to do it frequently. However, using a glove seemed like a good idea, so I gave it a whirl. You basically take the glove in the shower with you. Put it on, wet it, and add some body wash to the palm of your hand and gently pass the glove over your skin in circular motions. Simply rinse the glove and your body and you're done!
I was actually pretty impressed with these gloves. I've had a few exfoliating mitts and gloves in the past but these actually made my skin feel super soft afterwards! I'm not sure if it's because my skin was so dry and horrible prior to using them, but I'm excited to have them and think that they were a great addition to this box!

Overall Thoughts
 The Memebox Hair and Body box contained 8 products. 7 of them were full sized, and one was a deluxe sample. This box cost $23 ($30 with shipping) from Memebox, and has a retail value of...

While I do think that some of the prices were a bit on the high side for the items I received, even if you cut the value in half,  It would still be more than twice what I paid. 
I think the value of memeboxes are always excellent, however I don't think that this box was a total hit for me. I think this would be an amazing box for certain people, but I wasn't thrilled about getting 4 mask products in one box. Seemed a bit redundant. It would have been great to get a body lotion of some kind, and there was also only 2 hair products, which was a bit of a let down as well. Even so, there is a fantastic variety of items, and I am incredibly happy I snagged this one before it was gone!
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  1. I didn't pick this one up because Hair and Body didn't seem like my thing. I think I would have squee'd joyously over the super-cute hair conditioner and perfume.

    I'm wondering about those bodyshaping hydrogel pack things. If they're supercooling - could you repurpose them as back patches? When my neck/shoulder muscles knit together and give me headaches, I love slapping a tiger balm type patch on it. Is it a similar product?

    1. I definitely did my patented, "excited clap" when I opened the box and saw the perfume and the conditioner. I'm a sucker for cute packaging!

      As for the hydrogel patches, honestly the pictures that come with them show the patch pretty much all over the person's body, so I'm assuming they can be used anywhere. I never considered myself to have sensitive skin, but these were verging on painful for me, so whether or not they'd feel better on a sore back or on the neck for tension headaches, I'm not sure. It feels more uncomfortable than soothing. However it's totally possible that my skin is just sensitive to one of the ingredients!

  2. I've got those patches on right now! You're right, they do sting. It's going to be a loooong 8 hours, if I last that long. Personally I doubt that anything you apply externally will tone the body in any meaningful way, but since I've got them I'm giving them a try.

    Patches aside, I thought this was a great box and have ordered the second Hair & Body one. I've used the nail masks twice so far and they have made a big difference to my nails which were very flaky before. Everything in the box that is supposed to smell nice does, and the body scrub has a great texture. So even if the second box is very similar to this, I'll be happy.

    1. I totally agree Joanne! I fell victim to the second Hair and Body box as well! I really liked the variety in this one, and liked that it strayed away from skincare, as the other memeboxes are very skincare-heavy. I'm really looking forward to trying and review the second box when it arrives!