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Orange Glad Sweet Box May 2014 Review!


OrangeGlad is a dessert subscription box for anyone that loves sweet treats! The people at Orange Glad search high and low to discover yummy snacks from bakeries and sweet shops all around the nation! These sweets aren't something you can just go pick up at your local grocery store. Each item feels like a special treat, and receiving one of these boxes is truly an experience in itself!

What is Included in Each box?
-5 gourmet desserts individually wrapped and packaged with care so that they arrive safe and sound!
-Information card with Ingredients list and description of each snack
-5% off coupon code to use in their marketplace to purchase full size packages of your favorite sweets
How Much Does it Cost?
To sign up month-to-month, each box is $15, plus S+H.
A 3 month recurring subscription is $14 per month, plus S+H
A 6 month recurring subscription is $13 per moth, plus S+H
You can also gift boxes in groups of 1, 3 and 6 months. These boxes are not recurring subscriptions and there is a one-time charge.
*BONUS*- If you'd like to double your items in your Orange Glad boxes, it's only $12 more! So if you and your significant other want to share a box, you can save money by doubling the items rather than purchasing 2 subscriptions. This would also be a great idea to gift to a couple!
Orange Glad was sweet enough to provide everyone with an awesome coupon code where you can get your first box for just $10 (including shipping!)! Use FIRST10 at Checkout!
Can I see What's in Past Boxes?
Sure Can! But when your mouth starts to water, don't say I didn't warn you!
Check out items from past boxes HERE.

Check out what was in the May Sweet Box!
(Orange Glad packed any meltable items in a cooler pack so they were perfect and intact even on a warm day! Awesome!)

Baking Betty's Cookies: S'Mores and Peanut Butter Cup
There are few desserts/baked goods that are irresistible to me, but cookies are definitely one of them. They're like the pizza of baked goods: you can put almost anything on them and they're always amazing! These particular cookies were PB Cup and S'Mores flavored, and they did not disappoint. I am a huge peanut butter and chocolate fan, and since that cookie was so goes without saying I ate the entire thing by myself. The S'Mores cookie was marshmallowy goodness. Luckily it was large enough to share with my fiance and our roommate!

Fine Stonehenge Baking Co: Gluten Free Brownie
I am not a gluten free diet person, but I know people that are. I know the constant struggle to find gluten free foods, and it's even more difficult to find baked goods or just fun foods in general that are also gluten free. This brownie...oh man. SO. good. It tasted super chocolatey, and incredibly rich and decadent. It was almost like a piece of fudge. Probably my favorite item in the box this month. If you're gluten free, or even if you just love amazingly delicious brownies, you have to get one of these bad boys!

Orange Cranberry Welsh Cakes
The only flavor I don't like in sweets is orange. I'm not sure why. For the sake of reviewing these, I tried them anyway, and had my fiance let me know what he thought of them as well, since he loves anything citrus-flavored. He thought they were awesome! These had a very light texture that was doughy, yet a bit crumbly. A bit like a scone, but a lot less dry. The orange was subtle, and the cranberry flavor was lovely. I bet these would taste amazing warmed up a bit with a cup of tea!

Cici's Italian Butterhorns
These Butterhorns came in a very close second to the brownie as my favorite treat this month. I am a sucker for apple pie, or anything cinnamon sugar. The flavors always remind me of Fall, which is my favorite time of the year. These little guys were like a cross between an apple and pecan pie (as they contain a small amount of nuts rolled up inside) and are coated in cinnamon sugar. They are crumbly, delicious, and melt-in-your-mouth. I must have more of these!

I think that Orange Glad is an awesome dessert gifting service, and would be great as a personal gift, a corporate gift, or a fun surprise for a loved one! There are a lot of food subscriptions out there, but Orange Glad has such a unique premise in finding local and small-businesses to include in their gourmet dessert boxes! The curation of these boxes always makes it feel fun and special. This is one of the most anticipated boxes for my fiance, as he absolutely loves baked goods. Orange Glad has always been one of the most fun subscriptions that we receive!

Don't Forget! If you'd like to try Orange Glad for yourself, or gift it to a friend, use the coupon code:
"FIRST10" to get a box for just $10 (including shipping!)!

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  1. I've already placed 2 orders at Welsh Baker. XD They're ran by a really sweet couple, so I feel good buying from them! Annnnd, I have 4 packs (well, did, anyway) in the fridge plus 10 more coming to me! I love them!

  2. Everything looks good. I added you to my blog.

  3. Those butterhorns look so good! making my mouth water!