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PopSugar Must Have Box May 2014

April's PopSugar box completely knocked it out of the park for me, so I had high hopes for May's box. It arrived today, which is much earlier than usual! I think that PopSugar is probably my favorite subscription box, overall. The "lifestyle" subscription boxes are pretty hit or miss generally speaking, but PopSugar always seems to have a great value, even if it's not up my alley. It feels like a present from a friend every month!

PopSugar Must Have boxes cost $40 per month, however If you want to grab a box for yourself or as a gift, use the code, MODNIQUE at checkout to save $10!

The May Box was all about getting ready for Summer! I for one love the idea of Summer, but once it's here I tend to hide in a dark air-conditioned room until Fall comes! Even so, Summer-themed items always get me in the mood for some sunlight, so I was super excited to dig into this box!

The PopSugar Intro Card Reads:
Summer is fast approaching, and we've got all the goodies you'll need for your best season yet! This box will give you a head start on feeling rested and energized for your upcoming activities and weekend getaways. Get bikini-season-ready with these food and fitness must haves. To look and smell like paradise, try out these beauty products to unleash your inner sun goddess. Finally, after a long Summer day, sleep soundly with this eye mask to recharge for your next adventure!

1. "Hi I'm Skinny" Sticks: Multi-Grain Sweet Onion ($4)
 I'm going to cut right to the chase. These are good. Really good. They taste a bit like a cross between a Sunchip and a Frito, sprinkled with a little caramelized onion and sea salt. They have a super satisfying crunch, and the serving size is 34 sticks for only 120 calories! I know once I start eating a crunchy, salty snack, I have a hard time stopping! 34 sticks is a pretty substantial amount to munch on for one serving. These also have 40 percent less fat than potato chips, are non-GMO, all natural and have 15g of whole grains per serving. They also come in 5 other flavors that all sound equally as delicious! My new snack obsession for sure!

2. Kerry Cassill Eye Mask ($24)
 A sleep mask is a really cute idea for a summer box. Since the days are getting longer, there's more sun and less time to sleep! I love the idea of using a sleep mask, although I've never actually tried one out before! This pattern was created exclusively for PopSugar by the company, Kerry Cassill. I did a bit of research on them and found that specialize in linens and cloth-goods made in India. I unfortunately wasn't super impressed with the quality of this sleep mask. The stitching was sloppy and uneven around the top of the mask, and it feels rushed and a bit on the cheap side. I do think that the fabric is super soft and it would be incredibly comfortable to wear, and I fully intend on using this. I just think that if I paid the retail price of $24 for this, I would be returning it immediately. Hopefully mine was just a one-off issue with the stitching and everyone else got better quality masks!

3. Tone it Up: One Day Fat Blast DVD ($15)
So I didn't know too much about these ladies, so I did a quick search and found out they have a youtube channel called Tone It Up, that has lots of workout routines and fitness advice etc. I'm preparing for surgery, so I need to find an exercise routine that works for me after I'm cleared to work out following my procedure. I'm happy that I received this, because I'm interested to see how fun/motivating it is! Maybe it'll become my go-to fitness DVD! Let's be honest: It'll be my ONLY fitness DVD!

4. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in "Pool Boy" ($10)
YES. Let me dive into your waters, oh super gorgeous polish! This shade gets me so pumped for Summer, and I love that OCC partnered with PopSugar! They've always been pretty well known in the beauty world for their lip tars, but every since they began being carried at Sephora, the brand has taken off and become a household name. Their polishes are 100% vegan and cruelty free. As for this polish in particular  I absolutely love turquoise, and believe it or not I don't own any other shade like it! I'm super excited to bust this out tomorrow and give myself a quick mani/pedi!

5. Zing Anything Citrus Zinger ($17)
  So I have lots of water bottles, but none that have a fancy citrus infuser attached! This bottle allows you to press any kind of citrus fruit directly into your water. It seems pretty easy to use (see the 3 step directions) and there's also a small booklet inside with tips and tricks, recipes and more.

Zing Anything also included a coupon code for 10% off AND Free Shipping on their website
Use the code POPZING10 at checkout.

6. Smell Bent Perfume: "St. Tropez Dispenser" ($45)
 I'm a perfume fanatic, and while I've never heard of this company before, I'm totally digging the packaging and the vibe behind the brand! St. Tropez Dispenser is part of Smell Bent's "Leisure Cruise" line of perfume. They describe it as, "A day at the beach, without all that pesky sand!" That is a great way to describe this scent. This scent just screams, "SUMMERTIME BEACHES SUNGLASSES AND DAQUIRIS" and that makes me super happy.More specifically: "jasmine absolute, fresh coconut, aloe vera, and a light breeze over a vintage musk." It's like suntan lotion, musk and a hint of ocean breeze. It's a potent perfume, and you only need a very small spray on your wrists to really smell it well. I don't think this particular scent is for everyone, but I definitely enjoy it and think it has it's place in my collection.

I did a little digging around the Smell Bent website, and they offer lots of different sizes for their perfumes, as well as sample vials, which is awesome! So if you're curious about the brand and want to test out a few of their scents, head over to their site and grab some sample vials here.

The total value of the May PopSugar box is $115! As always, the value is excellent.

This is definitely not my favorite PopSugar box, but it's also far from the worst I've received. I think that this is one of the most well-curated boxes I've seen from PopSugar in a while. Each item is themed around getting fit, healthy and ready for Summer. While not every item was a total home run for me, I will definitely use and enjoy it all! Since PopSugar used the "Summer" theme for May, I'm quite curious to see what they will have in store for the ACTUAL summer months: June-August. Can't wait to find out!

If you're interested in grabbing a PopSugar box for yourself, there's still time to get a May box! You can also opt to skip May and start in June! Please consider using my referral link HERE and use the code MODNIQUE at checkout to save $10!

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