Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beauteque BB Bag and Coupon!

 OK I have some really exciting stuff to share with you guys! Beauteque has sent me one of their brand new BB Bags to review for you guys!

I've talked about Beauteque before, but they are a wonderful company based in New Jersey that is focused on Korean Beauty products. They are some of the nicest people I've ever dealt with as a blogger and a customer, and they are SO knowledgeable and helpful. Imagine my excitement when I found out that they are beginning an exciting journey into the subscription world with their new BB Bag!
BB Bag stands for "Beauteque Beauty Bag" and until the end of June, they are available for pre-order. Beauteque has hand picked products and brands that they think are top notch and tucked them into a cute travel bag to help introduce you to their favorites! They've even included some of their own products!

Each bag costs $22, and that includes shipping (yay!). When you pre-order a bag before July 1st, you will receive a free Essie nail polish with your bag!

The BB Bag for July had lots of different options for customization. You can choose the type of products (scents, shades etc) that you want so you know you're going to love everything! The items in this review are the ones I chose for myself. Check out the Beauteque site to see the other options!

Save $2 on your BB Bag with coupon code: BBBAGRACHELH 

 Beauteque also provides  a "passport" in the bag which is a pamphlet describing each item, what their purpose is and how they're used.

Everyone who pre-orders a BB bag before July 1st will also receive an bonus Essie Polish in their bags.
  I received "Under Where?" which is a gorgeous pinky lavender shade. I'm obsessed! 

 1. My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks x2
 One of my favorite things in the entire universe is a good sheet mask. The first time I ordered from Beauteque, I got a variety of sheet masks, and my favorite ones were from My Beauty Diary. I am so excited that the BB Bags included 2 masks. I chose the Lemon/Vitamin C for Brightening, and the Arbutin for Whitening. A lot of people get worried when they see the term "whitening" when really, it really just brightens and evens out your skin tone. My skin tends to get red and dull when not properly cared for, so I love getting masks that put some life back into my skin.

2.  Holika Holika Dessert Time Pudding Pack in "Pineapple"
 These little cups are filled with a mask and each type/scent does something different for your skin. These are applied after cleansing and toning, and left on for 10-15 minutes, just like a sheet mask. The only difference is these will need to be washed off like a regular mask. I chose the pineapple, which is exfoliating, but there are also other types to choose from! You can also choose an Etude House Yogurt Pack variety.

3. Skinfood Shea Butter Hand Lotion
 There were a few different options in this category that included Skinfood lotions and A'pieu lotions. I am a huge fan of Skinfood products and my skin drinks up Shea Butter, so this was an obvious choice for me. I always carry little tubes of hand cream in my purse (along with a zillion other things) so this was a welcome addition to my hand cream stockpile!

4. Beauteque Brush
 Beauteque has recently launched their own product line, and included in that is this foundation/cream product brush. The handle is bamboo and the bristles are synthetic, yet very soft. The brush is packed well so it's flexible, yet firm. I find this kind of brush works amazingly well when applying masks. It allows me to spread out the masks evenly on my face and not get have to get my hands dirty. My old "mask brush" was getting a bit scary-looking, so I'm thrilled to have such a great quality replacement!

5. Beauteque Mineral Eye Shimmer in "Greek Grace"
 Beauteque also recently launched a wide variety of loose shadows. These are paraben-free mineral powders and can be applied wet or dry. The swatch I did was dry, and let me tell you: these shadows pack a punch. I wish I could go back and show you how little I used to get that swatch. Just a few specks of shadow shaken out onto my hand created great color payoff. I asked Beauteque to choose a shade for me, and I really love that I got a versatile shimmery silver.

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in "Brown"
 So I have naturally blonde hair, and that means my eyebrows are practically non-existent without a good brow pencil. What I find happens a lot though, is that my brows can start to look "drawn on" since I'm filling them in completely. A product like this is exactly what I need and it's by far my favorite item in the bag this month. The Etude House pencils are sort of shaped like a tear drop, giving you lots of options in regards to thickness when applying. You can really make your brows look natural with this. The color is sheer and buildable, so you won't end up with magic marker brows, and I love that it comes with a spoolie on the end. Super excited to play around with this more!

 Using Beauteque's prices from their website, the value of this bag is around $45, more if you include the price of the Essie polish. I think that's a great value.

I think what I love most about the Beauteque bag is that it's a Korean beauty subscription service and it's shipping within the US. Don't get me wrong, I love Memebox, but the recent changes to their shipping policy, and the fact that they release box after box, on top of the fact that you have to wait sometimes a month or more to get the box you ordered doesn't make for the most pleasant shopping experience all the time.

I really enjoy that the Beauteque Beauty Bag include full size products and models itself similarly to an Ipsy bag or Glossybox. While I don't think that the bag was 100% perfection this month, I think that there is a world of potential for this subscription, and I really want to continue to support it's growth. I would love to see more non-mask skincare products in next month's bag, or maybe even a bag that is exclusively Korean makeup. I think that the possibilities are endless. And the best part? Beauteque is a one-of-a-kind company and they are so open to suggestions and ideas from their customers. I really think that these bags will continue to get better and better!

 If you'd like to get your own BB Bag for July, you can choose your own items HERE. Also, don't forget to use my coupon code: BBBAGRACHELH to get $2 off!

BONUS Giveaway When You Pre-Order!

Everyone who pre orders a BB Bag (before the end of the month) will be entered for a chance to win a free gift bag valued at over $100! It contains the following products:

• Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack (I'm OBSESSED with this stuff!)
• Nature Republic Aqua Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream
• TonyMoly Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream
• Lioele Blooming Gloss
• Missha “Belle Epoque- Mysterious Aura” Limited Collection Makeup Set:
1. Velvet Art Eye Shadow No.17 Cranberry Combination
2. Signature Glam-Art Rouge SPK108
3. The Style Crystal Nail Polish Nude Sand

Contest Rules:

1. Preorder a BB Bag

2. Sign up for the Beauteque Newsletter
 (Newsletter Sign up is located in the bottom right
hand side of the Beauteque home page
Please put "Harlot Beauty" as your referral source when you sign up for the newsletter!

3. Share a post about the BB Bag on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram and
hashtag #Beauteque #BBBag
(The more you share on Social Media, the better your chances at this fantastic prize!)
Good Luck! <3
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  1. This looks absolutely divine. I'm so excited about this subscription! I can't wait to see what comes next!

  2. I am much more excited about my Beauteque box arriving than any of the Memeboxes I ordered over a month ago . Memebox is putting a really bad taste in my mouth with the total overload of emails, "special deals", tiers of secret memberships, and dare I say it? The overwhelming small tacky ads on every beauty blog in the blogosphere. Overload, Jexxie, overload.
    Oh, and the day Memebox lets customers pick their products for a box? When COWS FLY!!!!! I'm very excited about Beauteque and I hope they can make it against the huge machine which is Memebox.

    1. I agree that Memebox does tend to get out of hand with their promotions and box releases. Sometimes I can't keep up with how many boxes I've actually ordered and they just get delivered in droves! I am also very excited about Beauteque and what they have to offer with their BB bag. I can't wait to see what next month has in store!