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Memebox: 10 Minute Box

 When the 10 Minute Box was first released, there was a lot of chatter within the Memebox community about what the heck it would contain. The website's description left us all jokingly wondering if there would be some kind of beauty product for INSIDE our body.
Every girl fancies a romantic night spent together with the man of her dreams. But let’s admit it, there are those moments when you end up feeling embarrassed because you had forgotten to get yourself properly ready both inside and out.
Our new 10 Minute Box comes with the most perfect make-love-happen beauty products that will get you all polished up for a night you’ll never forget!
It’s already past midnight, and you’ve only got ten minutes to lure him to your side and make him fall in love with you. Sounds impossible? It’s not, anymore.
 Luckily, this box only contained items that will get you ready for a hot date on the outside!

This box contained 5 items, and even though this was not a Superbox (a memebox that includes all full sized items) they were all full sized. Yay!

1. Hope Girl: Milky Balm Lipstick in "Red Burgundy"
(Full Size Product: $25)
 There was a time when I steered clear of red lipsticks. One day I was brave and tried "Russian Red" from MAC just for fun, and that was when I realized my intense love for red lips. There is honestly nothing that pulls you together more than a great red lipstick. If you do nothing else except put your hair into a ponytail and swipe some red on your lipstick, you will still look put-together. 
This particular red is a deeper, almost brick red, which is something I don't own a lot of. I have quite a few bright, cool-toned reds, and some deep cool toned burgundy shades, but this is a new tone to my collection. The packaging is adorbs. I love me some tasteful leopard print! The swatch is one swipe across my hand. It's incredibly pigmented, and has excellent staying power. A word of advice with this particular lippie: be very careful when applying it. It has a staining effect, and can tint the skin around your lips quickly, so be sure to use a liner or a lip brush! 

2. Hope Girl: Powdery Body Perfume
(Full Size Product $49) 
 I'm sorry Memebox, but I can't imagine that this body powder actually retails for $49...but hey- I'll just go with what the card says and move on with slightly raised eyebrows...
This is the second Hope Girl product included in this box, and it is a leopard print and gold container that holds a sponge and scented body powder. To release the powder underneath, you simply tip the container and press/pat the sponge where you want the powder. This type of packaging can be confusing for anyone who has never seen/used it before.
This is a scented powder that is supposed to help control sweat and keep you smelling fresh. Memebox suggests to put it on arms, legs, shoulders and cleavage. I think the scent is incredibly subtle. I don't know if I got a dud, but I can just barely make out the scent, which seems like a light floral. It's a nice product, and I'll probably use it during those sweaty summer days, but I don't think the scent is strong enough to warrant a $50 price tag, but that's just me!

 3. Eyelash Laboratory Lashes
(Full Size Product: $5)
 I think for most makeup/beauty addicts, you either love lashes or you hate them. Luckily, I love 'em! I don't wear them everyday, but I think they're great to really open up the eye and finish a dramatic look when I'm going out. I have a giant box full of lashes though, and I don't wear them nearly enough to ever go through them all at the rate I'm going! A pack of 5 lashes will probably last me a year, considering I use a pair multiple times. 
This particular brand of lashes is very stylized for Korean eye looks. Their lash styles are a lot more daring than American lashes. Memebox offered 5 different styles in the 10 Minute box. The ones I received look a lot crazier in the tray then they do on the eye. Once they are applied and mixed in with my natural lashes, they look really nice! I think that they feel a bit on the cheap side (I mean, they are about $1 a pair) but they hold on the eye well and look nice once applied. I can definitely see why these were included in the box, as lashes are a must-have for Korean women!

4. Aromalab Designer Pheromone Fragrance Oil Type 01
(Full Size Product: $34)
 I love me some pheromone perfume! Long ago, I did a brief stint working for an adult toy company (I know, so scandalous!) and they sold this amazing pheromone perfume oil that changed it's scent depending on whose skin it was on. Call me crazy, but I did get more attention whenever I wore it! Even though I'm a believer in pheromone perfumes, I am not the biggest fan of this particular scent. Memebox describes this scent as: "Raspberries, violet, grapefruit, and a sensual vanilla base note." What I get when I roll this perfume on is VIOLET. It's incredibly floral and very potent. I unscrewed the cap and the rollerball is very loose- allowing a lot of oil to come out, so I had to be very careful with it. My fiance could smell it across the apartment just from opening the cap. If you like heady florals, this is a fantastically strong and long-lasting scent. Unfortunately, it's not my thing. I'm going to attempt to get use out of it and try layering it with some of my woodsy, vanilla scents and see how that works.

5. Secret Romance Hair Essence in "Lovely"
(Full Size Product: $39) 
Yet another product that has a seemingly inflated price. My only guess is that Memebox is miscalculating Korean prices into USD, but $39 for this little hair essence is just a bit crazy. 
Even so, this is hands down my favorite item in the box. Even though everyone is so focused on Korean skincare, I can say that Korean haircare products have single-handedly changed my hair for the better. I started trying to use up some of the hair products I got in some past Memeboxes, and I noticed that within a few days my hair was silkier, shinier and healthier. One of my favorite products is definitely the perfumed Cherry Blossom conditioner from the Hair and Body box.
This Hair Perfume essence reminds me a lot of that conditioner. They are both heavily perfumed, which I love. My hair doesn't hold the scent of products very well, so the stronger the scent, the better. I love when my hair smells nice! This particular essence has a light, thin oil consistency. I only use a pump or two tops and apply it to towel-dried hair. It's got aloe vera, grapseed oils and all kinds of good stuff in it, AND it makes your hair smell amazing. Love it!

Overall Thoughts
 This box cost $23 ($30 with shipping) and has a retail value of $152.
I personally don't think the value is quite that much, but I'd be willing to guess it's closer to about $100, which is still a fantastic value. I never feel like I've been ripped off with the Memeboxes that I've received, although I hate to say it- this might be my least favorite.
I appreciate the curation of this box. I think the whole "date night" idea was very cute and they did a good job including items that I'd want to use when getting ready to go out with J. My issue is there were only 5 items, and 3 of them were fragranced. If this box is intended to be a one-stop-shop before a date, I think that the perfumed items are a bit overkill. Dust on some perfumed powder, load up on super strong perfume oil and use this perfumed hair essence on top of it? Yikes.
Other than the perfume oil, I will absolutely use these products, so this was not a waste of money for me, but I don't think it was the most exciting box. I have a LOT of boxes on the way though (Memebox is way too generous with their points!) so I am excited to see what the coming boxes have in store!

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