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Memebox Free From Oil and Trouble Review and Unboxing

I am officially posting from my new apartment, and I've got to tell you: Moving is the pits! As a blogger, I constantly have stacks of boxes and products all around my room. I have makeshift photography studios on every table I can find. However now that I've moved, I cannot seem to find anywhere to take photos and I have no idea where the majority of my review products are! It's been insane, but I hope to get back to the daily grind very soon! (Including another Memebox Giveaway to come! Stay tuned!)

The most recent box I received from Memebox is the "Free From Oil and Trouble" box. My skin is a bit of a mystery, as sometimes it's incredibly slick and oily, and other times it's so dry that no amount of moisturizer will save it. On top of all that, my hormone imbalances cause me to have some serious adult acne. All in all, my skin is a nightmare to deal with!  I don't usually use "oily skin" products, but I do find a lot of acne care products in my arsenal, so this particular Memebox was very enticing!

  What Memebox is:

-Memebox ships 4 or more Korean beauty products that are deluxe samples or full size right to you, straight from Korea!
-The cost of Memeboxes vary depending on what type you are purchasing (see below for more details) with shipping to the US or Canada being $6.97. 
-Memebox is not a subscription. You will have the option to buy each box every time they come out, so there is no obligation to sign up for a monthly program. All you have to do to get a new box is to register your e-mail on their website, and they will send out a message when a new box is available! But don't wait on these. Some of them sell out in just hours!

-Memebox offers many different types of boxes on their site. This can get a bit confusing to a new customer, so here is a quick breakdown:
-Memebox Global-  ($23) 
The original "Memebox" These are numbered on the website. They include a wide variety of deluxe samples and full size beauty products from Korea.

    - Luckybox- ($23) 
A box full of products that were featured in previous Memebox Global Editions.

    -Superbox- ($32+)
Themed boxes that contains only full size products.

    -Ltd Edition Boxes- ($23+)
 Memebox also comes out with brand-specific boxes, as well as themed
                   boxes like "Hair and Body," "Anti-Aging" and more! You can find these on the website in the same place as the Global Editions are sold.
Don't be overwhelmed with the amount of boxes available! Just choose one that sounds the most exciting to you and have fun!

 1. Verikos: Teatree Modeling Pack + Spatula
(Deluxe Sample: 25g / Full Size Product 230g $20)
I love a good mask, and this stuff looks pretty heavy duty! This is a Teatree mask that cleans, soothes, and nourishes your skin while evening out your skintone. To use, you simply open the powder packet and use the included spatula to mix water or the incuded vial of liquid into the powder until it forms a paste. Thickly spread it all over the face with the spatula. Memebox suggests to be as quick as possible, as the product can dry pretty quickly. Wait 15 minutes until the product is hardened like rubber, and then peel it off slowly from the chin going upwards. 
This seems like kind of an ordeal for a face mask, but I am more than willing to give it a go!

2. Corsx: Orginal Pure All Cleansing Bar
(Full Size Product: 120g $14) 
This cleansing bar contains high concentrations of vitamin C and "hottuynia cordata" which is an herb that heals and detoxifys skin. This bar is used for removing excess oils in the skin as well as blackheads, and also has a gentle scrub within the bar. 
I don't usually use cleansing bars on my skin, as I find them to be too drying. However I will be passing this on to my sister, who has oily skin, as I'm sure she'll enjoy it!

 3. LJH: Cellabell M.C. Recovery Balm SPF 28
(Deluxe Sample: 5ml / Full Size Product: 45ml $50)
 Memebox explains that even though this is called a "balm," it is actually a BB cream. It has long lasting coverage and SPF to protect your skin. It also brightens the skin and as anti-wrinkle effects. Add to the fact that it's also oil-free, it's a perfect BB for anyone that has oily, troubled skin.
I found the texture of this product to be thick when squeezed out, and it almost melts and thins out as it is blended. I thought the shade was a pretty decent match for my pale/ivory skin, and gave buildable, light to medium coverage.

 4. LJH: 5a Control Cleansing Gel
(Deluxe Sample: 15ml / Full Size Product: 105ml $31)
This cleansing gel seems like the perfect addition to an oil and troubles box. This cleanser helps balance the perfect amount of oil and moisture in your skin. Using oleanolic acid, it helps prevent collagen and moisture inside the skin from escaping to the surface. Memebox suggests using this to help cleanse and remove makeup, and pairing it with a cleansing bar that would be used second. I think it's nice that there is also a cleansing bar included in this box, so you can really use this product as intended!

5. Dr. Young: U-Line Clearing Mist 
(Full Size Product: 140ml  $49) 
This is a facial and body mist that helps soothe skin and clear up blemishes. This is one of the few things I tried immediately. I tend to sweat a LOT during the Summer, and the place I sweat the most is my back. (Gross, but true.) Because of that, I tend to get more acne on my shoulders and back during the summer, which of course is the time of year we all wear shoulder/back-baring clothing!! I had a wedding to go to last weekend, and I used this clearing mist on my back and shoulders for 3 days before the wedding, and I have to say, while the acne wasn't 100% cleared, it made a huge difference! The bumps were smaller, less red and inflamed, and even a bit dried out. They were hardly noticeable, so I think that was a huge win for this product!
It seems like you can flip this tube sideways and upside down while spraying it, so that you can reach all those awkward places on your body. So far, I'm super impressed with this product, and it's probably my favorite in the whole box.

 6. Ciracle: Red Spot Cream
(Full Size Product: 30ml $23)
This was another product I was excited for, as I don't deal so much with oily skin, but I do have acne. This product is a thick, soothing cream that is supposed to brighten the skin and whiten redness on the skin. Memebox suggest using a toner, and then applying a small amount of cream to problematic areas of the skin. Then it says to avoid moisturizers or thicker creams, but to apply BB creams or foundation directly afterwards. 
I was unsure of exactly the best way to use this cream, so I began slapping heavy amounts of it on my acne right before I went to sleep. I found that helped make the acne less noticeable when I washed off the cream the following morning. I suppose I should probably try it the way they've suggested as well, but y'know...I'm a skincare rebel like that!

The Free From Oil and Trouble box included a total of 6 products, 3 of which were full size. This box cost $23 plus shipping (about $30 total) and the retail value of the included products is about $98!
While I have had higher valued Memeboxes in the past, I think that this box was still a fantastic value and  included some interesting and innovative products to combat oily skin as well as blemishes!

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