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Memebox Mini #3

I swear that I'm not turning into an "all Memebox, all the time" blog, but I happened to get a LOT of boxes in a small time frame so they're all rolling in one after another. And while single product reviews can wait for the right moment, I like to get unboxings up as soon as I can so that they're not old news, which can happen pretty dang quickly with Memebox, especially.

As always, if you're unfamiliar with Memebox, they're a website that sells all kinds of Korean beauty products, as well as fun themed boxes filled with K-beauty galore. There's a bunch of different types, different prices etc, but they're all pretty awesome. If you want more info on Memebox, check out their "New To Memebox" page.

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So let's get down to the matter at hand: Memebox Mini. 
These boxes are relatively new. They cost $15 each and ship for free, where as normal sized boxes start at $23 with $6.99 shipping. So all in all, these little guys are half the price of the regular Memeboxes. 
I got the first 2 Memebox Mini's, and they were both alright. I was pleased with them overall but I found that there were a few repeats product-wise, so that was a bit of a let down. I wasn't able to review them here as I got them while I was in the process of moving. Let's just say they kind of got lost in the shuffle of endless boxes. They're around here somewhere, I swear. (*kicks still packed mystery-moving-boxes further under the bed)

Memebox Mini #3 seemed like it had a theme to it, which is different from the first two. #1 and #2 were more random selections of items. #3 was focused on "black tea" based products for the most part, and more importantly, each and every item can be used in an entire cleansing routine. I really love this idea because it makes the entire box more cohesive.

1. illi Cleansing Oil and Foam Set and 3 Pouch Samples
(Deluxe Samples: 15ml / Full Size Product: 200ml $17)
 As I said above, this entire box contains a mini cleansing routine, and these two cleansers are just the start! They are infused with oriental medicinal extracts brighten skin and enhance it's elasticity. The oil is used first by applying it to your face with your fingers and massaging. The oil dissolves makeup and impurities. Once the oil is rinsed off, the cleansing foam is then used to rinse off all oil and leftover makeup residue. 
It may seem like an extra step, but the 2 step cleanse really does work! Having an oil cleanser on hand to remove makeup first really helps your actual cleanser do it's job. Happy to try both of these and see how they work!

2. A. True Black Tea Essence, Cream and Tea Kit
(Active Essence Deluxe Sample: 30ml / Full Size: 180 ml $51)
(Anti Wrinkle Cream Deluxe Sample: 10ml / Full Size: 50g $46)
(Anti Wrinkle Essence Deluxe Sample: 2ml x5 / Full Size: 40ml $50)
At first glance, I thought that this was a legit tin full of tea. Imagine my surprise when there was a plethora of adorably-sized products within the tin! Even better: there WAS tea inside afterall!
This is a set of products by A.True that are all black-tea infused in some way. They go along nicely with the illi cleansers, because these are all products you would use after cleansing.

Once both cleansers have been used, you would use these A. True products in the following order:

1. Black Tea True Active Essence- This is the toner-looking product in the tall bottle. It is infused with black tea and gives the skin radiance and firmness, and since it is a liquid formula, it is absorbed easier into the skin. This is applied like any other toner- with a cotton ball wiped over the skin. 

2. Darjeeling Black Tea Anti-Wrinkle Essence- This is the product contained in the foil packets. After cleansing and toning, this essences would be applied by sprinkling into the palms of your hands and pressing it gently into the skin until absorbed. It improves the texture and clarity of the skin, and claims to contribute to a more balanced and glowing complexion with regular use.

3. Darjeeling Anti-Wrinkle Cream- This is the product in the small green jar. This cream is used at the end of the skincare routine and is a moisturizing, vitalizing and replenishing cream that helps with signs of aging as well as firming and brightening the skin. 

4. Eary Grey Tea- What would a tea-based skin care routine be without actual Earl Grey tea? This is mostly just a cute bonus in the kit, but Earl Grey is known to de-stress and soothe, so I suppose relaxing with a cup of tea is an enjoyable way to cap off your skincare routine!

The Memebox Mini #3 cost me $15 (with free shipping) and I received about $33 worth of products. I think that the curation of this box is surprisingly one of the best I've received from Memebox. They managed to squeeze mini versions of pretty much everything you need for a complete skincare routine, and I found that everything was adorably packaged and truly fun to open and read about on the info card. I really enjoy the fact that I can set this entire box aside and plan to use every item at the same time. Hands down the best of the 3 Miniboxes that have been released so far.

I think it you're looking to try Memebox for the first time but don't want to invest a lot of money, a Memebox Mini is a great option. For $15 shipped, it's a nice way to try out the service as well as dip your toes into the world of K-Beauty without getting too overwhelmed. :)

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  1. The black tea products smell SO good! I haven't brewed the tea yet, but I'm in love with the toner!

    1. Right? That toner is heaven! I'm totally going to take my own advice and just try everything all at once and then finish it off with a cuppa tea!

  2. Great mini box. The little tin is cute too. I got the mini box #1. Didn't care for it.