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Nibblr Box: A New Snacking Service. (Get a Free Box!)

One of my favorite things to get in the mail are my snacking subscriptions. There's nothing better than opening your mailbox and seeing a box full of delicious goodies just waiting to be munched!
I have been getting a Graze box for almost 2 years now, and I think one of my favorite things about it is the portion control and portability of their snacks. Even so, after receiving so many Graze boxes over such a long period of time, I began to get a bit bored of their snack offerings and set out in search of a similar snack company. A Harlot Beauty reader suggested Nibblr to me, and I was thrilled to see how similar they were to Graze. (Scroll to the end to find out how to get a free box!)

 What is a Nibblr Box?
Nibblr is a company that delivers boxes of healthy, nutritious snacks to your door and only costs $6 per box. The more you pay for up front, the less they cost! Each box contains 4 individually contained snacks that are pre-portioned for you to take on the go, or enjoy at home. You can choose to get the boxes delivered once a month,  bi-weekly, or weekly.

What kind of Snacks are there?
You can visit their site here for more photos, but their snacks include dried fruits, nuts and seeds, savory mixes, chocolate mixes, you name it! There are currently over 70 snacks to choose from, and they are always coming out with new snacks to keep it interesting!

Can I customize my boxes?
Sort of! Once you join, you'll be able to look through all the snacks that Nibblr has to offer and rate them "Love It, Like It, Interested or No Thanks." Choose "Interested" if you're not sure how you feel about the snack, but are open to trying it, "Like It" if you're interested in trying, "Love It" if you think/know you'll love it and want it to be sent to you frequently, or "No Thanks" if you know you never want to be sent any particular snack.
Nibblr will then choose snacks for you and put them into your box to try. You will then have the opportunity to adjust your ratings accordingly as you try different snacks, so the longer you subscribe, the more customized your boxes will be!

Can I pause my subscription?
Nibblr is super customizable, and you are able to pause subscriptions until you want to start up again! You can also change the frequency that you receive boxes as often as you'd like.

How do I subscribe?
Simply visit The Nibblr Website and sign up! If you are interested in getting a free box, you can use my referral code when you sign up:
Just type that in when it asks for a referral code, and you'll get your free box! You can cancel with just the click of the button if you decide you don't like it, there's no hassle or complicated cancellation, and trust me, you won't want to stop getting these! 

I've seen a few people on the Nibblr facebook complaining about being charged for their free box. If you see a charge, it is only so that Nibblr can verify that the credit card you used at signup belongs to you. The charge WILL be removed, and you will not be charged for your free box. No worries! :)

  What does a Nibblr Box look like?
 The set up of Nibblr boxes is similar to Graze Box, in that they both have the same size snack containers Nibblr's boxes are long and skinny where Graze boxes are a larger rectangle. Nibblr also includes a cute poster along with your first box:

My fiance loves to use the word "Hangry" because he always gets grumpy when he hasn't eaten. This cute poster went right up on our fridge!

 Someone from the Nibblr team also signs the poster, which is a nice personal touch!

Examples of Boxes
Here's an example of some of the boxes that I've received.

(click to enlarge!)

Why I get both Graze and Nibblr
A lot of people have asked me why I subscribe to both Nibblr and Graze when they are both very similar services. The easy answer is simple: more snacks!
Nibblr and Graze have a completely different selection of snacks. I do both services bi-weekly, which gives me 1 box per week, alternating from each company. It keeps my snacks interesting! I think that the quality of the Nibblr snacks is as good as Graze, and I think that Nibblr even has MORE snacks that I love! So far my favorites are Apple of My Pie, Cranberry Crumble, Turtle Twist and Give Me Smore. 

I think the only downfall of Nibblr is that each individual container of snacks seems to contain less food overall than my Graze snacks. I think this is because some of the Nibblr snacks are a bit higher in fat, so they portion them out with less in the container. I am totally fine with that, because I think part of the price point for me is having the pre-portioned snacks to take with me on the go. I can have a sweet treat like "Turtle Twist" and not go over my calories, or eat more than I probably should!

Overall Thoughts
Nibblr is a fantastic snacking service. I love how customizable it is, and how many delicious snacks they have to choose from. These would be great to get for kids as well, as the containers are so easy to pop into a lunch box, or as an after school snack. If you're interested in getting a free box to try Nibblr for yourself, sign up on their website and use the referral code: 3861.
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  1. It makes sense to subscribe to both if you like the snacks. Both are much different boxes, even though it is the same concept! I think Nibblr has slightly more tasty, unhealthier snacks (as far as sugar content goes) XD While I get light snacks from graze!

    I dunno why anyone would question it! o.o