Friday, June 27, 2014

On the Dot: The Perfect Spot, The Feminine Storage Solution!

 On June 1st, I made a move from Rhode Island back up to my home state of Massachusetts. Without getting into a long drawn-out story, we had some serious issues with our landlord as well as our neighbors (loud, inconsiderate drug addicts with 12 wasn't pleasant) and we just overall missed our friends and family in MA. The great part about moving is that we found an beautiful first floor apartment on a quiet, tree-lined street, which is something you don't find very often in the city. Unfortunately, we had to drastically down-size from a large 3 bedroom, to a smaller 2 bedroom. I absolutely love our new place, but there have definitely been some challenges when it comes to finding storage for everything.

One of my biggest issues with the new apartment was the bathroom. There's no built-in storage. No shelves or cabinets, and not much room in general. We were able to squeeze a small shelf at the back of the bathroom, and that is pretty much where I put all of my feminine products, extra shampoos, conditioners etc. While it works for the most part, it was definitely a pain going back and forth from the toilet to the shelf to get supplies during that "time of the month."

Here's a quick shot of my bathroom, so you get an idea of the storage I have. Those little blue bins work well for extra stuff, and things I don't reach for very often, but it started becoming a pain when I needed to dig through them every time I was in the bathroom. I decided to seek out some alternative storage options for my feminine products, so that they would be close-by, but also not on display for the whole world. I'm not one of those people who are weirded out periods, but I definitely don't think a cup full of tampons on the back of the toilet is the nicest bathroom decor.

Not only did I find the perfect product, it's actually made specifically for what I need it for! It's called "On the Dot" -The Perfect Spot. It's made specifically to hold everything you need and then some, all in a sleek, discreet and stylish container!

On the Dot comes in 3 different patterns, and is the perfect way to store all your feminine products out of sight, but provides easy, organized access.

The container is made of recycled chipboard, and is actually very sturdy. On The Dot claims it will not bend, crease or tear without having a strong force applied to it. There is also a plastic base to the container, so that it can be put on the floor and other surfaces and not get wet, dirty or damaged. The container is 10'' tall, (not including the handle) 6.5'' wide, and 4.25'' deep.

To open, you simple pull on the cute butterfly handle! Inside, there is an upper drawer that is there to provide quick and easy access to items that you will be reaching for a lot.

 If you continue to pull the drawer, you will see there is a large storage compartment underneath where you can store backup products, or stuff you don't use as often. I fit an entire box of tampons in there along with a handful of pads. They must have spent a lot of time on the dimensions of this container, because whichever way I put stuff, I was able to fit everything with ease!

 You can also store unwrapped pantiliners as well. Some of the Always brand liners come unfolded, as you can see in this picture, so it's nice to have a place to put these without them getting all bent or ruined.

I absolutely LOVE my On the Dot. I think it looks adorable in my bathroom and it has been so awesome not having to dig for my tampons and liners in those awful storage bins! I can't say enough good things about this product, and I totally plan on gifting these as well. My insane need for organization and storage has been calmed for the time the bathroom, at least!

On the Dot comes in 3 patterns and costs $25. 
The great news? Shipping is FREE (you know my love for free shipping!) and they have a great summer coupon code:
Use "onthedot" at checkout to save $5 off your order!

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  1. I have a bathroom that's about the same size as yours; the lack of room to store stuff was driving me crazy. I needed something not very deep to put against the wall, the only place for any type of storage. I bought a DVD/CD cabinet with glass doors; you would be amazed at how much stuff it can hold! (It's about 4 ft. tall, two feet wide.) I used frosted paper on the glass to give my beauty stuff some privacy. For $70, it was THE best investment I made!

    1. That is a fantastic idea! I will definitely keep that in mind when I'm itching for more storage!

  2. Well Rachel, I am way beyond the need for monthly supplies, but I like to keep a supply in the second bathroom upstairs and the visiting bathroom downstairs for ladies who are visiting and might need something in that quick moment! This is perfect for a supply of everything feminine and I think next time I have a few extra decorating $$$ I will get one or two! Awesome idea!!!

    1. That is a great idea, Nancy! :D I agree these are so great. Once I have a house I will have one in every bathroom! LOL

  3. I love this idea! We have a tiny bathroom so I ended up shoving my "supplies" into a tupperware box on the shelf above the toilet. Similar idea but not nearly as attractive as this.

    1. Rebecca- That's pretty much what I was doing, except I was keeping mine in a ratty old tampon box...even less classy than a tupperware box! haha :) This is so much nicer, for sure!

  4. I also thought these are discreet enough to use in the bedroom for condoms and other small items.

  5. I also thought these are discreet enough to use in the bedroom for condoms and other small items.