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PopSugar Must Have Box: June 2014

There are very few subscription boxes that consistently impress me. PopSugar is hands down, my all-time favorite. There have been months that were less impressive than others, but I always feel like I get a great value, and more importantly a great variety. What makes it even better, is that PopSugar is always coming out with new coupon codes that save you $10, and sometimes even $20 off, making it an even better value! 

The May box was a great "prep for summer" kind of box, and this month, the theme was so spot on for summer that I could dump the entire box into a beach bag and go!

1. Emily Giffin: "The One and Only" Hardcover Novel ($28)
 The last book I got in a PopSugar box was in January, and it was about juicing. Totally not my thing, unfortunately. This book, however, is totally up my alley. I can totally see myself kicking back in a beach chair with a giant, over-sized hat and sunglasses, (I hate the sun but love the beach!) this aqua blue book held up to my face. The cover is practically made for a beach ensemble! 
PopSugar describes the book as a "novel of an unlikely romance and lifelong friends set against the backdrop of Texas Football." Perfect beach read? I think so!

2. Lollies Hair Ties ($8)
 So I wear my hair down practically every moment of my life. There are those rare times where I'm sweating to death, and the fact that my face looks like a bloated melon when my hair is up doesn't matter anymore and I will reach for a hair clip and avoid mirrors. Hair clips are my go-to, because they don't kink my hair like elastics do. Even so, these are ridiculously cute. They are made from swimwear fabric and they don't stretch out over multiple uses like so many other hair bands. I think the best part about these is that they look like cute summer bracelets, so I can wear it on my wrist and always have a hair elastic when I need one.

 3. You Smell: Lemon Wet Wipes ($6)
 Citrus scents always make me think of warm weather, and I am especially fond of the scent of real lemon. These little wipes are not only packaged adorably (obsessed!) but they also have a really lovely scent. These are yet again, perfect to toss in a beach bag or in your purse. They are antibacterial and perfect to freshen up on the go. Love!

4. Sachajuan: Shiny Citrus Body Lotion ($24)
 Another citrus scent in a summer box: another home run for me! I LOVE the scent of this lotion. It's citrusy, but has a warmness to it as well. It's absolutely perfect for summer, and I really love the sleek and simple packaging. The lotion also contains Swedish oats, which apparently reduce the appearance of fine lines and calm irritation. Into the proverbial beach bag it goes!

5. Turkish-T: Beach Towel ($32)
 Recently, PopSugar released a special edition Resort Box, and it contained a super luxurious Turkish towel among other goodies. Their limited edition boxes are always $100 or more, so in other words: way out of my price range. Even so, I totally lusted after that towel. The PopSugar Gods heard my wishes and put this absolutely gorgeous towel in the June boxes! This towel is super lightweight, and is "loomed from the worlds finest cotton" according to the insert. I love that this can be used as a towel as well as a cute wrap. I'm completely in love with the stripes an the colors!

Did I mention it's HUGE?
 That's my best friend holding the towel up for me. Such a trooper!
But seriously, this is a big ol' towel. Perfect for throwing into your bag. You could use this to sit on at the park and watch some summer fireworks or have a picnic, or you could use it as intended: as a beach towel or wrap.

 6. One Potato Two Potato: Hawaiian BBQ Kettle Chips ($2)
 PopSugar usually adds in a little snack or treat in their boxes, and these Hawaiian BBQ kettle chips are the perfect summery snack. They remind me of when my mom would pack sandwiches and chips in the beach cooler, or something you'd have in a bowl at a cookout. Either way, they're yummy. I'm not usually a huge fan of barbecue flavored chips, but my roommate and I were super hungry today and ended up devouring this bag in under a minute. Not sure if they were as delicious as I remember, but they hit the spot!

Special Extra: $15 Gift Card to Native Union
This is a little bonus that PopSugar put in the boxes. Native Union is a tech/gadget accessory company. While some of their stuff is really nice, it's not anything I would really need. My phone is old as sin, my laptop is basic as hell, and honestly...I'm just not much of a techie. Definitely passing this on to a friend, though!

Overall Thoughts
This box cost $40. Many people used a $10 off coupon this month and received this box for $30. The retail value of the June box is: $100. It is $115 if you include the Native Union gift card. I think PopSugar boxes are always a fantastic value, and lately, their curation seems to be absolutely wonderful. This box is a perfect summer care package, and I think one of my favorite boxes so far!

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