Sunday, June 8, 2014

Soap Diamond Review!

I have seen a huge influx of "hidden jewelry" products lately, and they are only gaining popularity! There is just something so fun about anxiously waiting to see what surprise piece of jewelry awaits you! One of the more popular products has been jewelry candles, however Soap Diamond is a recently launched company that focuses on surprise rings inside of a cute bar of soap!
 Each soap costs $14.99 (shipping included), and has a mystery ring hidden within.  The ring can be worth between $5 and $500! Soap Diamond is also unique in that all of their rings are adjustable, so that they will fit any size finger!

Currently, as they just recently launched, Soap Diamond has only one soap available. They are pink heart-shaped, and have a light, pleasant floral smell. There are two ways to reveal your ring:

1. Find a pretty soap dish and place your soap near the sink you use the most. Use it often and slowly wear down the soap to reveal the small plastic bag that your ring will be concealed in. This way will take a lot longer, but will certainly build anticipation!
2. If you're as impatient as I am, you can attempt to find the small groove in which the soap was first put together and gently pry the pieces apart with a butter knife. Once you do this, you can remove the ring and gently put the pieces back together and continue to use the soap as normal.

Ring Reveal! 
So I have to admit, I was disappointed with the ring I received. I have tried my fair share of ring candles/soaps etc, and while I don't always like the design of the ring, it's always fun to find something sparkly hiding! In this case, I found a silver-tone band, which I almost mistook for a key chain ring at first. It looks nicer on my finger than it does off, but I was still hoping for some sort of stone, even if it was costume jewelry. The company is call Soap Diamond after all!

I contacted the owner of Soap Diamond to get a bit more information on what to expect from the rings and the soaps in the future, and the owner assured me that while not every ring will have a stone, there are rings with CZ's, CZ rubies etc as well as the $500 rings mixed within, so there are plenty of other rings that could be discovered! While I may not like every ring that is available, I suppose that there are plenty of ladies out there that would prefer a more simple style like the one I received!

Overall Thoughts
 I love the concept of jewelry soaps, and I am excited to see where Soap Diamond goes in the future. I had a fun experience using my soap and revealing my ring, even if it wasn't a ring I was a fan of. 
I will be keeping an eye on Soap Diamond to see if and when they introduce new scents and styles of soaps as well. I'm not sure if I would pay $15 for a Soap Diamond on the off chance that I would get another plain band, but I am looking forward to seeing more ring reveals on their facebook!

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  1. A excellent concept, yet the ring you got was disappointing. If I had received it I would have been upset!

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