Sunday, July 6, 2014

BeautyDNA July Review!

Hey guys! I just recently got out of the hospital after having a pretty important surgery (vertical sleeve gastrectomy) and I am just starting to feel enough energy to try and catch up on all the reviews I have waiting in the wings! 
When I came home from the hospital, there was a package waiting for me from BeautyDNA. I had heard about this subscription from a few different bloggers and while it seemed interesting, I never took the plunge. Lately, I've been searching for a more personalized subscription that will give me products that I KNOW will work for me, and BeautyDNA does exactly that. How could I resist?

What is Beauty DNA?
BeautyDNA is a new subscription service that cuts right to the chase. When you sign up, you take a long and thorough quiz that asks you all about your preferences, likes, dislikes etc in the beauty world. You can even take this quiz BEFORE you officially sign up, so you can see what kinds of things they ask you about. I'm telling you-this quiz is extremely detailed!

Once you complete your beauty quiz, BeautyDNA searches through their thousands of available products to find the ideal match to your beauty profile. They stick that perfect product in a box along with a very detailed "Beauty Report" explaining why they chose it for you, and send it right to your door. (For more details, check out their BeautyDNA commercial HERE.)

What Kinds of Products Do They Send?
They send products from the categories of hair, skin and body. You can visit their site to get a better idea of the brands they partner with. I have found that there are many reputable and high end brands currently working with BeautyDNA, which makes it even more exciting!

Even more awesomely, BeautyDNA is designed so that you never get the same product twice. They never deliver products from the core categories (skin, hair, body) in consecutive months. Meaning for example, you won't get a haircare product two months in a row. Even better? Their system is set so you won't receive a specific type of product (ex. shampoo or conditioner) more than once over the course of a year.

I absolutely love the fact that over the year, I will get a wide variety of items from BeautyDNA, and not only will they be matched to my beauty profile, but they won't be consistent repeats!

How Much?
BeautyDNA costs $25 dollars a month and shipping is included. You are always going to get a full sized product that is worth much more than that. If your perfect product is worth $25 or less (like you will see below in my box) they will give you a bonus product!

When you first sign up for BeautyDNA they ask you what category you would like your first product to be. I chose haircare, because I have a LOT of skincare stuff to get through, and I'm super into taking care of my hair lately. I was interested to see what kind of product they'd choose for me.

SCORE! I ended up getting a bonus product in my first box. As I said above, the bonus products usually come when your main product isn't a higher value item. Usually haircare products fall into that lower-end price category, so I was hoping for a bonus product!

MAIN PRODUCT: Briogeo Blossom and Bloom Volumizing Conditioner ($23)
This was my main product and I could not be happier with it! I have ridiculously thin hair, and I am always looking for a more voluminous appearance without having to use a bunch of products. I already love Briogeo, as I've tried their products from other beauty subscriptions in the past. I have no doubt that this stuff is going to do wonders for my hair. The little Beauty Report explains why it was chosen for me and I've got to say, it's pretty impressively spot-on. The conditioner itself has a light botanical scent that is fresh and clean. So excited to use this!

BONUS PRODUCT: Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash and Biospheric Complex ($30)
Since my main product only retails at $23, BeautyDNA included a bonus product that is also a perfect match for me! Skyn Iceland is also a company I am familiar with and truly enjoy using. This particular product is made for stress breakouts and skin irritation, both of which I have on the reg. The Beauty Report was also very spot-on in regards to why they chose this product for me, and it's exactly something I would purchase for myself!

I paid $25 for this BeautyDNA box and recieved 2 full sized products that have a retail value of $53. I am thrilled with this service so far, and love how incredibly personalized it is. I love that I'm not only saving money, but I am getting products that I know are geared toward my preferences and needs. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they matched me up with next month!

All thoughts and opinions in this blog post are genuine and belong to Harlot Beauty. No monetary compensation was received, and I purchased this box with my own money.

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