Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Orange Glad Sweet Box July

  I am usually SUPER excited for my Orange Glad box to arrive. Unfortunately I'm only 2 weeks out of surgery and my stomach can't handle anything but soft proteins, so I had to pass this one on to my fiance and my best friend, who were my taste-testers for the month!
Orange Glad is a dessert subscription box for anyone that loves sweet treats! The people at Orange Glad search high and low to discover yummy snacks from bakeries and sweet shops all around the nation. These sweets aren't something you can just go pick up at your local grocery store. Each item feels like a special treat, and receiving one of these boxes is truly an experience in itself! 
What is Included in Each Box?
-5 gourmet desserts individually wrapped and packaged with care so that they arrive safe and sound!
-Information card with Ingredients list and description of each snack
How Much Does it Cost?
To sign up month-to-month, each box is $15, plus S+H.
A 3 month recurring subscription is $14 per month, plus S+H
A 6 month recurring subscription is $13 per moth, plus S+H
You can also gift boxes in groups of 1, 3 and 6 months. These boxes are not recurring subscriptions and there is a one-time charge.
*BONUS*- If you'd like to double your items in your Orange Glad boxes, it's only $12 more! So if you and your significant other want to share a box, you can save money by doubling the items rather than purchasing 2 subscriptions. This would also be a great idea to gift to a couple! 
 Save 10% off your first purchase with Orange Glad with the code: YUMMY10
Can I see What's in Past Boxes?
Check out items from past boxes HERE.
Check out what was in the July Sweet Box!

Orange Glad had changed their packaging a couple of times since I have been getting their boxes and I have got to say: this is the CUTEST and best packaging I have seen yet! I absolutely love the white box with the teal ribbon and opening it to find all the cute pastel paper bags wrapped and displayed so nicely! AHH ADORBS! Can you tell I'm kind of a sucker for good packaging? 

Let's get into the goodies for this month!

1. Lily's Bake Shop: Chocolate Babka
Oh my gosh was my mouth watering when I pulled this out! This is a sweet loaf that has a light coffee-cake texture, but also has a denseness to it. This one was swirled with decadent chocolate! Yum! Jeff and Nick (fiance and bestie) both LOVED this and wish there was a bigger slice. They said it had a mixture of flakiness and density that made it very unique. I think this one was the one I was saddest about not trying!

2. Orange Glad: Ice-Dream Sandwich
This little cookie is a confection made by the Orange Glad team. It's made up of two butter-sugar cookies with some delicious icing sandwiched in between. The guys thought this one was also very good. They liked that it was soft, yet flaky and the icing was sweet, but not overly so. They wished it had chocolate in it though!

3. Gianna's Homemade Baked Goods: Freedom Star Sugar Cookies
I didn't notice that this was TWO cookies until after I took the picture. I thought it was a little star-cookie sandwich and the top had crumbled a bit. However once the guys went to eat it, we noticed it was a red star and a white star sugar cookie with sugary sprinkles! They were crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth goodness with a punch of sugar. The guys loved these ones too. Although, they're not hard to please!

4. Chocolate Maven: Hazelnut Cheesecake Brownie
This was another one that was hard not to want to take a big bite of! This was a combo of everything I love in desserts! The guys enjoyed this brownie and thought it was moist and creamy due to the cheesecake on top, although they said they were a bit disappointed that the brownie wasn't a bit more "chocolatey." These guys are serious on their chocolate! Even so, it was a hit and was devoured in it's entirety!

5. Seattle's Favorite Gourmet Cookies and Dessert Co: Cranberry Muffin Top
I love muffins. Loooove them. And this muffin top was HUGE. It looks small in the picture but it was easily the size of a coffee can lid. This cranberry muffin had a very slight hint of lemon and had just a bit of sugar drizzled on top. The guys said this was hands-down their favorite item in the box. They loved the dense, moist muffin and how flavorful it was. Definitely the big winner!

I think this was a fabulous Orange Glad box this month! I was happy that they didn't include anything meltable, but still included some chocolate with the brownie and the babka. Good thinking, Orange Glad! I think the worst part about this box is that I didn't get to try any of the goodies! Hopefully next month!

If you're looking for a one-time sweet treat for a friend or family member, or have a loved one who is obsessed with sweets, this is such a fantastic box to send them as a gift. It's always curated so well and there's always a great variety in the desserts. I recommend it highly!

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  1. Omg, those are mouth watering. I tried the chocolate babka at a friend's house and it is soooo good. XD hahaha

    1. It looked SO amazing and smelled so good! LOL I had to resist though! :D

    2. hehehe I bet. XD I wished I had some. Hopefully, you'll feel better soon and can eat those delicious looking snacks. :)

  2. It's a beautifully curated dessert box- my FAVE!!
    I live in temps which have been over 100 degrees for a while, and everything I received was whole, tasty, fresh, and I'm sure zero calories ( lol).

    You're a peach, Rachel. :)