Friday, July 18, 2014

Dr. Young AC Control U-Line Clearing Mist (Plus Giveaway!)

Dr. Young products always seem like they're right up my alley. First the Pore Eraser Balm, and now the Acne clearing mist. I'm not going to lie- I rarely get body acne. But let me tell you, once the summer hits, suddenly I'm sweating up a storm and waking up with acne all over my back and shoulders. If there was any reason to hate summer, it would be that! The one time that I wear tank tops is also the one time that I get body acne!

Most recently, I was recovering from surgery and was laying around a LOT. I woke up and suddenly had a huge breakout of acne on my shoulders and on my chest. This is very uncommon for me, so I was not a happy camper. I try to treat acne on my body as similarly as possible to the acne on my face, but for some reason, when I have a breakout on my body, it's SO much more difficult to treat and get rid of! Lucky, Memebox was awesome, read my mind somehow, and let me try and review the Dr. Young U-Line Clearing Mist.

What Memebox Says 
Controlling excess sebum, hydrating and soothing your skin from deep down, this body mist will end all your troubles over sensitive, easily-stressed skin. It sprays on very neatly and has a wide range, making an easy application.
This is your basic spray "essence" in that it's a gentle mist that you spray on your skin in order to take care of a multitude of issues. This particular mist is made specifically for your back and chest, but I'm sure it can be used all over the body, within reason of course!

 I did notice that this mist has alcohol in it, and I'm not usually a fan of products that contain alcohol, however this mist seems incredibly gentle, and since it's not going on my face, I don't see a huge issue with it. 

This mist contains tea tree oil and evermat which help calm skin breakouts. It controls oil production and helps your skin stay clean and soft. 

The sprayer releases a fine mist and it's very easy to control. I also noticed it allows for some upside-down spraying action while you're trying to get all those hard-to-reach areas of your back. The mist feels cooling and soft on the skin, and absorbs relatively quickly, unless you over-spray like I did at first!

Without disgusting you with before and after picture of my shoulder acne, let me just tell you the results.
I started misting this product on my chest, shoulders and back when I got out of the shower in the morning, and again before I went to sleep. I did this for 5 days, and used nothing else on my skin other than my moisturizer.

After 5 days, I noticed that the breakouts didn't disappear as I had hoped. While this isn't a miracle product, I did notice that the breakouts were smaller and much less red. While the bumps were still there, they were much less obvious and noticeable. That alone is enough to make me continue to use this product, however, I will start adding in something that will help actually take away the acne itself.

Interestingly enough? I also used this product on my fiance before he went to sleep. He works in a hot, humid warehouse all day, so he's also contracted the dreaded breakouts all over his back. I misted this all over his back each night and gently patted it in, and his acne significantly lessened over the 5 day period. We were both very surprised to see how well this worked for him!

Overall Thoughts
While this product didn't erase my breakouts like magic for me, it did remove the redness and definitely shrunk the breakouts in size.  As for my fiance, this is pretty much his new holy grail product. He asks me to spray it on his back every night, and hey- if it works that well for him, it's got to be doing something right!

  Memebox was amazing enough to not only let me review this product (as well as the Pore Eraser Balm click here for that review!) but they also sent me extras to give away to you guys!
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  1. I like Memebox, it's hard though to keep up with all the boxes! : ). It's enough to keep up with the Global ones and a couple of extras. I think I'd like to try these products though!!!!

    1. I agree Nancy! Now they have multiple new boxes each week It's not like it was when they first launched! We used to get overwhelmed with one box a week! LOL

  2. I would love to try this. I have terrible summer acne

    1. Me too, Christina! It's such a pain! Good luck! :)

  3. I think this product would be really great for my skin, it looks really interesting and i'd like to try it, to look after my skin more :)

  4. This product looks awesome!! Would love to try it on my stubborn nose. I swear, no matter how many masks, essences, serums, etc, those pores just stay giant!

    1. I feel like my nose pores are craters to another dimension!! They're such pains in the butt! LOL

  5. I would love to win anything from memebox I love all their products