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Beauteque Head-to-Toe Spa Mask Bag and Coupon!

I love masks. They might be my all-time favorite skin care product. I love that there is a mask for pretty much everywhere on your body, and that they are so versatile. There's masks that are super fancy, masks that are slap-on-and-pull-off-in-minutes, and everywhere in between. And in the world of Korean skincare, there's a mask for almost every single skin concern that could possibly exist!

The wonderful Beauteque has curated a limited edition bag filled to the brim with masks for your whole body. It's called the Head-to-Toe Spa Mask Bag!

From The Beauteque Site:
Use this spa package to treat yourself from head to toe! The chic bag contains 7 masks that nourish the areas that need it most, and our option sets let you choose the masks that suit your beauty needs. From brightening your under eyes to soaking your feet, our staff-picked array of masks will pamper you from head to toe and from morning to night.
As stated above, the Spa Mask Bag has lots of different options for customization. You can choose the type of masks that you want for your hair and face so you know you're going to love everything! The items in this review are the ones I chose for myself. Check out the Beauteque site to see the other options!

Each Spa Mask Bag costs $20 (plus shipping) which is a great deal in itself, however Beauteque was wonderful enough to provide me with a coupon for my readers!

Use HEADTOTOERACHELH to save 10% off your bag at checkout!

Now let's dig into the bag!
Since the bag is filled with products that you could potentially use all in 24 hours to create a sort of "spa day," Beauteque provided a super cute "schedule" on how the recommend you use the masks and in what order throughout the day.

Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off ($13)
 Skinfood's wash-off rice mask brightens, softens, and mildly exfoliates your skin to reveal a dewy, ageless glow. Rice bran water lightens your skin's darkened or uneven tone, and soothes any rough or blemished areas with a gentle cooling effect. Jojoba oil intensely hydrates and heals loosened or dried skin, while sucrose cocoate noticeably softens its surface. This mask yields instant results and will leave your complexion brighter, cleaner, and calmer.
 I was immediately impressed with the fact that they included a full size Rice Mask from Skinfood. This retails on the Beauteque site for $13, and was a lot larger than I expected. I am a huge fan of Skinfood, and have used this mask many times. It's used like any other mask: apply to cleansed skin and let dry for about 10-15 minutes, then wash off. I have also used this as a quick mask where I put it on in the shower and rinse after a minute or so. It really does make a difference in the softness and glow of my skin, even after using it for 1 minute. So happy to have a new jar of this!

Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand and Feet Mask Sheets ($3.50 ea)
 I love Holika Holika, and I have eyed these Baby Silky masks for awhile now! There are many people who love the foot "peeling" masks but I find them absolutely disgusting if I'm being honest! 
If you're unfamiliar, there are two different types of foot masks that are somewhat similar in appearance. They are little plastic bags that are shaped like socks, and have a cream-coated fabric inside them. They are placed on the foot and left there for 20 minutes so that the cream can soak in. The difference is: the peeling ones are supposed to help your skin peel off to reveal softer skin underneath. They usually take a few days to start working, and during that time, your feet look flaky, dry and horrible. Most of them haven't worked well enough for me for it to even be worth it.
The Baby Silky Masks however, are much different. Used on the hands and the feet, they are used the same way, but they simply deeply moisturize and do not peel the skin. I have already used both of these masks and I am thrilled with them! My feet especially feel incredibly soft and moisturized. Even the rough spots on the bottoms of my feet are softened. These are much more up my alley, and I'm super happy with the results!

 My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask ($2.40)
My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask contains a blend of vitamins and plant extracts that provides a solution to dark circles and tired eyes. With its intensive treatment to the eye area, it helps to achieve perfect looking eye contours. The innovatively shaped eye masks allow full coverage around the eye.
 Another brand I absolutely love. My Beauty Diary has some of the best sheet masks out there in their price range, and I was more than happy to try one of their eye masks! I am used to opening one of these and finding little gel-like half moons that stick under your eyes. This mask was totally different! 
I mean....whaaaaat? I've only tried a few eye masks in the past, but this is definitely a new one for me! This covered every inch of my eye and then some! It was a little odd-feeling when it was on, but I just relaxed for 10 minutes and listened to music. It felt super refreshing on my eyes and I did notice my dark circles were actually less-noticeable in just one use. Another product I'll probably re-purchase!

Hask Macademia Oil Packet ($2.50)
 Hask Macadamia Oil Hair Treatment is an ultra restorative, moisturizing treatment that will rejuvenate dry, damaged, chemically treated or over processed hair. Macadamia oil is known for it's fast absorbing, deep penetrating and cuticle sealing qualities while leaving even the most damaged hair soft and nourished for incredible shine.
I chose to get a hair mask that would help with my split ends, and I think this will do the job very well! I have very thin hair, and while it's pretty well taken care of, I tend to get split end very easily due to it also being wavy/occasionally knotted. There is a LOT of product in this packet. For me, it'll be at least 3-4 uses. Since my hair is very thin, I rarely use heavy masks as they usually weigh my hair down, however I intend on trying this out directly on the ends of my hair and testing out how well it helps my split/dry ends!

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask ($1.99)
 This mask removes dead cells of skin, improves and prevents enlarged pores. The Hyaluronic acid  stimulates synthesis of collagen, improves skin's firmness and resilience and the Gentle nano AHAs prolongs pore-contracting effects.
As I've said a bunch of times before- I love My Beauty Diary Masks. Surprisingly enough I haven't tried the Apple Polyphenol Mask, even though I probably should have by now! This is one of the 2 face masks that was chosen for me. I asked for a Pore control mask and Beauteque delivered! I have giant pores, and after using this masks for about 20 minutes, I have to say that my skin was not only brighter, but my pores were noticeably restricted! Obviously this is just a temporary effect, but hey- I'll take it! 
 Tony Moly I'm Real Lemon Mask Sheet ($1.99)
 The Tony Moly Lemon Sheet Mask is high in vitamin C and includes a variety of natural extracts like lemon, acerola fruit, and licorice root. The three-layer pulp sheet provides a concentrated dose of healthy, non-greasy moisture that revitalizes dull or tired skin. The gentle but powerful formula brightens overall skin tone and reduces dull or dark complexions, leaving your face with a light and radiant finish.
The second mask I requested was one that would brighten, and Beauteque chose this TonyMoly mask for me. I haven't tried any masks from this line before, but I am certainly looking forward to it! I am excited that this is yet again another popular/well known brand being included in the Spa Bag.

Terrycloth Spa Headband ($4.95)
I found this to be a welcome addition to the Spa bag. I cannot tell you how handy these are when you have bangs and you're using face masks regularly! Even if you don't have bangs, these headbands are great to keep your hair out of your face! Since this isn't a product that Beauteque sells on their site, I looked for a similar one online to find an approximate price.

Overall Thoughts
The cost of this spa bag was $20, and the total value of the contents inside is about $34, not including the value of the bag itself. Beauteque states on their website that the value is $45, so I'm not sure where the difference is here. I highly doubt the bag that it comes in costs $11, and if it did, I would have rather had it not included. I find that I would rather pay a bit less money and maybe just have it all in a box similar to a Birchbox. I definitely see the benefit of the bag if you were giving this as a gift. Which by the way- I think this would make a fantastic gift to a friend that is just getting into Korean cosmetics, or a friend that is mask-obsessed! These would also be great to give out at a bachelorette party, or a spa night with friends.
Value discrepancy aside, to purchase all of these items separately, it would have cost me a significant amount more than the $20 cost of the bag. I am very pleased with the value overall, and even more pleased with the curation and the contents. Beauteque managed to choose masks that suited my needs and my choices perfectly. There was also a fantastic array of popular brands being represented. I had such a fun time trying out all the products, and I am really looking forward to what Beauteque has up their sleeves in the coming months!

Don't Forget!
Save 10% off your Head-To-Toe Spa Bag with the code: HEADTOTOERACHELH
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  1. That's a great box! I think I'd take that over the next memebox!

    1. I agree! I think if you're a mask fan (like I am) this is a fantastic bag. Especially since you can choose the type of masks you want so they fit your skin care needs!

  2. Thanks for posting this - it looks great. I got it this morning with your code! Though I have gone so crazy ordering lately that I may have to officially dedicate an entire room of my house to Korean beauty products! :)

    1. You're welcome! I hope you enjoy it! :) And LOL I totally agree with you, I need to buy a new storage solution for all my Korean beauty products! The drawers I have everything in are overflowing!

  3. I've never seen anything like those eye masks either! I have some eye masks that are basically just little half-circles that go underneath - no over-the-eye coverage. Very cool!

    1. Same here! When I opened them I said, "what the heck is this? It looks like a goldfish or something!" lol I have no idea how I figured out how to apply them! ;)

  4. Ah That eye Mask freaks me out, I don't think I could use that. However that Rice mask seems interesting.


  5. Yea it definitely weirded me out too when I first saw it! LOL It wasn't as bad as it looks. Also, that mask is specifically for dark circles, so if you chose a different eye concern when purchasing the bag, you'd get a different mask than I did :)

  6. I got my bag and I love it! I got a few different products than you did but everything is just great and I'm excited to try it. I put a review of my bag up on my blog :)


  7. This looks really really good, especially that SkinFood rice pack that will probably never appear in Memebox.