Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beauty DNA August Review!

BeautyDNA is a pretty new subscription for me, and in general. This is my second month, and so far I'm really enjoying it! I think that the concept is quite different from other subscriptions, and I think that if you're looking for products that are specifically geared towards YOU, and not the luck of the draw, then this could be a great subscription for you!

What is Beauty DNA?
BeautyDNA is a new subscription service that cuts right to the chase. When you sign up, you take a long and thorough quiz that asks you all about your preferences, likes, dislikes etc in the beauty world. You can even take this quiz BEFORE you officially sign up, so you can see what kinds of things they ask you about. I'm telling you-this quiz is extremely detailed!
Once you complete your beauty quiz, BeautyDNA searches through their thousands of available products to find the ideal match to your beauty profile. They stick that perfect product in a box along with a very detailed "Beauty Report" explaining why they chose it for you, and send it right to your door. (For more details, check out their BeautyDNA commercial HERE.)
What Kinds of Products Do They Send?
They send products from the categories of hair, skin and body. You can visit their site to get a better idea of the brands they partner with. I have found that there are many reputable and high end brands currently working with BeautyDNA, which makes it even more exciting!
  BeautyDNA is designed so that you never get the same product twice. They never deliver products from the core categories (skin, hair, body) in consecutive months. Meaning for example, you won't get a haircare product two months in a row. Even better? Their system is set so you won't receive a specific type of product (ex. shampoo or conditioner) more than once over the course of a year.
I absolutely love the fact that over the year, I will get a wide variety of items from BeautyDNA, and not only will they be matched to my beauty profile, but they won't be consistent repeats!
How Much?
BeautyDNA costs $25 dollars a month and shipping is included. You are always going to get a full sized product that is worth much more than that. If your perfect product is worth $25 or less (like you will see below in my box) they will give you a bonus product!

 When you open the box, you are greeted with a cute little sticker that invites you to find out what goodies BeautyDNA has chosen for you!

 And like magic, my perfectly matched product is revealed! I received the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This product retails for $46, and fit's my profile quite well! I love "nighttime skincare" because I enjoy the idea of a product working while I sleep and my skin is restoring itself. Korean sleeping packs are always a popular thing in my beauty arsenal, but I can never have enough night serums!

Can I just say how many times I almost bought this product and then decided not to? SO excited to finally try it out!

 BeautyDNA also provides a ridiculously detailed booklet on your specific product. On the left side, it discusses the products benefits, retail price and how it's used. It also shows how to interact with the company (Kiehls in this case) and where you can buy the product in stores.
On the right side, your personal beauty consultant explains why this product was chosen for you, while also giving more details about the product. Each word or phrase in bold is regarding an answer you put in your original beauty survey. I find this reassuring and pretty awesome! I love seeing WHY they picked this product for me.

While I didn't get a bonus product this month, I did get a product valued at $46, and only paid $25 for the box, shipping included. That is a fantastic savings, and I am so glad I didn't pay full price for this serum when I had originally thought about trying it! I continue to be very happy with the concept of BeautyDNA, and I think what makes it so fun is the aspect of true customization. While most subscriptions send out similar/the same boxes to all subscribers, BeautyDNA could possibly send something different to everyone! I am really looking forward to the next product they match me up with for September! If their claims are correct, I should be receiving some sort of "body" product, so we'll see!

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