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Birchbox Man: September 2014

 So it's been a little while since I've reviewed Birchbox Man. This is usually because my fiance shows absolutely no restraint when his box arrives and is usually opening/using everything in it before I can get a picture! This time, I was with hi when he opened it and I demanded he keep everything in the box until I could snap some pictures! I get a LOT of subscriptions and fun stuff in the mail, so after trying lots of different men's subscriptions, we finally settled on Birchbox Man, and so far he's been loving it!

 This month, the theme was "Hit The Books" and the products were based around helping you keep your Fall wardrobe fresh, and getting yourself back into "work mode" after a long, fun Summer. This month, Birchbox Man teamed up with Bonobos, which is a men's clothing company that sells super fancy (read: expensive) stuff! Coolness!

Birchbox Man, like Birchbox, has 4+ products and lifestyle items geared towards a profile that you fill out when you sign up. While the women's box is $10 per month, BB Man is actually $20. However, the lifestyle items usually include electronics accessories, clothing and underwear etc. It's always more than worth the money, and my guy really loves it!

1. Field Notes: Mixed 3 Pack with Clic Pens
 One thing you should know about Jeff (my fiance), is that he loves to write stuff down. He's always coming up with crazy ideas for something to build, or a movie that he wants to make "one day." He's also really into rustic-looking stuff. he was SO happy to see these in his box, because he "was just looking for a little notebook to put in his pocket!" So this was a winner!

2. Bonobos Anchor Chief Pocket Square
 Every box this month had a Bonobos pocket square, however there were a few different choices in patterns and colors. These babies retail at $42 (which is crazy!) so this product alone is worth more than twice what we paid for the box. Some people who have already reviewed this box have said things like, "who the heck wears a pocket square? My husband would never wear this!" And then there's Jeff, who was grinning ear to ear and excitedly exclaiming how happy he was to get the anchor pattern. I mean, who does he think he is? A fancy-pants who wears bow ties and pocket squares?
Oh, wait. Yea, he's pretty dapper! He dresses better than I do! ;)

3. Gilchrist and Soames: London Collection Body Lotion
 This product has been in the women's Birchboxes, and I've received it in the past, so neither one of us was too excited to see it in the September box. It's honestly just a basic lotion. Nothing too special. Jeff doesn't really use lotion that often as he can never remember/be bothered with it. I'm actually not too keen on this product either, so it'll be going in the give-away pile.

4. Costume Natural: Homme Cologne
 Jeff is a cologne guy, so he always enjoys trying the ones that are sent in Birchbox Man. This one is citrus and spice with cinnamon and clove notes. It doesn't mention it on the card, but it definitely has a patchouli base. When Jeff first put it on, he was convinced that it smells "like pickles." No joke. I can't say I agreed with him, however. I actually love patchouli-based colognes, so I kept commenting on how great he smelled when we were at the coffee shop last night doing the weekly crossword. (Yep, we are THAT lame.) I think the scent is growing on him, although $120 for a full sized bottle is just insane!

5. SmartSkin Anti-Aging Eye Cream
While Jeff likes to use moisturizers, hair products and colognes, he's not really into the whole "men's skincare" kind of thing, no matter how much I tell him it's super important! I couldn't get him to use an eye cream if I paid him in kisses, so this is going in the give away pile as well. It's not a bad product (a full size retails at a whopping $125!) but it's just not something either one of us would use. 

Overall Thoughts
Out of the 5 products in the September Birchbox, Jeff will use and enjoy 3 of them. The 2 he wasn't into are things I can easily give away, and luckily the lifestyle items this month were a hit! This is one of the better boxes we've received since I signed him up 5 months ago, so I'm hoping this is a continuing trend, and we won't keep getting boxers! (Seriously, he's stocked with underwear thanks to Birchbox! LOL)
If you're interested in signing up for Birchbox Man, you can do so here.

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  1. Haha he does look quite dapper! If my BF got a pocket square I think he'd just be confused as to what it was.

    1. I was more confused at the fact that a super-thin piece of cotton that you fold up into a triangle retails at $40! I thought it was a handkerchief! LOL

  2. That's an awesome pic of Jeff. I forgot how long it's been since I've seen you guys :)

    1. I know, it's been forever! miss seeing your gorgeous face!

  3. Hmm.... My husband is like Jeff. He rips into everything if I don't get there first. I think he would love Birchbox Man if it came with pocket squares and ties...
    He does look quite dapper, I must say. That photo reminds me of Steampunk, which I love. I signed up for a Clockwork Couture Steampunk subscription box >.<

    1. haha Jeff loves steampunk stuff, so that would make sense that he reminds you of it! :) I haven't heard of that subscription box, but now I'm totally going to look into it!! thanks for the tip! :)