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Hide & Seek Jewelry Candles Review and Ring Reveal!

If makeup and beauty products are my biggest obsession, then candles would be a very close second. The moment the cooler weather starts rolling in, my fiance knows to hide the credit card. I am usually first in line for the fall line of candles at Bath and Body works, and I'll be damned if I don't burn through those babies like it's my job. There's just something so perfect about burning candles in the house while that brisk, Fall breeze is coming through the windows. There's just nothing like it!

Another kind of candle that I've been into for some time now, are these fancy jewelry/prize candles. I'm sure most of you have seen or heard of them by now- as there are tons of companies coming up out of the wood work promising a high quality candle that contains a mystery piece of jewelry (usually a ring) or something more exciting, like an ipad or cash.

I have reviewed and tested my fair share of these candles. Some of them have been great experiences. Some have been huge disappointments in regards to quality and customer service. But I am just so addicted to the ~*mystery*~ of it all that I still keep going back for more!

Recently, I was contacted by a company called Hide & Seek Candle Co. to do a review on one of their jewelry candles. Of course I couldn't turn it down because...hello. Candles. With sparklies hidden inside. Need I say more?

Although I'm always a bit nervous about the "new" jewelry candle companies, I was really impressed by their wide and unique variety of candle scents and beautiful packaging. Their site makes it easy to shop by separating the scents into categories: Food Scents, Fruit Scents, Fresh Scents and Floral Scents. Since it's almost fall, I opted for a food scent, and asked Hide & Seek candles to send me one of their most popular food scents. 
I received blueberry cheesecake, and I will say this right now: When I have this candle lit, it smells like I'm baking a fresh batch of blueberry muffins drizzled with vanilla frosting. Seriously drool-worthy. Makes total sense why this is one of their most popular.

Hide & Seek also sells "Jewelry Melts," so if you're more into melts/burners, so you can also partake in the fun! They hide a ring/prize in one of the melts! There are also classic candles and melts available if you just really love a scent they have and want to save a few dollars by not getting a prize inside...but I think it's worth the extra money!

Jewelry Candles cost $25 each and Jewelry Melts are $16 each.
Regular (no hidden gift inside) Candles are $18 each and Regular Melts are $5

Things I Immediately Love About Hide & Seek Candles

You can Choose a Ring Size 
I cannot tell you how many Diamond Candles I have purchased. If you knew, you would think I was insane. Let's just say it's been more than 10 to spare me the embarrassment. Out of all the candles I've purchased, only one of the rings has actually been my size. The fact that Diamond Candles is one of the most popular ring candle companies, yet they don't allow you to choose your ring size before purchase is just a huge business mistake in my opinion. Hide & Seek Candles allows you to choose a size on a drop down menu before purchasing, so you KNOW the ring you get is going to fit you perfectly! 

3-Wick Candles!
Another thing about Diamond Candles that I'm not too fond of, is the way their candles burn. They have one humongous wick in the center that burns so hot, it turns the entire inside of the jar black if you let it burn for longer than an hour. Not to mention, it causes the candles to burn unevenly. Hide & Seek candle are presented similarly to my all-time favorite Bath and Body Works candles. The 3 wicks allow for an even burn, and the scent throw is even stronger. I'm telling you- put this candle in the biggest room of your house and it will fill it up with scent. These are NOT for scent-sensitive people!

A True Mystery Inside!
Behind this silver label is where your mystery gift is hidden. It is wrapped in foil, and stuck to the side of the jar before the wax is poured. While you do choose a ring size, it might not even be a ring that you find inside! You could even find cash! 
If you're reading the label, and wondering how the heck they would fit an iPad Mini in one of these candles, I have your answer! Hide & Seek has a special ring that has a bedazzled apple on it. If you find this special ring, it means you've one an iPad Mini! How awesome! I love that I had no idea what I was going to find in my candle. It made it so much more exciting!

I could not wait to take pictures of this candle so I could just get it burning! I was so impatient to see what could be lurking in the delicious blueberry wax. After about 2-3 hours of burning, I saw the purple foil peeking out. Of course I wasn't patient enough to let the wax melt down a bit, so I grabbed some pliers and pulled that sucker out! And here's the big reveal!

So gorgeous! I am seriously in love with this ring. I love the pink center stone, and even though I couldn't get a clear picture, there are little stones on either side of the ring as well. There is so much lovely detail on the sides! While the ring isn't marked on the inside (usually meaning it's costume jewelry) I can honestly and genuinely say it looks and feels like much higher quality than any ring I've received through other jewelry candle companies. I've been wearing it non-stop since it came out of the candle 4-5 days ago, and it hasn't turned my finger green or had any issues quality-wise. Absolutely ADORE this ring!

Overall Thoughts
I was very surprised at the high quality of this candle. It burns amazingly well, has a wonderful scent throw, and the ring was absolutely lovely! While Hide & Seek Candle Co is a new candle company on the scene, they have really impressed me, and I will continue to try more scents from them. Maybe I'll get lucky and win an iPad! Crazier things have happened!

Make sure to like Hide & Seek Candle Co. on Facebook! They post their sales, coupons, new scents etc frequently! They recently had a 50% off coupon, so keep an eye out!

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  1. I don't remember which company I bought from, but I got my step mom a candle from one of these places for her birthday--we ended up getting a real sapphire ring with a silver band in it which is her birth stone! I don't know how we could possibly get that lucky. :)

    1. Oh wow that is amazing! I've bought my fair share of these candles- I figure if I'm going to feed my candle addiction, might as well have a prize inside!- but I've only gotten costume jewelry. I've seen some really gorgeous real rings from other people though. Maybe one day I'll be so lucky!