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Jane Iredale Refill-Me Refillable Loose Powder Brush Review

 I don't know about you, but once the Summer weather starts heating up, all I want to do is simplify and streamline my makeup routine. In a perfect world I could go makeup-free, but unfortunately I wasn't blessed with perfect glowy skin and long dark eyelashes. So each year I try to find products that are not only easy and fast to use, but effective and long-lasting in the summer heat.

Jane Iredale recently released a refillable loose powder brush, which I immediately gravitated towards for multiple reasons. First off- a lot of my favorite powders are loose, and they can be a pain when you're getting ready in a rush, and they're nearly impossible to bring with you for touch-ups. This brush makes it so you can travel with your loose powder, while making application super easy!

I thought I'd also talk a bit about one of my favorite matte powders, "Amazing Matte" by Jane Iredale, since I'll be using it as an example in the review!

The refillable brush comes with a little scoop so you can easily fill it with your favorite loose powder or mineral makeup.

 You can lock and unlock the powder, so it's not constantly coming out of the brush and being wasted when not in use!

This brush couldn't be more simple to fill. Just unscrew the brush top and fill with your favorite loose powder!

 My favorite just so happens to be the Amazing Matte Loose Finishing Powder. Seriously I can get pretty oily during the summer, and dusting this powder over my makeup really keeps it in place and keeps my skin looking matte for hours.

 The sifter on the powder is also very easily removed so that you can scoop out what you need for your refillable brush.

 After I filled the brush container, I had more than half of my Amazing Matte powder left. One container will refill the brush at least twice, which is awesome!

As for the brush, it's soft, yet firm and has a flat top so that the powder can be evenly distributed over your face. The bristles are made of a mixture of goat and pony hair. 

(jane iredale is certified cruelty-free by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program, the leading internationally respected animal protection group for cruelty-free certification. jane iredale products are also certified cruelty-free by PETA. You can get more information on their website)
 Once the brush is filled and you've screwed it back together, turn the top of the brush to the "unlock" symbol and begin to use your product! You'll see the powder coming through the brush. When you're done, simply tap the excess off the brush and turn the top of the brush back to the "lock" position.

 Not only is there a cover to slide up onto the brush to help keep it's shape and protect it while traveling, there's yet another cover to keep your brush clean and protected. Although I of course recommend washing this brush along with your other cosmetics brushes. Just make sure you remove the powder reservoir off the bottom first, and allow the brush to complete dry before screwing it back on to avoid getting water in your powder or mineral foundation.

Overall Thoughts
The Jane Iredale Refillable Loose Powder Brush is one of those products that I never knew I needed until I owned it. I think that it's so versatile, travel-friendly and easy to use. It's the perfect product for Summer, especially when you're headed to the beach, or on a vacation. You can toss this in your purse and touch up your makeup or powder wherever, whenever, and not have it be a long, messy process.

Refillable Loose Powder Brush is available for $35 at
Amazing Matte Loose Finishing Powder is available for $31 at

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