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Amarte: The Veils Review! (Aqua Veil and Ultra Veil)

I have a very in-depth skincare routine that is almost completely based around Korean products. However, the one exception is with Amarte. Their line of products is absolutely second-to-none. I haven't found any other brand that has an entire line of products that I continue to fall in love with. There isn't a single thing I've tried from Amarte that isn't absolutely amazing. Interestingly enough, Amarte was made specifically to blend eastern skincare philosophy and western dermatology. It's refined for American skincare preferences, but employs western elements within eastern structures for a true hybridization and a more thorough skincare process. Basically meaning: It's the best of both Korean and American skincare rolled into one. Amarte is one of the leading skincare lines in Asia right now, and I have a feeling it'll be moving up the ranks in the US soon too.

Recently, I wanted to expand my collection of products from their Aqua line (one of my favorites) and decided to try and review some of their sunscreen as well. I wear sunscreen every day, and I am extremely picky with the ones I choose. I want to make sure they have a high SPF and that they won't interfere with how my makeup is applied. How did the Amarte Ultra Veil stack up to my current sunscreen? Keep reading to find out!

Aqua Veil: Pure Hydration Serum
Before we get into the sunscreen, I want to talk a bit about my new addition to my Aqua line collection. I already have the Aqua Mist Toner and the Aqua Cream, which are in my current nightly routine. The toner in particular is absolutely fantastic. It has a citrusy/grapefruit-like scent that is the most refreshing thing ever. Seriously I wish I could spray it on a zillion times a day! Since I've had such great luck with the products I've tried from this collection, I decided to try the Aqua Veil as well.
Even though this product is called a "serum" it actually has a cream-like consistency before being blended in. It's rich in natural herbs and intensive moisturizing ingredients, and deeply hydrates while optimizing your skin's ability to absorb and retain moisture. If you're familiar with sleeping packs, this produces a similar "veil" that Amarte calls a "magic water veil." It rests on your skin and provides a cooling effect as well as providing skin-softening moisture. While the product looks like a cream right out of the tube, it immediately turns to a thin gel-like liquid when massaged onto skin, so it doesn't leave an oily residue like other moisturizers.  This is  fantastic product to use if you have combination skin especially, because it's very moisturizing without making oily skin worse. It's cucumber-infused and smells so good. Like a spa in a bottle!
 My Take
I have been using this product for almost 2 weeks and I absolutely love it. I switch between this and my Amarte Wonder Cream as my moisturizers for the day. While it does leave a "veil" of smoothness and almost a wet, cooling feel on the skin, it doesn't leave a residue like a sleeping pack and it's not heavy at all. It really absorbs well into the skin. I actually think that the Wonder Cream is a bit heavier, so on the days where my skin is extra oily, I will use the Hydration Serum in it's place. I've been able to keep my skins oily production nicely balanced with this product, as it's moisturizing, but not overly so.

Ultra Veil: Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid
I have been looking for a "fluid" sunscreen that has a high SPF and doesn't break me out, as some sunscreens tend to do. It's a lot easier said than done! Lately my currently sunscreen has been giving me tiny breakouts around my eyebrows and on my chin, so I thought it would be the perfect time to try out an Amarte sunscreen.

This product is incredibly light and liquid-y. It has SPF 50+ and is water resistant for up to 40 minutes. It guards from both UVA and UVB rays, and is loaded with antioxidants and botanical extracts that protect skin while also providing it with a healthy glow.
Features and Benefits:
- A Unique Blend of four highly regarded physical and chemical agents create a physical aesthetic veil to protect skin that is exposed to sunlight
-Gingko biloba nut extract and five other botanical plant extracts (mesima mushroom, roobiobs, tormentil root, skullcap and whild thyme) protect and condition skin while offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help promote positive collagen and elastin balance.
- Caviar extract delivers a surge of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
-Purified elemental sulfur has calming and healing effects on skin irritation and decreases oil production to noticeably brighten skin
-Finely processed pure mica helps provide an incredibly elegant finish to skin
-The sophisticated and mild formulation is dermatologist tested with proven effectiveness on all skin types, including sensitive skin.
As you can see, this sunscreen is very thin and liquidy, and blends easily into the skin without leaving an oily residue.
My Take
OK, I may sound a bit dramatic, but you HAVE to get this sunscreen if you're looking for something similar to what I described earlier. This stuff blends and absorbs into your skin so fast. If you're always in a rush in the morning and don't have time to apply a creamy lotion-like sunscreen and then have to wait for it to dry/absorb before applying your makeup, this is the perfect sunscreen for you. All of the added benefits just make me want to continue using it even more. It really does leave a gorgeous "glow" on my skin due to the finely processed mica. It looks so natural and subtle, but it really makes a huge difference in brightening the tone of my skin. 
Even better, the acne I was getting from my previous sunscreen has almost completely disappeared, and no new breakouts have formed since using this sunscreen exclusively. I cannot say enough good stuff about this product!

Overall Thoughts
As always, I am absolutely thrilled with these Amarte products. Not only does the Aqua Veil Hydration Serum work beautifully at keeping my skin hydrated without being greasy-looking, the Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid has a great SPF, is fast absorbing and is loaded with bonus skin-loving ingredients that my other sunscreens don't come close to. I love that I don't have to choose between sun-protection and clear skin anymore, as I can have both when I use the Ultra Veil Sunscreen. It also cuts out that 5 minutes+ of time that it used to take my old sunscreen to fully absorb into my skin. I couldn't be more happy with the results of these products, and now I'm even more curious to try the rest of the Amarte line.

If you're interested in trying Amarte products, you can check out their website.
You can purchase the Aqua Veil Hydration Serum for $57 here.
You can purchase the Ultra Veil Sunscreen Fluid for $45 here.

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  1. Is this sunscreen oil free?

    1. I don't see any oils in the ingredients, although I'll admit I'm not super well-versed in what all of the actually ARE. I would shoot Amarte a message on facebook or through email to make sure if it's a concern you have!