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Beauteque Beauty Bag #2 Showstopper Edition + Coupon!

Beauteque is back with the second edition of their BB Bag! I am so excited to share this with you, as I have been waiting on pins and needles to see what was inside! I do not do well with surprises, let me tell you!

Who is Beauteque?
Beauteque is a US-based website that sells lots of wonderful Korean beauty products. They describe themselves as:
The sum of beauty plus boutique gives you an equation called Beauteque. The one stop shop haven of everyone’s dreams! An online store that is not just simplifying, but magnetizing the business of beauty, bringing onboard elements and brands from the other side of the world, Beauteque brings together for you the East and West, as it continues to globalize.
What is a BB Bag?
Back in June, Beauteque launched their BB Bag, which stands for Beauteque Beauty Bag. Beauteque has hand picked Korean products and brands that they think are top notch and tucked them into a cute travel bag to help introduce you to their favorites! I did a review on the June bag as well as their Head-to-Toe Spa Bag that was released last month. This month's bag theme is the "Showstopper" and contains 6 full size products!
The BB Bag costs $22, with free shipping to the US. It is also available for purchase in Canada and Europe for an additional shipping fee. 

The great thing about the BB Bag is that Beauteque allows for some level of customization. With the Showstopper BB Bag, you're allowed to choose a shade of lip gloss, a scent for a foaming cleanser, and a style of eyelashes. The other 3 items were left a secret, so you can have the best of both worlds with some customization, without ruining all the surprise!

Coupon Time!
 I've got a really fun coupon for you guys this time around! While Beauteque so graciously provides me with coupon codes, rather than getting $2 off your bag like in the past, this time, you will get 2 Free Sheet Masks (chosen at random) along with your BB Bag when you use my coupon code:

 (case sensitive!)

Yay for free masks!

So let's see what was inside, shall we?

1. "It's Skin" Mini Lip Tint Gloss ($7)
I've tried a few It's Skin products before, but I'm not extremely familiar with their brand. I do know that this gloss is super cute, and smells divine: sort of like a sweet, fruity candy! While the name says "tint", this definitely goes on like a gloss and feels like one on the lips. It's a great consistency- not too sticky or too watery. My only slight disappointment with this product is the lack of actual tint. If I had known it was so subtle, I would have opted for the coral or the red shade rather than the pink. That aside, this is actually a really nice gloss, and I'll certainly toss it in my purse for quick touch-ups.

2. "Holika Holika" Daily Garden Cleanser ($14)
I really enjoy the Holika Holika brand, and I love a good foam cleanser, so I'm excited to try this out. This was one of the items that I was able to choose the scent. I went with Acerola, which is apparently cherry. The scent is very sweet, and like the lip gloss, it has a fruity candy-like scent. This cleanser is actually quite thick compared to some of the others I've tried. I use foaming cleansers twice a day, and I go through them pretty quickly, so having a backup is definitely welcomed!

3. "Skinfood" Daily Real False Lashes ($7)
False lashes are one of those products that frequently pop up in beauty subscriptions. You either love them, or you hate them. I'm in the school of thought that everyone should have a few pairs of falsies, and practice putting them on until you master it! Once you get it down, there is NOTHING that will take your look to the next level as well as a good pair of false lashes! Skinfood is a fantastic brand, although I've only tried their skincare products. These lashes are pretty basic, but that's a good thing! I don't want anything too crazy or dramatic as I want them to blend in and look as natural as possible. These also come with a small tube of lash glue, in case you need it!

4. "Mizon" Snail Recovery Gel Cream ($16)
I have just recently started looking into and trying Mizon products, and so far I am absolutely thrilled with their performance. I have seen this product in my travels, but have never picked it up before. I'm excited to see it pop up in the BB Bag! This product is essentially used as a nighttime moisturizer. I have combination/oily skin, so the lightweight, fast absorbing gel formula is a perfect moisturizer for my skin. I am hoping this will be something that will keep me from waking up with a shiny face! It don't detect any particular scent, and when I swatched it, the gel absorbed quickly and left no residue. So far so good!

5. "TheFaceShop" Lip Patch ($7)
Another well-known brand showing up in the BB bag! This lip patch is essentially a sheet masks for your lips. I've tried a few of these before from different companies and they are quite interesting to say the least! You basically slap this jelly-like mask on top of your lips and gently press down to get it to adhere. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then remove and dispose of it, as you would a sheet mask. They're supposed to moisturize and treat your lips. I haven't ever noticed a huge difference after using these lip patches, but the ones I've tried are usually very cheap. Maybe since this one is a nicer brand it might work better? Wishful thinking, maybe, but they're still really fun to use. Just make sure you're able to keep your mouth closed and still for 15 minutes. It's harder than you think!

6. Beauteque Minerals Pore Cleansing Brush ($35)

This was the high value item in the bag, and truly the one I am most excited about! These pore cleansing brushes have been everywhere lately, and it seems when I'm online window shopping I always end up reading about them and convincing myself I need one in my life. Of course I already have a Clarisonic, so I talk myself out of it over and over again. These brushes are made to be incredibly soft and the Beauteque brush is no exception. It's so unbelievably soft that I wish you could stick your hand through the screen and feel it! These brushes are basically used similarly to a Clarisonic or other face brush, and help to clear oil and debris from your pores and your skin. They are usually pretty expensive, so I am absolutely thrilled to finally have one!

Overall Thoughts
I think that Beauteque did a fantastic job with this edition of the BB Bag! I think there was a great variety of products, and I especially love how they included the foam cleanser and the cleansing brush to be used along with it. The brands that were featured in the bag are all very popular and well-known, which makes this a great gift! The total value of the BB Bag, according to Beauteque's prices is $86. Granted a large amount of that value comes from the cleansing brush. I also did a little research and was able to find most of these products for a few dollars less through ebay and other sites, however with the high shipping costs on Korean websites, the gently inflated prices that Beauteque provided are still pretty legit.
I think that this bag is a home run for Beauteque. While they consistently include great brands, and fun products, they also make sure that you can customize the bag, while keeping the element of surprise that makes subscription boxes so fun intact.
I am so looking forward to the next installment of the BB Bag!

If you're interested in getting a BB Bag, you can do so on the Beauteque Site.
Don't forget to use my coupon code to get your 2 free sheet masks!

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  1. Those lip masks are so hilarious. I always end up ripping through them before the suggested wear time is up though. :P

    1. haha my fiance makes fun of me EVERY time I wear them. :D

  2. I need to learn how to put on false lashes. I need a lot more practice, though. I'm so terrible at it, I've never actually left the house with them on.

    1. Practice makes perfect! I wore them in middle school (they were always the ones you could get for like, a dollar at the drugstore) and I never put them on right and they felt SO uncomfortable. I've had years of practice though so now I can pop them on with little to no struggle! The best way to put them on for me is to center them and apply to the middle of my eye, and then adjust and place each side down. EmilyNoel83 has a great tutorial on youtube that shows exactly how I put them on, actually! :)

  3. What a fantastic coupon code, and a very solid box! Thanks for the review. I've grabbed a bag for myself and I can't wait. I love the little bits of customization they offer.