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Club Monthly Subscription Review and Coupon!

I've done my fair share of review for time-of-the-month subscriptions. It's not because I have some weird obsession with feminine products, but really because I find them to be a great idea. I have a condition called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which, along with a slew of other complications, causes me to have extremely irregular periods. I never know when I'm going to be caught off guard, but it's nice to have a stash of supplies on hand so I'm not rushing to the store with a panicked look on my face. And that has definitely happened!
But when you're time of the month isn't regular, sometimes it's easy to forget that periods even exist. I've gone months without one, so there are times that I just don't have what I need on hand. These subscriptions have made it so I can get supplies delivered every month so I always have a stash close by.

Club Monthly is a brand new time-of-the-month service that has more customization than I've seen on any other comparable service.

Not only do they have great prices, but they let you choose exactly what you want each month, with some great add-ons! Firstly, you can choose a box with just tampons/pads for $12 a month, or for $3 more a box that also includes 3 disposable razors. Their biggest box for $18 contains all the previous, plus a full size deodorant of your choice.

How many times do I find myself completely out of razors? I cannot tell you the amount of times I have had razor burn from hell because I forgot to pick up new razors and end up using an old one I found laying around. Not pleasant. Rarely do I use up an entire deodorant in a months time, but I do like to switch it up often enough where I feel like the $18 box would be a good fit for me.

Once you choose which box you're interested in, you are brought to a page where you can choose exatly what you want in your box. You start with the amount of 20. You can break that up anyway you want. 5 tampons, 5 regular pads and 5 overnights or maybe just 20 light tampons. The choice is yours, and that is awesome. If you want more than 20, you can add more on for a small additional fee. You can also add on panty liners for just $1. Not only can you customize exactly the amount and kind of feminine products you'll receive, but what brands you receive as well.
After you've chosen the amount of tampons/pads you want, you can choose your disposable razors as well as the deodorant you'd like to recieve (if you've chosen the larger $15 and $18 options.) They've got name brand deodorants from Dove, Secret and more.
 Finally, you simply choose the day of the month that you'd like for your package to arrive, so you can time it with your cycle, or just choose when you'd prefer to receive it!

My box arrived incredibly quickly and on the day that I requested. It was also packaged in a very discreet box. I'm not one of those people who is ashamed of my cycle, and no one should be, but there are plenty of people that like their privacy. This box only says "Club Monthly" on the outside, so you're not advertising to neighbors.
Inside is cute green tissue paper, and all of your items!
All of my feminine products were packaged together in a little baggy tied with a ribbon. My deodorant of choice and 3 razors were loose, as well as a little bonus item which I thought was so nice! I received Elizabeth and James Nirvana White perfume. I'll let you in on a little secret: I've been obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for as long as I can remember (just love their style!) so getting their perfume was kind of perfect! The razors were a generic brand 3-blade razors with a moisturizing strip. They're pretty standard razors, but I tried one of them out yesterday and actually think they perform very well!

I really love when these companies gives little extras in the boxes. It makes it feel more special. The little perfume was a great one, although I think it would be even better to include an option at checkout that says "complimentary beauty" or "complimentary sweet" where people could choose to either get a perfume sample, little lip balm etc, or a little baggy of dove chocolates or something! Just a little way to set themselves apart from the competition and give more option is great!

Overall Thoughts
While Club Monthly is a new subscription, I think they are on the right track with giving people options, affordable prices and cute little extras. They don't go over-the-top, but keep it at what you need each month. While getting jewelry and gifts is nice in a time-of-the-month subscription, I think that sometimes those can get overly expensive, and sometimes you just need the basics! I really like how completely customizable this box is, especially. While there are companies that allow for customization, the ones that I've tried in the past are not nearly as in-depth as Club Monthly. I think this would be a great gift to a busy college student, mother, or just a friend like me who is constantly running out to the 24 hour Walmart when Aunt Flo stops in for a unscheduled visit.

Coupon Time!
If you're interested in trying out a box from Club Monthly, you can receive 50% off your first order with the code:  HARLOT
While their site is easy to navigate and use, I did have a bit of trouble using a coupon code. You will have to choose and customize your box and add it to your cart. Once you've done that, it will bring you to a checkout page. 
If you don't see a place to put your coupon code, just click the little shopping cart at the top of the page, and it will bring you back to a page that has place to enter your coupon code. Happy Shopping! 
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  1. I think this is the first time I've seen a TOM box offering razors and deodorant as an add-on. That's actually really clever!

    1. I thought so too! I've seen so many TOM boxes that have jewelry and soaps and all kinds of nonsense and all I can think of is, "well I have other subscription boxes for that!" I've wanted to find one that actually sends the things we all need every month, and they do a great job of that!