Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jane Iredale Hydration Sprays!

OK, so it's confession time: I kind of have an obsession with setting sprays. Even when I'm not wearing foundation, I feel like if I don't set my makeup, it's going to wear away over the course of the day and there will be no way to fix it. You'd think my fear would die down a bit since the cooler weather is coming, but nope...still misting my face before I walk out the door!

 The bad thing about most makeup setting sprays is that they have lots of harsh ingredients that aren't very good for the skin, especially when using them as often as I do. Since I care a lot about my skin nowadays, I have started to feel really guilty every time I pull out that chemical filled spritzer bottle. I figured I'd take a look at some of my favorite natural cosmetics/skincare brands just to see what they had available. Luckily, I discovered that Jane Iredale had Hydration Sprays that also double as a makeup setting spray! I had to test them out!

The hydration sprays include "Pommist", "Balance" and "D20" and they have all earned ECOCERT's Natural and Organic Cosmetics certification. The packaging and formulation both comply with ECOCERT's standards for natural and organic products. These hydration sprays are 100% Natural and 30% organic, and the products' sourcing, manufacturing and packaging have minimal effect on the environment. Seriously, you can't get much better than that!

I decided to go with the "Balance" hydration spray. This particular guy is formulated to help balance the skin's oil production and pH. I have oily/combination skin, so I thought this would help keep me more matte throughout the day. It also contains Orange essential oil, orange peel extract, grapefruit extract and algae extract to calm and feed the skin. Let me tell you- it smells like the most delicious, citrusy fruit basket in all the land. So nice!

I also tried out the Limited Edition Hydration Spray called "Smell the Roses." 100% of the profits of this spray is donated to "Living Beyond Breast Cancer"* in support of women affected by breast cancer. I think this is awesome of Jane Iredale to do, and it smells so luxurious!
This spritz features organic rose damascena flower water, which is apparently an excellent natural skin tonic that cleanses, calms inflammation and reduces redness all the while not disturbing the skins natural protective shield. The oil in this spritz nourishes, tightens, cleanses, detoxifies and increases blood circulation! 

Both of these hydration sprays, while each having different benefits in their own right, also do lots of other awesome things which is why I was interested in them in the first place! They feel really refreshing and hydrating on my skin, and I've read they can even be used as moisturizers for oily skin. They work amazingly well as a makeup setting spray...I dare say even better than my high-end brand chemical-y one! Because I use a translucent mineral powder to set my foundation/BB cream etc,  these help to smooth out the finish and conceal fine lines and pores by keeping the powder in place rather than settling into the skin. They can even be used to wet makeup brushes when you're doing a wet-to-dry look or trying to create a precise line. 

I am SO happy I found these sprays, because I feel really good about spritzing them onto my skin to set my makeup. My skin feels healthy and hydrated, and my makeup lasts all day. While other setting sprays do the job of keeping your makeup in place, their harsh ingredients and alcohol base were incredibly drying and damaging to my skin long-term. If you're looking to slowly incorporate healthier, more natural skincare and cosmetics into your routine, this is a great place to start! 

You can buy Jane Iredale hydration sprays for $27 each on the Jane Iredale Website. What's even cooler is that you can also buy refills that will fill your spray bottle 3 more times! It's a great way to always have the product on hand, and even better that it wastes less packaging!

*Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a national eduction and support organization whose mission is to connect people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support, a mission that closely resembles that of the Jane Iredale brand. Every year for the past 7 years, Jane Iredale has introduced a special product with profits going to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. This campaign was created to honor the support network around women living with and through breast cancer.
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  1. I'm spray obsessed too. I would definitely go for the rose one! I have three spray bottles of rosewater stashed around my house, no joke.

    1. Funny enough, I love the smell of roses when it's the actual flower, but rose-scented beauty products/perfumes usually make me gag. This one smells SO much like the real thing (probably since it's natural/organic) that I absolutely love it and cannot stop spraying it on my's a sickness LOL