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Lip Monthly Review (September 2014)

 While there are times that I am totally on the ball with new beauty boxes, (Memebox) there are so many that come out that it's hard for me to keep track! It's interesting to see what each one brings to the table, and how they stand out from the pack, or directly compete with each other. I had a few readers ask me my thoughts on a subscription called Lip Monthly, so I decided to get in touch with them to see if I could share their September edition with you guys!

For $10 a month, Lip Monthly sends their subscribers a bag filled with beauty products, however the majority of those products will be for lips. If you're a lip product fiend like I am, this sounds like perfection!

Since it's my first month, I don't know how Lip Monthly regularly sends their products, but I received a well-made Lip Monthly-logo makeup bag. Probably not something I'd use regularly, but I tend to use the makeup bags from subscription boxes as a way to store things in my vanity, or to ship things to my friends etc. So for me, it's always a bonus when there's a makeup bag!

1. Cherimoya: Lip Crayon in "Fig" ($8)
 I love lip crayons they are so easy to toss in your purse and reapply through the day. I find that they tend to wear longer than a typical lipstick, and most of the time I can apply them quickly on-the-go without needing to look for a mirror. This particular lip crayon is actually super nice! I have never heard of this brand before, so I was a bit skeptical on the quality, but the "Fig" shade is a beautiful, bright orchid shade. It feels very moisturizing on the lips, but actually stays put for a long time without needing to reapply. I think this is probably my favorite item in the box!

2. Eco Lips: Pure and Simple Lip Balm in "Strawberry Kiwi" ($3.49)
 I love getting lip balms in subscription boxes because I never really buy them for myself, but they're the only lip product that I tend to go through quickly. I keep a lip balm on my nightstand an apply it constantly when I'm on my laptop in bed, or during my morning and nighttime routines. This particular balm is organic, and has a sweet strawberry kiwi scent. It's already on my night stand and I'm excited to give it a try!

3. L'Oreal: Lipstick in "Bronzine" ($6)
 This lipstick is a little mysterious. I have checked out a few other reviews for this month's Lip Monthly, and it seems like I'm the only person who received this product. I'm not sure if it was some kind of a bonus or what, but I figured I'd put it in the review anyway! I didn't swatch this lipstick because it's definitely not my color, but I do love L'Oreal lip products. This will be gifted or swapped, but I'm not disappointed it's included. I just wish it was more my shade!

4. Cherimoya: Retractable Lip and Eye Liner in "Latte" ($4)
 I have mixed feelings on this product, to be honest. It's a lip and eye liner, but I find that it's too light to be an eye liner, and too dark to be a lip liner, at least for my skin tone. It doesn't really glide on easily, either. I think it'll be OK as a darker nude liner to prep my lips for a dark shade, but other than that it doesn't seem like very good quality. That's a shame too, because the lip crayon from the same brand is really fantastic!

 5. Julie G Polish by Jessie's Girl ($4)
I couldn't seem to find a shade name or number on this polish, but it's definitely a pink/coral tone. I think it's a gorgeous shade, but not my first pick for a fall nail color. I would have liked to see a deeper tone or a metallic shade of some sort. Either way, I love Julie G polish, especially the glitter ones, so I know this will be a great quality. I'll probably use it on my toes since I've been craving darker colors on my fingers lately.

6. Purlisse: Hydra-Balance Moisturizer ($16)
While Purlisse is a great brand and has high value and quality products, it seems that they stick this moisturizer in a lot of subscription boxes. I have been lucky and have yet to have a large collection of these like some subscription box enthusiasts, but I do have a lot of moisturizer in general. With that said, this is going to get passed on to a friend. Even so, a $16 value on an item in a $10 subscription box is still very nice!

Overall Thoughts
At this stage in the game for me, I'm not sure if Lip Monthly is something I would subscribe to long-term, however let me be clear: I think this is a good value, and would be a nice subscription for certain people. If you are a subscription addict, you might not be too wowed by what is included in these Lip Monthly bags, however if you're new to the subscription world and are interested in a lip-product-heavy subscription that is at the bottom of the price-range, this is a very good option for you. I think that Lip Monthly reminds me a lot of Ipsy, especially in their early days. I see some drugstore products, some higher end products, and some unknown/ new brands to me, and I would certainly be happy with this bag years ago before I had an overwhelming amount of product. I unsubscribed to Ipsy because of the same reason, but I still recommend them to friends that are looking for a low cost, makeup-heavy subscription. The total value of this Lip Monthly bag is $41.49, which is a great value for a $10 price range. 

All in all, if you have a teenage daughter, a friend who is getting into makeup, or someone who just prefers mostly lip products with a few surprises thrown in, this is a good subscription option for them. There aren't that many $10 a month beauty subscriptions out there right now other than Birchbox and Ipsy, so if you were searching for something a little different, Lip Monthly might be right for you!

If you're interested in subscribing to, or trying out Lip Monthly, you can check out their website HERE.

Use the code FALL5 at checkout to get your first box for just $5!
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  1. Hey Rachel! I just received my Lip Monthly for the second time and their makeup bag is the same every month. It's a well made bag, just the same print! I thought the bag was of good value, but probably can only use the lip balm this month and the moisturizer. The lip shades were off for me and I did receive the Loreal Lip Stick too in my bag! I will probably gift to my MIL as these are her shades! Hope all is well!

    1. Isn't it so strange that some people received the L'Oreal lipstick and others didn't? I noticed that a few of the bloggers I read reviews of didn't get it, and a few ladies on makeuptalk didn't either! So strange! I hope they change the print of the bag at some point, otherwise it's going to get old really quickly getting the exact same bag!

      I do think this is a good value for how much the subscription costs. I'm interested to see how the progress and if it continues to get better!

  2. The color of that hybrid lip/eye liner thing looks more like an eyebrow pencil to me, strangely enough. I've never heard of Cherimoya either but that lip crayon looks super-nice!

    1. It's definitely more of an eyebrow shade, absolutely. Although my brows are a bit darker, it seems like it would work for that. I did try it out on my lips and it comes off as a darker nude tone, and I do normally use that kind of shade to help hold my darker lipsticks on for longer, but it pulls and tugs too much for me to want to use it regularly, so it was kind of a wasted product for me. Although the lip crayon totally makes up for it!