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Love with Food Review and Free Box! September 2014

 Love With Food is a subscription I've had on and off for over a year now. When I started this blog, I did a lot of reviews on food subscriptions and people always asked me why, since I am a beauty blog after all! But hey- eating well is just as important to beauty as makeup and skincare!
I never reviewed Love with Food before, but that was mostly because when I did receive it regularly, it was for Jeff, and he always immediately gobbled it up before I could get my hands on it to take pictures!

The Deets
Love with Food is a $10 a month ($2 shipping) subscription box that features organic and/or all natural snacks delivered to you monthly. For every box sold, they donate a meal to a food bank in an effort to support the end of child hunger. I think it's an absolutely wonderful cause and makes me feel good about subscribing to them!

Get a Free Box!
 Love with Food offers new subscribers their first box for free! (You just pay $2 shipping) and you can cancel at anytime with the quick click of a button on their site. If you want to try one out for yourself, you can do so by using THIS LINK.

This month's theme was "Spice Up Your Life" and it contained 8 different edibles that were all spice-related in some way. Yum!

Way Better Snacks Simply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips
These chips are SO delicious! The sweet chili flavor is so good, and reminds me of a specific type of Tostitos I used to get a while ago, but these are way healthier and non GMO certified. Everyone in my house loved these, so I'm going to hunt this brand down and try more of their products!

Fogg City Spice Co. Seasoning in Lemon Rosemary
 I love to cook, so I was thrilled to see a nice-sized packet of Lemon-Rosemary seasoning. One of my favorite ways to prepare grilled chicken is with a lemon-rosemary and garlic seasoning. You definitely won't come over my house for dinner and NOT see me using a wide variety of herbs and spices! I'm always mixing stuff up and trying to come up with a great flavor combination. I just put some chicken breast in the fridge to defrost so I can use this stuff tomorrow! Yum.

 Maruso Ghost Soy Sauce
Jeff and I aren't really into super spicy foods, but our best friend and roommate Nick on the other hand...the spicier the better! He was super excited when I handed him this soy sauce, which is made with the super spicy ghost pepper! He hasn't tried it yet, but I'm pretty sure he has asked to get chinese food at least 3 times in the past day, so I think it's only a matter of time before this stuff gets gobbled up!

Shotwell Candy 5 Spice Caramels
These caramels are made with chocolate, anise, clove, ginger and cinnamon, which to me just screams autumn! Jeff swiped these and took them to work so I wasn't able to try them myself, but he said they were absolutely delicious. He said they tasted more like a chewy, gingery chocolate than a caramel, but he enjoyed them so much that he asked me to get more for his desk at work.

Churro Kettle Corn by Love With Food
Jeff also took this to work with him because I unfortunately, can't eat popcorn due to stomach stuff. The first thing he said when he came home was, "Rachel, I need more of that popcorn!" He said the flavor really does resemble a buttery, cinnamon churro...which sounds amazing and I'm so depressed now that I can't eat any! This product is made my Love with Food, so I'm sure I could easily find more of this for sale on their site. Maybe I'll sneak some in Jeff's stocking for Christmas this year!

 Ziggy Marley Organics Hemp Rules Roasted Hemp Seeds in "Caribbean Crunch"
I have had hemp seeds in the past and I've never been too big of a fan of them on their own, but I have heard these are good on salads and such, so I might try that next time I whip one up. I have a friend who also uses hemp seeds on anything! She said they're great when you want a crunchy texture and some extra flavor, so we'll see! Caribbean Crunch is flavored with a one-of-a-kind jerk seasoning, so these might even be tasty sprinkled over chicken.

Mandys Rich Chocolate Cookie Thins
Now this is my kind of snack. 90 calories, chocolatey and cookies...all things I like! These are thin and crispy little cookies that have sugar sprinkled on top, and honestly, what is not to love about that description? Jeff and I shared these, and they were so ridiculously yummy. These were probably my favorite snack in the box.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood in Chocolate Infusion
I didn't actually try this product, but Jeff did and he said he was definitely not a fan. This is basically a powder that is made with all kinds of fruits and veggies that you mix with milk or water. Jeff mixed it with water and said it tasted, "gritty and like dirt. It had a mildly un-sweet citrus flavor too but it was just awful."
Granted that is coming from someone who almost never eats a fruit or a veggie, so while this could be yummy for someone else, it definitely wasn't up our alley, I suppose!

Overall Thoughts
I would say that I've gotten about 7 or 8 Love with Food boxes over the past couple of years, and this might be my favorite one ever. I feel like there was such a great variety, and truly something for everyone in my house to enjoy. I usually cancel after one or two boxes, but since we were all so happy with this one, we're going to keep the subscription going for awhile and see what kind of goodies they send us next month!

Don't Forget!
If you're interested in trying Love with Food, you can get a free box (just pay $2 shipping) when you use THIS LINK.

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  1. I love spicy/seasoned snacks so this box looks awesome to me! Bummer you can't eat the popcorn though. :(

    1. This really was an awesome box! And you're so right- missing out on the popcorn was so sad LOL...it smelled amazing!

  2. I really like Love With Food. And I'm just like you. I snarfed those cookies down the second after I took the picture. Deeelicious. And honestly? The popcorn was okay. The taste of the cinnamony parts was good but the popcorn itself was not the fluffy delicious pieces I like (I like Pop Secret). It totally needed more cinnamon awesomeness, too. But I do like my sweets so I can see other people would like it.

  3. I like "Love with food" but I super like "Bocandy". It's very delicious and I'm getting addicted to it. You need to try ION Chocofreta Bar, it's my favorite for the entire box. Bocandy is really awesome!