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Memebox Earth and Sea Review!

 So it's 3:30 A.M. as a write this, and I am looking toward the busiest week I've had in a long time. Family events, friends coming to visit, and the dreaded jury duty are all coming up in the next 6 days. I've got some great boxes to unbox and awesome products to review over the next week, so there's no way I'm going to let the blog sit abandoned while I'm a busy bee! I've pulled a few late nights (including tonight!) so I can get all my reviews done and ready for you guys, and this box was one in particular that I just could not wait to blog about!

The Earth and Sea Memebox was one that alluded me for awhile. I thought I had already ordered too many boxes as it was, and ended up skipping on this one at first. However, Memebox is a temptress and posted a couple of spoilers for this box that made me rush and buy it before it sold out. I've got to say, I'm so glad I did!

 (product info card tells you more information and how to use each product!)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!
This particular box is one of their special boxes, which are Memeboxes that are curated around a specific theme. While it's usually Superboxes that contain full size products, it's becoming more and more common to see a box full of full size items in regular boxes as well. Earth and Sea has 6 full size items and cost $29 plus $6.99 shipping.
  The Earth and Sea box was described as:
When toxins, dirt and oil build up get under the skin, its waste-filtering system gets jammed, ultimately clogging up pores and making skin look dull.  So, we're bringing you nature’s clean up crew to clear the way for cleaner and brighter skin.

Charcoal, volcanic ash and mud all work together to draw out dirt and excess oil to extract stubborn impurities from deep within pores! Mineral rich marine energy works as the step 2 treatment for refining pores and replenishing moisture to the skin.

Our Earth & Sea Cosmetics Box offers the best natural ingredients  to give you your best looking skin yet. 
1. Tosowoong: Super Aqua Cooling Gel
(Full Size Product: $34)
This product is a great way to start off the Earth and Sea box, considering it looks like a jar full of beautiful blue water. It's actually a "cooling gel" that cools and comforts the skin on your face and body, and can be used if you just need to relieve overheated or help irritated skin. It's enriched with deep sea minerals that also help moisturize and firm your skin. This can apparently be used any time you need it, but Memebox also suggests that it be used morning and night after toning. As a crazy skincare person, I am always looking for ways to add more steps to my skincare routine. I currently have 13, and since this product is supposed to be used after toning, I feel like I could squeeze this in between my exfoliator and my sheet masks. I honestly don't know if it'll make a difference, or even what to call this magical new step. Maybe I'll call it the "Cooling Step" or the "De-Irritation Step." Anything to make it sound more official and less, "crazy-lady-with-a-million-skincare-products."

2. Secret Nature: Volcanic Ash Pore Pack
(Full Size Product: $36) 
This product is probably the main reason why I wanted this box in the first place, because I love volcanic masks! this one is enriched with Jeju complex and mineral rich volcanic ash, charcoal, green tea and pine needle extracts! It actually kind of smells like Pine-Sol to me, so that might be why! Volcanic masks are great for controlling oil and shine, as well as shrinking down large pores, which I have an abundance of. This product is also free of parabens, artificial fragrance and coloring, and is good for all skin types, although I think it would have the best effect on oily skin. This is used at the same time in a skincare routine that you would use a sheet mask, which is after toning. You apply it to the skin and wait 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. I am trying really hard not to dig into this until I use up what's left of my Innisfree Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, but it's SO tempting!

3. Dewytree: Mineral Healthy Sun Cut Loose Powder SPF 36
(Full Size Product: $34) 
 It took me a second to figure out why this was in the box, but I suppose the fact that it's a mineral powder constitutes as an "Earth" product. This is a loose powder that has natural minerals and essential oils in it to help maintain your skins moisture while leaving a "silky finish" to your makeup. I have bunches of loose powders that come in these kinds of applicators, and for some reason I always have a hard time dispensing enough product. Basically you remove the cover to reveal a little powder puff. You get the powder to release through the puff by applying pressure/patting it onto your skin. There is also a replacement puff that comes with this product, which is super nice if you're really into cleanliness of your makeup applicators. I always use a loose powder over my CC cream, so this is awesome to have on hand. Although I may depot the powder into a different container, depending on how well this particular applicator works for me.

4. Shara Shara: Black Charcoal Purifying Mask
(Full Size Product: $2)
 What's an Earth and Sea box without a charcoal mask, am I right? This is your typical sheet mask, only with black paper instead of white. This mask has high concentrates of charcoal powder and volcanic ash complex, both of which help clear dirt, oil and impurities from your pores. There is also a wine and aloe leaf formula in this mask that helps soothe and protect sensitive skin. I actually tried this mask out last night, and while I thought it felt nice and moisturizing without being oily or greasy, I didn't really see any major results in the pore department. I also thought that this mask was very ill-fitting for my face, however that can differ person to person. It was nice to have, but I probably wouldn't re-purchase this particular mask in the future.

5. Elizavecca: Elastic Pore Mask Cleansing Foam
(Full Size Product: $29) 
 This might be one of the strangest cleansers I've ever gotten from Memebox, or ever, really. This cleanser is made from 6,000mcg of charcoal and 3,000mg of collagen (made from pig skin) and the weirdest ingredient: spider extracts. I have read a lot of banter on what "spider extracts" are, but I still cannot decipher whether or not it's actual spider, or web/protein that spiders create, or some sort of lab create peptide to mimic spiders...all I know is: spider extract. Yep. 
Aside from the weirdo ingredients, this mask is supposed to penetrate deep into pores and clear away dead skin and blackheads with super fine bubbles. Memebox suggests using this cleansing foam for about 5 minutes per day to treat enlarged pores. To use, you simply spread the cleanser onto your dry face then just use a little bit of water while gently rolling your fingers over your face for 3-5 minutes. Then you simply rinse with water.
Not only is this cleanser made from pig skin and spider "extract", but it's also black. I am almost 100% sure that is because of the large amount of charcoal in this product (which is probably why it's in this box in particular) but I can't help but think, "omg it's black because it's made of crushed up spiders..." Seriously this is where my brain goes.

 6. Ariul: Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing and Refreshing Mist
(Full Size Product: $18)
The final item in this box is a fantastic facial mist. I love facial mists because they are good to use ANY time. I throw one in my purse and mist my face when my makeup starts to look cakey or uneven. I use them when my skin feels inflamed or dry. I even use facial mists to remove that occasional sticky residue left on the skin from certain sheet masks. I simply mist and then pat it in. Not only am I moisturized, but any residue from sticky skincare products disappears.
This particular facial mist is made from pure spa water extracted from Belgium and is rich in minerals and amino acids. Clearly this is some fancy water! This mist delivers moisture to the skin and prevents dehydration all day long. Memebox says it can also be used as a boosting serum, which is so stinkin' awesome! Boosters are hard to find on their own in the skincare world, as they are normally mixed into toners to make 2-in-1 products. I use a separate booster from my toner, so it's always nice to find products that I can use once my current booster is gone. If you're not sure what a booster does, it basically goes on your skin after you've cleansed and helps the absorbance of the other skincare products that follow it.

 Overall Thoughts
 The Earth and Sea Box was about $36 shipped, and the total value of the included products is $153. Now most of us Memebox veterans know that the prices listed on Memebox info cards tend to be a bit inflated, so I would guess that this box is probably closer to the $100 range in terms of value, however for the price I paid for it I could not be happier with what I received.
There is not a single item in this box that won't get used, even the creepy spider cleanser! I wish they had put something that strange in the OMG boxes! I am very pleased with the curation of this box, and the fact that they included a great variety of products. This is definitely in my top 5 best Memeboxes!

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