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PopSugar Must Have Review and Coupon!

So if I haven't already said it a billion times before, PopSugar is definitely my favorite subscription. There's just no way around it. Even when their boxes are so-so, they're still well worth the money spent. They have such a great variety in their boxes and every month it's a complete mystery as to what will be included.

September is the beginning of Fall weather, Fashion Week, my switch from iced coffee to hot chocolate with a shot of espresso (it's awesome, try it!), and of course, Fall themes in most subscription boxes!

For anyone who doesn't know, PopSugar Must Have Box is a $40 per month subscription box that is filled with full size products from all categories: lifestyle, beauty, fitness, home, food, you name it! The value is always out of this world. If you're stuck in a subscription box slump and you really want a box that's going to wow you every month, this is the one!

Right now, you can get $10 off your first box by using either of the following codes at checkout:

So what was in the September box?

1. Tilo Scarves: Modal Gradation Scarf in "Raisin" ($125)
 First of all, this $125 scarf came in a $40 subscription box. I can't even. So amazing.
While I hadn't heard of this brand before, they are apparently sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Fred Segal and Ron Herman, So it's clearly very fancy-pants. It's actually much bigger than I expected it to be, but when it's all wrapped around my neck it rests nicely and doesn't look as huge as it actually is. The color is a gradation from a gorgeous burgundy/brown shade to a soft grey. Fall perfection, in my opinion!

2. Nicole Miller: Stereo Earbuds ($20)
 I was in the market for a new pair of earbuds, so I was really happy to see these in the box this month. While the royal blue really isn't my color, I'm not that picky when it comes to something I stick in my ears. These are your basic earbuds, but for some reason, they "interlock" with each other. I'm assuming it's to keep them from tangling up in each other when not in use, but I don't really see another reason for it. There's also the little volume control/microphone on the cord, which is a neat addition. 

3. Ghirardelli: Milk Chocolate Sea Salt and Almond Minis ($4)
 PopSugar occasionally adds in an "extra" product which is occasionally a drugstore brand beauty product, or a food item, and this month it was these ridiculously delicious Ghirardelli chocolates. Seriously this isn't even an "extra" for me, as it was on of my favorite things in the box! I love chocolate, but since my stomach surgery, I can only have a small bite or two. These are a perfect size for me, and they taste absolutely amazing!

4. Urban Remedy: Almond Brownie ($6)
 There's so much I want to say about this product but I don't even know where to begin. Firstly, $6 for a flattened "brownie" that looks like something my cat left in the litter box this morning? Mmmmno. Regardless of that, this "brownie" is made from 100% organic ingredients and is gluten free, and that's all good stuff- but it isn't really a brownie at all. A lot of people thought this was the worst-tasting thing they've ever eaten, so after reading such horrendous reviews, I was expecting it to taste absolutely awful. I think that's why I didn't mind it so much, actually! I expected the worst thing imaginable, but it really isn't terrible, it's just not my thing. I would say it tastes more like a flattened out, weirdly sweet energy bar. It's dry, it's a little bland and has a weird sourness to it when you take a bite. Every bite I took started out gross, and then tasted OK after chewing it a bit. I think if you're used to these kinds of products (organic, gluten free etc) then you might actually enjoy this. But don't think it's a brownie. It's not. At all.
They also included a $10 "gift card" which looks all official until you realize it's $10 off a $50 purchase. I cannot imagine spending $5 on food from Urban Remedy never mind $50, so I'll be passing this on to someone that may be interested. (Probably my trashcan, unfortunately.)

5. Letter C Design: Gold Foil Arrow Pencils ($5)
 Since it's back-to-school month, PopSugar included these crazy-cute pencils! I'm not in school currently, but I do love to sketch and enjoy having pencils around whenever the mood strikes. Even my Fiance loved the little foil arrows on the top of these. Very cute!

6. Oribe: Superfine Purse Hair Spray ($21.50)
 I had to double-check the fact that this purse-sized hair spray actually retailed at $21.50. It does, guys. It really does. And while I will probably never stop using my trusty Tresemme hair spray, I love Oribe products and I love purse-sized versions of things. My purse is absolutely massive because I prefer to carry my entire life with me at all times, so this hairspray will be perfect for touch ups on the go. I haven't yet tried it so I can't give you my opinion on how well it works, but I'm hoping it lives up to my other Oribe products!

7. Rifle Paper Co.: Garance Dore Assorted Girls Greeting Card Set ($18)
 Ahh so gorge! What better way to celebrate fashion week than with these beautiful greeting cards? Seriously I might consider framing these and putting them by my vanity. They're so chic-looking, and I love the quality of Rifle Paper Co. products. These would be an amazing gift for that hard-to-buy-for fashion loving friend.

8. $20 Nike Gift Card and Measuring Tape
This might be one of the nicest ways to package a gift card, ever! Inside the little ribbon-tied envelope was a code for a $20 gift card to Nike, as well as a measuring tape. This was an extra product like the chocolates, but it's a nice one at that! Especially if you're in the market for a new sports bra or pair of sneakers!

Overall Thoughts
The total value of the September PopSugar Must Have box is $195.50. However if you include the chocolates and both gift cards, the value is bumped up to $229.50! Seriously, what a fantastic value for a box that costs only $40!
The mix of Fall, back-to-school and fashion week themes was perfect for September, and other than the weird brownie-like creature, everything in this box was a hit with me. I'm especially excited about the gorgeous scarf. I always get the nicest scarves from my PopSugar boxes! 

Don't forget! If you want to sign up for PopSugar, you can use the codes
THIRDLOVE or BJB10 at checkout to get $10 off!

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  1. I've read a few reviews of PopSugar now and the reaction about the "brownie" always seems to be the same, haha. Maybe try it anyway for science? Or use it as plant fertilizer? Looks like fertilizer.

  2. Love your blog! <3 <3 <3

  3. Rachel, your review was downright awesome! I'm due to get my box tomorrow and I look forward to it every month as it like a little Christmas gift from my husband who originally bought a years subscription for me last year for Christmas! I just make sure I include him in the opening of the box and make sure he know how much I appreciate it!!! I love the scarf , earbuds, (I'm always misplacing them, so having an extra pair lying around is great! The hair spray is the bomb and I can't wait to use! Love the cards and the Nike GC will be great to use! The others well, you can't have everything perfect, though I think they tried! To top it off with chocolate even if it's a drug store brand is awesome and I have no complaints there!!!! So this is to you Rachel! Awesome reviewer of the month, year, forever. . . . Love ya!

    1. Aww thank you Nancy! I hope you love it as much as I did! :) That was so nice of your husband to get you a subscription! It really is like Christmas every month with PopSugar, because you never know what they're going to send! :)

  4. I think maybe you are right. If they didn't say it was a brownie and said it was an energy bar, I might have gone into the first bite with fewer expectations. It's exactly that sourness that gets my gag reflex going. Someone who is into raw, gluten free, organic eating would probably be more okay with this that I was. But there's WAY better gluten free brownies out there, that's for sure.
    I've got "buy a four window frame" on my shopping list now, because I just love the artwork on those cards, too.
    This is one of my favorite boxes, too, I can't lie. It's always worth it and it's always got goodies I like.

    1. Yea what was with the sour taste? It was just so bizarre! I did see a few people that said they liked the taste, so I'm assuming if you are already familiar with gluten-free, raw desserts then this might be good? But yuck...don't call an energy bar a "brownie" people!

  5. Sadly they do not deliver to europe