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Wet Shave Club Review!

If there is one thing I've learned during my obsession with subscription boxes, it's that men love them just as much as women! While there may not be as many boxes geared towards men on the market, there are still some fantastic subscriptions that will definitely get your boyfriend or husband on the subscription box bandwagon in no time!

I am always being asked by readers, friends and family what kind of men's subscriptions are out there. I always tell them about Birchbox Man, but much of the time, I'm looking for a more interesting box that feels a bit more specialized. I recently discovered Wet Shave Club, and knew it would be the perfect subscription for my fiance.

What is it?
Wet Shave Club  is a subscription service that provides everything you need to wet shave. Each box supplies at least a month's worth of product. The first box in your subscription includes a premium double edge razor and brush so you have everything you need if you’re new to wet shaving. 

From Wet Shave Club:
All products have been hand selected, tested, and approved by a team of gentlemen that we call The Product Vanguard.  Collectively, we take great care to send only awesome, high quality, stuff that we use and enjoy ourselves!  You’ll find that we put a great deal of thought, research, and time into creating each month's box.    

How Much?
 Buying a box month-by-month costs $29, however you can save a large amount of money by purchasing a longer subscription ahead of time. Actually, I think this is one of the best discounts I've seen on a subscription box when you buy a 1 year subscription. You're saving $10 PER box!

 Wet Shaving is a lost art, it seems. So many guys just turn to the quick plastic razors to get the job done, when it can actually be a really fun experience. If you're never done it before, Wet Shave Club includes a step-by-step guide to show you how!

My fiance Jeff was SO incredibly excited to try everything out in this box. Since I wasn't really able to review these products myself, he's going to be taking over and writing what he thought about each product.

As I mentioned earlier, everyone's first box contains a safety razor and a brush. The razor also came with a really well made leather blade cover. These items are not included in future boxes, to my knowledge.

Shaving Brush
(Used to help the hair stand up in order to get a close shave, and to create a good lather)
Soap Puck
(Used with the shaving brush to create a smooth lather to shave with)
Jeff's Thoughts:
I've been using a soap puck and badger for some time now and the two that arrived with the box are nicer than any I've used so far. The brush has very tightly packed bristles which, for me, is a good thing. It aids the brush in making a thicker lather, faster, with an added bonus of a heavier exfoliation of the skin. It also tends to hold water better than looser bristled badger brushes. 

The soap puck has a very deep, natural smell to it, which I love. It's not flowered with perfumes and chemicals, and it makes a thicker lather in comparison to most store bought pucks I have used. It was definitely strange, however, making such a transition since I'm used to having to really go to town with my brush to produce a good lather and always try to find that sweet spot of water-to-puck ratio, but with this one it was really easy the first time, so I had less lather on my face, but it held in place perfectly.

Safety Razor and Leather Blade Cover

Selection of Blades
(Each box contains 5 blades, and Wet Shave Club Recommends each one is good for at least 3 days of shaving.)
Jeff's Thoughts:
 The razor included is great. It has a really good heft to it so it doesn't feel like something you bought at a drug store. It feels in your hand like something you'd still have in a shave kit in twenty or thirty years, and I really appreciate that. The only issues I had with the tool were in prowess, not product. There absolutely are benefits to this device over a disposable razor, though. I can safely say that I've had just as close, if not closer, of a shave with this razor and with the price of blades by themselves being cheaper than a pack of plastic razors, it's awesome. All that being said, I did preemptively shave earlier than I needed to on purpose (my facial hair has a growth speed equivalent to that of a tortoise walking) as to try the little matchstick bleedy stopper things. (shown below)

Witch Hazel Aftershave
(Disinfects and Conditions after shaving)

Alum Matchsticks
(Work as an astringent to help calm irritated skin and quickly heal nicks and cuts. Simply tear out a match, wet the tip and place on irritated area) 
 Jeff's Thoughts:
I shaved twice, once in both directions and gave myself a good amount of tiny nicks. Wet the "match" head, dab it on your nick and, after a few moments of burning, it's not bleeding anymore. Done. They're absolutely fantastic. With the use of the Witch-Hazel after shave lotion, all my little dings and scratches stopped hurting instantly and my face felt nice and relaxed.

My Overall Thoughts
Honestly, I find this to be one of the nicest men's shaving subscriptions there is. There's something really fun about wet shaving, it seems. It makes doing something that can be considered a chore into more of an experience. I thought the box was beautifully curated and contained some lovely, high quality products. I would be very proud to gift this to some of the other men in my life, and hopefully introduce them to the wet shaving world! If you're looking for a very unique gift, a subscription to Wet Shave Club would be a fantastic idea!

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  1. I'm not sure how into safety razors my BF would be, but I bet he'd love those little match-esque things. Shaving nicks are the worst.

  2. i cannot wait to see how this box goes. I've already got it on the list of "Perfect Man Presents".

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  4. That's a better first box than I got. Mine came with about 10 days worth of supplies for a month. I canceled when I saw the second box was going to be over half (price wise) non-shaving product.