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Beauteque Head to Toe Snail Bag Review and Coupon Code

Snail Mucin was one of the first "weird" Korean skincare ingredients I was introduced to. Sure, I had been receiving and enjoying Memeboxes for quite some time, but most of the products in the earlier boxes were all pretty tame. Out of the blue, I was asked to do a review on a facial cream. Seemed easy enough, until I got it in the mail. It was a snail cream, and I've got to tell you, I was so creeped out by it. I couldn't seem to get past the idea of putting snail slime on my face!
Putting my blogging hat on, I pushed forward, and used the product for a week. While I wasn't a huge fan of that particular cream, I realized that the snail mucin ingredient is a bit like going on a roller coaster. At first, you're super scared and don't want to go anywhere near it. But once you're brave enough to suck it up and take the ride, you just want to keep going again and again! Since my first forray into snail products, I have since taken a huge liking to them. I find that snail products make my skin incredibly soft and moisturized, and are also very gentle.

That's why when Beauteque asked me to review their Head to Toe Snail Bag, I couldn't say yes fast enough!

Check out the adorable drawstring bag everything came in! I actually love this bag and think it's much more useful than the typical makeup bags that companies constantly send. Super happy with it!
What is It?
The Beauteque Head-to-Toe Snail bag is not a recurring subscription, but a one time purchase. Beauteque has included 7 snaily goodies that can be used to pamper your whole body. While some of the products in this bag would be a surprise (unless you read this blog post, of course!) Beauteque also offers a level of customization for their bags. In this case, they allow you to choose between sheet masks.

$24 (plus a shipping charge of $7, $9 or $13 depending on what country you live in) 
Use the code THEHARLOTBEAUTY-SNAIL at checkout to receive a free complimentary sheet mask (chosen at random) with your Snail Bag purchase!

1. 3W Clinic: 100% Snail Mucus Soothing Gel ($15)
This is a snail mucus soothing gel that provides intensive moisture by penetrating deep into the layers of theskin. The gel not only moisturizes, but fights wrinkles and calms problem skin. It has a light floral scent, but nothing too overpowering. This product is used at the end of your basic skincare routine. Simply apply to the face massaging it into the skin. It is encouraged to lightly pat the skin to help absorption. Since it is a bit on the heavy side, I would say this would be best used as a heavy night treatment that you could wash off in the morning. It's a very nice sized jar and will defintely last a while!

2. Secret Key: Snail+ EFG Repairing Soap ($9)
This soap features snail slime extract lavender and coconut oil, vitamin E, chestnut powder, hyaluronic acid and tea tree oil to help leave the skin feeling moisturized and supple. Since it does contain snail slime, it has a natural anti-aging effect that can also help fade signs of aging. The soap washes away dead skin and helps clean and tighten pores. It's a great product for troubled or oily skin as it helps control the moisture/oil balance as well as combating acne. While I'm normally not into bar soaps (I find them semi-unhygienic) this one sounds like it would be perfect for my combination, acne-prone skin. Plus, it has snail slime! It has a really lovely floral/herbal scent, so I actually think I'm going to give this bar soap a shot!

 3. TonyMoly: Intense Care Snail Eye Mask ($4)
These little guys are eye gels that rest directly under the eyes and feel so cooling and refreshing. Eye gels are one of my favorite pampering products for when my undereyes are puffy or tired-looking. These Tonymoly Snail masks are great for moisturizing the under eye area, which is perfect now that the cold weather is rolling in. I have oily skin, and even with moisturizer and a sleeping pack, I woke up this morning with dry flakes on my cheeks. The skin around my eyes has seen better day too, so these are going to be fun to throw on and relax with tonight! 

4. Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack ($2)
In this bag, you have a choice between an Etude House mask, or this Benton Snail Bee sheet mask. After reading all the drama surrounding Benton (if you don't know what I'm referring to, do some google searches and prepare to be bombarded) I decided to go with the Etude House mask. Beauteque accidentally sent me the Benton one, but it's not a huge deal. I figured at least I'd be able to try it out and see what the fuss was about before their downfall. This mask contains camellia sinensis leaf eater, snail secretion, EGF and bee venom and is supposed to cleanse rough and damaged skin. It cares for troubled skin, provides moisture and improves skin tone through whitening and smoothing out wrinkles. 
This mask feels different than other sheet masks in that it genuinely feels like a wet paper towel on my face. It's actually mildly unpleasant. I used this mask last night, and I'm honestly not that impressed. My skin felt plump and moisturized after using it, however it tends to feel that way after using most sheet masks. Waking up today, I didn't notice any kind of noticeable improvement in my skin, so hey- I guess I'm not missing out on anything by not using these more often.

5. 3W Clinic: Fresh Snail Mask Sheet ($2)
This is another snail sheet mask that nourishes skin and fill skin with elasticity and moisture while also tightening and smoothing. I haven't used this one yet (probably will tonight) but I am more than happy to get all the sheet masks. Seriously I love them way too much. Plus snail-based masks almost always work wonders on me, so the more the merrier!

6. Freeset: Snail Foot Care Sheet ($4)
This is a moisturizing foot mask, not to be mistaken with a peeling foot mask. The difference is, the ingredients in this mask work to deeply moisturize the skin on your feet, rather than help the skin to dry up and eventually peel away. I actually prefer the moisturizing foot masks because I find peeling ones to be incredibly messy and time consuming. It takes weeks for all the dead skin to come off my feel when I use peeling masks, and sometimes I feel like they're way more trouble then they're worth.
Regardless, this moisturizing foot mask uses collagen and snail mucus filtrate to moisturize rough, chapped skin and dissolve dead skin cells. It contains peppermint oil, green tea and papaya extracts that prevent damage to the skin and leave it feeling super smooth.
When you open these, you immediately smell a relaxing peppermint scent, as opposed to the typical "chemical" scent you get from most peeling foot masks. You simply slide these "foot bags" (as I like to call them) onto your fee and seal them up around your ankles. Leave them on for 20-30 minutes (I sometimes go an hour) and then remove. There will be some excess essence on the feet, so I just pat it in gently until it's absorbed.
These did a great job moisturizing my feet, and making them smell minty fresh was an added bonus. I did find these for sale on ebay in a pack of 8 for a great price, so I may just pick them up so I can use them regularly and keep my feet looking great through the winter.

7. Tangle Teezer ($15)
This isn't a name brand Tangle Teezer, but it is modeled exactly like one, and honestly, it will work exactly the same as the name brand. These brushes work amazingly well on hair to untangle wet or dry hair without yanking it out of your head or causing damage. I used to have one of these a while ago, but I believe it got lost when we moved a few months ago. They really do work great and I'm excited to have a replacement now! Beauteque has said they want to add a useful tool or accessory into every bag they release, and they included the tangle teezer in this bag because it's shape is reminiscent of a snail's body. Cute!

Overall Thoughts
This bag was $24 plus $7 shipping (to the US) making it a total of $31. After doing some research and finding the average prices on each product, I can say that the approximate value of everything here is about $51. Beauteque values the bag at over $80, however in most cases they use the highest available value for each item. I think it's only fair when reviewing this bag that I find an average price, rather than the highest price as I think that gives a better idea of how much the bag is actually worth. So while my prices may not match the prices given by Beauteque, I do find them to be more accurate. I look at it this way: if I buy a candy bar at the drugstore and then try to sell it on ebay for $50, that doesn't make the value of the candy bar $50. If everyone selling the candy bar suddenly started pricing it at $50, then that's when the value begins to change. I have spoken about the value issues with the CEO of Beauteque, (who is amazingly sweet by the way!) and as much as I love and adore the company, I can only hope that they begin to give more accurate values for products in the future.

As for the bag itself, my calculated value and the products included, I am very happy with what I received. $31 shipped for $50+ worth of items is still a fantastic deal, and I will absolutely use and enjoy everything in the bag. I love that they chose to do a snail bag theme as well. My only complaint is the advertised value. I personally think that the bags would sell just as well if there was no value listed. I know I can trust Beauteque to curate a bag that is worth more than I paid for it, so the value isn't the main concern in my book. I will continue to try and enjoy the future bags that Beauteque releases, as I always think they're well curated and have a great mix of brands and products.

If you're interested in picking up the Head-to-Toe Snail Bag, you can do so HERE.

Dont' forget to use the coupon code THEHARLOTBEAUTY-SNAIL at checkout to receive a free complimentary sheet mask (chosen at random) with your Snail Bag purchase!
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  1. Lucky that you got to review this... I'm jealous!!

  2. I'm one of those unlucky people who are allergic to snail mucin... buuuu...
    I remember when I first started to use snail products and I would get the worst eczema possible. of course then I would put more snail product, because it was supposed to help in such cases. I finally figured out what was causing it, and my dermatologist confirmed my suspicions. So no snail for me :(

    1. aww nooo allergic to snail mucin?! I would die of sadness!

  3. I was afraid of snail, too, but after the awesomeness of the Benton Snail Bee High Content, I'm hooked! #kbeautybloghop

    1. I avoid Benton stuff due to the way they treated their customers after the huge issue with their snail bee high content contamination issues, but I have heard that it's great when it's not moldy and ruining people's skin! LOL :(

  4. You know how I feel about snails, but the value does seem to be there with this bag, so ... good job, Beauteque? I think this is my first time seeing a snail bar soap. All snail all the time!!!

    1. haha I do know your snail fear, but hopefully ONE day you'll overcome it! The soap is actually really nice. It smells amazing and works really well without drying out my skin. I usually don't use bar soaps because they're just so boring and drying.

  5. I want to order the 100%snail mucus soothing gel..where to get it or do you have branch in Malaysia..

    1. I have seen it on ebay and Amazon although the prices are pretty high for it, I've noticed. It is available from RoseRoseShop here: for 2,500 won, which is just over $2 USD, so it's incredibly cheap. You might have to pay decent amount for shipping, but since the price is so low, it would definitely be worth it!