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Boxycharm October 2014 Unboxing and Review

 Halloween is almost here! Can you feel it? 
The crisp New England air, leaves spiraling in the breeze and crunching under foot, jack-o-lanterns glowing on front porches, and those impressive cemetery scenes set up on front lawns... There's just nothing better than this time of year! What makes it even better for me are the Fall/Halloween themed subscription boxes!

Boxycharm is one of the last subscriptions to make it to my doorstep each month, so this being the October box, I was hoping for a tiny bit of spookiness to show up!

Boxycharm is a beauty subscription box that seems to be makeup-heavy, although they do occasionally include hair and skincare as well. Much of the time the products included are full size. The cost is only $21 per month.
 The theme this month was "Bewitched", which is fitting for the season! They say this box contains products that will help get subscribers ready to dress up for the season. I don't usually wear a costume on Halloween, but I love to do elaborate, over-the-top makeup each year so I was crossing my fingers for some useful goodies!

1. Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealer Palette ($19.95)
 I'm a big fan of Coastal Scents for their combination of affordability as well as quality. I own many of their eye shadow palettes and have eyed this concealer palette many times before. These concealers are actually nice and creamy with a medium to full coverage.
 Upon first glance, one tends to think, "This is a waste of money because my skin tone only matches one of those concealer shades." However, this can be used in so many ways that you'll be shocked at how much use you can get out of this palette! The column furthest to the left contains a silvery cream highlight which is great for blending onto the tops of your cheek bones and anywhere that you want the light to catch. There are also 2 color correcting shades: Green and Lavender. Green used to correct redness on the skin, and lavender is really wonderful to brighten and even out skin tone.
There is also a pale, almost yellow-toned concealer which really is a do-it-all kind of shade. This will neutralize redness as well, but also does a number on those pesky purple tones that can pop up under the eyes. 
The rest of these concealers are pretty self explanatory as they are there to mimic skin tones. However you can highlight and contour very easily and seamlessly with cream concealers. Using a darker toned cream concealer to contour is great because it's much easier to blend out and appears more natural. Having an array of tones is also great to conceal acne on the chest, legs, shoulders etc, since the skin on your body tends to be different shades. Also, as the seasons change, so does the color of your skin, so having an arsenal of shades at your fingertips is very helpful!

2. Be a Bombshell Cosmetics: Eyeshadow in "Halo" ($14)
 I hate this brand. So much. I barely have words for it. While the shadow colors varied in the box this month, I was lucky enough to get the most boring shade known to man: white. I rarely use single shadows, as I feel like they're too bulky to have dozens of, and it's much easier just to grab a palette and have every shade you need to create a look. Be a Bombshell has mediocre drugstore quality products, overprices them to make it seem like they're better then they are, and then puts their products in every single subscription box known to man until everyone is sick of seeing their name. The packaging feels cheap, the color payoff is sub par, and the staying power is hilariously bad. I would pay $4-$5 for this shadow, not $14.

3. CULT/COMMERCE X BoxyCharm: "Shady" Collections ($21)
This is a polish duo that looks like it was MADE for Halloween! There's a smokey grey/black shade and a shimmery/metallic royal purple. I love how perfect they are for the season!
 Having said that, these polishes have had so much controversy surrounding them since this box was mailed out. Firstly, the brushes are rock hard and pretty much unusable. There were many complaints about this, and BoxyCharm claimed that the retailer coated the brushes so that they "wouldn't fray during shipping." Have you ever heard of such a thing? If this was such a huge problem, wouldn't every nail polish company do this? To me, it just sounds like a bad excuse for a cheap brush. BoxyCharm did suggest a way to fix the issue, and that is to soak the brushes in nail polish remover to loosen them up. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll be happy enough if the solution works. I really like these shades and I'm hoping they'll be decent quality polishes once I get them on my nails!

4. Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster and Restoration Serum ($48)
 This is a serum that protects from premature aging and creates youthful, glowing skin throughout the day and night. It contains vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, both of which I love and so does my skin. There isn't a lot of information about this brand or product, although I did find some sparkling reviews on amazon. Granted, those could be planted reviews as there is so few, so I'm not sure how well this product works. It does say that it's good for sensitive skin which is a plus especially when dealing with vitamin C, as it can sometimes cause breakouts if it's formulated too strongly. I have zillions of skincare products thanks to Memebox, so I will be passing this on to my mom!

5. Starlooks Ultra Gem Pencil in "Ultra Olive" ($14)
This liner is fabulous! I don't have any olive green shades at the moment, and since I love a good smokey eye, I am dreaming of an olive smokey look. The pigmentation is gorgeous, and the liner glides on beautifully. 
I used to subscribe to the Starlooks Starbox, so I already have quite a bit of Starlooks makeup. I didn't unsubscribe because I disliked their products, but more so because I just had too much stuff! Starlooks is medium to high quality, although I do find them to be a tad bit overpriced. If you are interested in their line, you can save a ton of money by subscribing to their Starbox, which is $15 a month. You usually get about 3 products in each box, and the value is fantastic. Highly recommended!

Overall Thoughts
 This box cost $21 and the total value of all the included products is about $117. The value of Boxycharm is still outstanding, although I was a bit disappointed with this month. Everything is nice enough-but there's nothing that blew me out of the water, aside from maybe the concealer palette. The value is also a bit hazy, as I base value on what I would pay for a product, and not what the retail value is. The concealer palette is listed at $19.95, however I have seen it on sale for half that price many, many times on the Coastal Scents site. Also, the Be a Bombshell shadow and the nail polishes are clearly marked up. I'd say the value here for me personally, is probably around $60. That is still good for me. I'm happy as long as I get more than my money's worth. I'm just hoping next month there is a really special item, similar to the Tarte gloss from September.
Overall, I'm up in the air. This is only my second month with Boxycharm, and my first month was fantastic. I don't hate this box at all, it just wasn't very exciting. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this subscription yet, but so far I feel like it's worth the money to continue to get it. 
Until Next Month!

If you're interested in signing up for Boxycharm, I believe they have a short waiting list, so I would jump on it now if you are hoping for a November box! You can sign up here: Get BoxyCharm!

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  1. Ah, Be A Bombshell. I got a lip crayon from them once that I loved and everything else was really meh. I can totally see the value in the concealer palette though ... I would use some of the darker shades to practice contouring.

  2. I Got black BaB. Worse than white?