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Memebox My Cute Wishlist #3 Review and Unboxing

The My Cute Wishlist boxes have been a pretty mixed bag since they've launched. The first edition was very possibly my all-time favorite Memebox, and I've received a LOT of Memeboxes. The second edition contained hardly any cute products, but most of the items were nice overall. I figured the only way to know for sure what I thought of the Cute Wishlist editions, was to get the 3rd box. 

(product info card tells you more information and how to use each product)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!
This particular box is one of their superboxes, which are themed boxes that contain all full size products. My Cute Wishlist #3 has 6 full size items and cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping.
From Memebox:
This is a Memebox must-have for all you My Cute Wishlist fans out there! You'll become weak at the knees at the sight of our box full of precious packaging, fun and cheeky names, and all things that are cute as a button. If you haven't already passed out from cuteness overload in our previous Cute Wishlist boxes, be prepared for a dizzy spell from the explosive levels of adorable in this 3rd box! In all seriousness though, snag the latest edition to the My Cute Wishlist series because it will surely not disappoint!

After reading Memebox's over-the-top description of this box, you'd think it would be overflowing with products that were so cute they would cause convulsions!


1. Shara Shara: Fairy's Makeup Synergy Sun Cream SPF 45
(Full Size Product: $21) 
What. even. is. this?! Here we have a super creepy, legless doll whose torso comes off to reveal a pump. This is not cute. This is something I would scream at if it was looming over me while I slept. And while I'm fully aware I'm exaggerating just a bit, this just isn't something I'd ever expect to be in a cute-themed box. This may be appealing to a small child, but it's just creepy for an adult to display on their vanity.
Scary doll torso aside, the product inside is what counts, overall. This is a sun cream that provides strong protection against UV-A and UV-B rays. It also claims that it creates a "synergy effect" with base makeup, and works to balance out uneven skin tone and texture. It has a light formula that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a sticky or heavy residue once applied. I will probably use this product because I love sunscreen, but I will most definitely be throwing away the doll torso and just keeping the bottom.

2. ddung: Family Foam Cleansing Cream
(Full Size Product: $12) 
Ah yes. More creepy doll faces! How cute. 
This Family Milky Foam Cleanser is packed with Milk protein, chamomile, lavender, peppermint and rosemary extracts. It's extremely gentle and moisturizing, and uses fine bubbles to remove skin impurities without clogging your pores or irritating the skin. It's basically your typical foam/cream cleanser complete with a creepy doll face. Moving on.

3.Youngwoosa: Oh! It's Lovely and Soft Cream
(Full Size Product: $47) 
Hmm. So the first thing you think of when you see this packaging is...cute? No. Not even a little bit. The first thing I think is, "What's wrong with that girls face?" 
Regardless of the lack of cute happening here, this is a pretty great product. This cream deeply hydrates and prevents moisture loss by creating a protective barrier over the skin. It has a 2x moisturizing system that makes skin softer, silkier, smoother and healthier overall. Memebox suggests this be used on facial skin, but I have used it on not only my face but my hands as well and absolutely love how soft and smooth it makes my skin feel. The scent is very subtle and unoffensive. This is going to be my go-to product on those cold winter days that ravage my sensitive skin.

4. TonyMoly: Red Cheeks Girl's Patch
(Full Size Product: $2) 
Even though this has creepy doll status, it's at least a little bit cute. This is a hydro-gel cheek patch set that delivers moisture and skin heeling goodies to dry, red cheeks. It's enriched with rose flower, cherry blossom, apricot, aloe vera, cucumber and green tea extracts and is gentle to sensitive skin. I took these out and used them right away since the weather has been very windy, dry and cold lately. They are pretty easy to apply, however I found that they were pretty heavy on my face and tended to slide down slowly over the 30 minutes I had them on. They did make me look like a weird living doll though, so I guess that just went along with the theme! After removing these, I unfortunately saw no difference in the amount of moisture or redness in my cheeks; In fact, my fiance and I both noticed that my cheeks were MORE red after using these. Yikes.

5. Shara Shara: Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub
(Full Size Product: $7) 
The fact that there are THIS many products with creepy doll faces on them is astounding to me. This is a sugar lip scrub that contains walnut shells and (obviously) sugar to gently rub away dead skin cells on the lips. It's enriched with honey, avocado oil, argan spinosa kernel oil and vegetable oil complex which deliver moisture and nutrition to dry, flaky lips. 
I love lip scrubs, especially in the winter when my lips are flaking off worse than a sunburn. No matter how much I hydrate my lips, by the end of the day I feel like I need to scrub them down. The lip scrubs I've received from Memebox in the past have been extremely disappointing, but this one actually looked promising, and has a nice warm vanilla scent. I used this last night and it's actually pretty nice! I do wish there were just a bit more "scrubbies" in it, but it's soft and easy to get out of the container. It does a gentle, but decent job exfoliating. This probably wouldn't work well on severely dry lips, but if you use it daily it should work to keep flakes at bay.

6. Hope Girl: Tinted Lip Balm in "Love Peach"
(Full Size Product: $12) 
The one and only product in the entire box that doesn't feature dead eyes staring into your soul, is a product that I've not only received in a previous box (same shade and everything), but a product that isn't at all cute. What exactly makes pink leopard print cute? Help me understand, Memebox.
 I am very close to owning every damn Hope Girl product on the planet at this point. I actually like Hope Girl products. I don't mind getting them once in a while when the theme permits it, but I am tired of seeing them in every single box. Every time I see this brand appear, it seems like Memebox is stretching it theme-wise just to include it in the box. I'm burnt out on Hope Girl, Memebox. No more.

Overall Thoughts
My Cute Wishlist #3 was $30 shipped, and has a total value of $101. 
The value is great, and is to be expected at this point from Memebox. All creepy doll jokes aside, Memebox is having some serious issues with curating their boxes. When talking to some customer service reps, it's become clear that when Memebox releases box themes, they are not even sure what products they're going to include in the boxes. I find this absolutely ridiculous, considering they spend so much time writing these exciting descriptions, and yet they have no clue what they're going to put in the box when they're written.
I can't even make excuses for this box. Dolls are not cute to anyone but little girls, and people who collect dolls. To the majority of us: they're creepy. Like, clown-level creepy. Nothing about this box makes me say, "Aww cute!" The first Cute Wishlist was so cute I almost died of excitement. This one is truly pathetic in comparison. Most of the products don't look to be high quality, and the entire thing feels very thrown together and not well-thought-out at all.

So if you weren't sure about my sanity levels, it'll all become clear with this one sentence:
I purchased My Cute Wishlist #4, and I haven't canceled it.
I'm buying it for science, guys. I feel like each edition has been different. #1 was amazingly cute perfection. #2 was totally uncute, but with nice products. #3 was terrifying dollfaced hell. I'm hoping that enough people complained about the last 2 cute boxes, that they work much harder on #4 and provide a box full of overwhelmingly cute products.
If #4 is a bust, then I'm done with Cute Wishlist boxes. 

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  1. Thanks for the review ^^ I'm dying to know whats inside this Cute Wishlist 3. Mine will come in this few days ^.*

    I'm glad I didn't buy a new Sun Cream after I ran out mine last week, since I'll get it in this box.
    The Cleansing Cream don't look cute to me, what's with that big eyes doll face >.<
    and another Hope Girl Tinted Lipbalm O.o let's hope I got different color than the one I got from Sweet Shop Box.

    True, Cute Wishlist 1 still the best, and I'm glad I didn't purchase the 2nd. This the 3rd not so bad ^^. I'll stop with Cute Wishlist box in the future.

    1. Even though it's weird looking, I'm actually excited for the sun cream since I'm running out of mine as well! I am crossing my fingers that you get a different Hope Girl shade. I really wish they wouldn't repeat products in multiple boxes. It's a huge pet peeve of mine!

      This box really isn't bad when it comes to the products themselves. I will definitely use them all, I just wish it was actually CUTE! ;)

  2. This is really disappointing on the cute front :( I agree with you, the first My Cute Wishlist was awesome, but this one is just downright creepy!

    1. SUPER creepy!! I have no idea who is curating these, but I think they need a new profession, for reals!

  3. I just received my box as well and it is decidedly not cute at all! It's somehow both creepy and childish. I don't understand why these sequels can't be anywhere as cute as the original. I am still sad that I missed out on #1. That was an amazing box!

    1. I agree, all kidding aside, it's more childish than anything. I know that K-Beauty products can be a little on the cutesy side, but there's a line between being cute and charming and just being plain childish. Most of this looks like play makeup for a little girl lol

  4. Hahahaha. I like your "not cute" graphic. When I first saw this I didn't really have strong feelings about it (positive or negative), but now that you mention it that is an awfully large number of dolly faces for one box. New friends?

    1. hahaha oh-so-many dolly faces. I don't know if they were going for a theme or what, but it's just so awkward. It seems like they were so proud of their cute doll box, when in reality, everyone hates it lol

  5. I'm so disappointed in this box! I even collect dolls (yes I'm a adult collector) and I think these doll faces are horrifying! It seems to me that you have to actually try to find korean products that have ugly packaging so whoever picked these products out should be fired. This should have been a creepy halloween box.

    1. My friend actually makes dolls and also collects them, and even she thought this was a weird box! LOL You're absolutely right, too! There are SO many ridiculously adorable korean products. So many brands feature cute packaging and it's a huge seller in Korea to have a cute appearance to a they must have looked REALLY hard to find things that were the opposite of cute. What a fail box! and LOL you're right, some of this stuff should have been in the halloween box for sure.

    2. Ok now that I have had a chance to use some ot the products- i like the quality of the items. The face wash has got bumped up to my use all the time tin! And you are so right about the moisturizer! I have been using it on my hands and it works wonders for dry skin! I live in Montana so with the cold Im always battling dry, cracked hands. I'm still disappointed about the outside of the products- sigh I know I'm shallow! Your friend makes dolls! That's awesome! What kind does she make? I collect mostly blythe but I only buy a few a year since they are so pricey!

    3. I definitely like the quality of the items too, other than the TonyMoly cheek patches...they just didn't do it for me. The moisturizer is wonderful, I totally agree! And I am SUCH a packaging fiend...the nicer the packaging, the more likely I am to buy a product! That's why I always get teh cute boxes, because they seem like they would have cute packaging, unfortunately this one just didn't do it for me! As for my friend- she makes the toddler-sized realistic dolls which are AMAZING, but I still find them a little creepy because they're so REAL looking! LOL ;)

  6. I actually like this box, even though I only kept 4 out of 6 items (cleanser and sugar scrub!) I do love Asian dolls, especially Blythe, so maybe I am biased... I do hope Cute 4 has more items I want to keep/display though. And the same for Lovely Boutique.

    1. I think it could potentially be a great box for someone who likes/collects dolls, but I do think this was a bit too specific for a cute box in order to please everyone. I'm hoping for #4 to be a lot more general in the cute department!

  7. I so totally agree with you on this box, Rachel! I think they just seduced us with the first edition and are laughing at us!! But like you, I am hoping that MCW4 is back to the first box...crosses fingers....#kbeautybloghop

    1. You got it, sister! ;) If Cute #4 is crappy then I will swear off these boxes for life, even if future ones are better, there's no way I could be confident enough in them after this fiasco!