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Peach and Lily Seoulcialite Box October 2014 Review and Unboxing!

If you're a K-Beauty fan, then you are probably familiar with Peach and Lily.  Their site is beautiful, sleek, and easy to shop. It's filled with Asia's best beauty products and brands, including some of the more difficult to find skincare lines like Maycoop an Cremorlab. They are known for their attention to detail and for always keeping up with what's on-trend in the k-beauty world. 

Recently, Peach and Lily released a limited edition beauty box called the "Seoulcialite Box." This box is not a recurring subscription. It was a one time purchase, cost $49 (free shipping to the US), and promised to contain 6 full sized products, a travel kit and a surprise gift, as well as be valued at over $150.
I flip-flopped for a couple of days over whether or not I would purchase this box, because $49 is not cheap. Memeboxes usually cost about $30 shipped, so while this one wasn't too far off the mark price-wise, it was still a hefty chunk for my bank account to handle.
I was pretty close to skipping on this box until I heard they had almost completely sold out just a couple of days after the box was released. That, "must buy before it's too late!" panic set in, and I made the purchase. 

I was so happy to see that even though shipping was free, it shipped quickly and arrived within 2 days. I barely had time to become impatient and antsy before it arrived on my doorstep!
How beautiful is this presentation? The box is made out of a very sturdy coated cardboard (think similar to a Glossybox) and has a magnetic closure so it can be reused to store all you K-beauty treasures. The inside of the box was even prettier with a lovely silver embossed pattern that mimics the Peach & Lily logo. I rarely keep boxes since they tend to just sit around unused, but I fully intend to use this one. It's just too beautiful to let go of!
Right on top of the products, was something I definitely didn't expect: a hand-written letter from the Peach and Lily team! It made the experience even more thoughtful and personal!

Peach and Lily's Description:
The Seoulcialite box gives you exclusive access to the latest products that beauty insiders in Seoul are raving about- and you get to try these buzzed-about buys before they even launch on our website. Seoul is an ever-changing, innovative beauty mecca that birthed now-mainstream must-haves such as BB Cream, cushion compacts the facial sheet masks and so much more. That's why we're constantly jetting there to discover the latest and best beauty products. 
To make sure that you get the best of the Korean beauty scene, we do the legwork for you: pound the pavement to hunt down cult sensations, vet ingredients, interview brands and R&D teams, test products on US focus groups and more. The rigorous curating process means that only 5% of the products we find actually make the cut. Among these carefully hand-picked items, the products in this box are some of our favorites for the Fall that all of Seoul has also fallen in love with.

This box contains the elite of that hand-picked group from our most recent trip. A selection of standouts that we're totally obsessed with- along with all of Seoul.

So what was inside?

1. Cremorlab: Travel Kit ($17)
Let's start off with the promised travel kit. This one is from Cremorlab, which is one of my favorite brands that I don't see enough of! I received a toning essence from this line in one of my first Memeboxes, and haven't seen much from them since. I loved that product so much, that I couldn't be happier to see this travel kit! It contains minis of the Cremorlab essence tonic and white bloom foam cleanser. There are also foil packs of the enriched moisture, fresh water gel and aqua essence water fluid. While I'm not always a fan of foil packet samples, I'm happy that I get to try a chunk of the Cremorlab products at once.

2. Be the Skin: Non-Stimulus Face Polisher ($29)
Even though the vast majority of my skincare routine is made up of Korean brands, the one thing I will never give up is my amazing Paula's Choice gel exfoliator. I love that I can apply it and not have to wash it off and that it's gentle and effective. Even though I have my holy grail exfoliator, I've always been interested in the face polishers and peeling gels that Korean brands offer. This face polisher from Be the Skin polishes away dead skin cells while still being gentle and non-irritating. It's supposed to be use prior to cleansing, and is pretty simple to do. Just spread the product across your skin, wait 30 seconds, and then massages until the dead skin begins to roll up and melt away. Then simply rinse off and continue with cleansing. I'm interested to see if these kinds of products work as well as, or better than my Paula's Choice!

3. Mizon: Vita Lemon Sparkling Powder ($3)
I am just now starting to get into Mizon products, so I am very unfamiliar with a lot of their line. This is a very interesting product that is getting a lot of buzz in Korea. It's a vitamin infused powder that uses bubbles to deeply cleanse pores. At first I thought this was a pack of 2, but you actually use both of them in one process. After cleansing, you fill the sink or a bowl with lukewarm water, pour the first packet in and wait until it's dissolved. Then the second packet goes in. Once bubbles begin to form, you then pat the water onto the skin and massage all over the face. After that, you simply continue on with the rest of your skincare routine. I'm a weirdo and I'm obsessed with adding more and more steps to my never-ending skincare regimen, so I like that this doesn't take the place of anything, but simply adds to the experience. 
While I really am excited to try this product, I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed that this was considered one of the full size products in the box. I don't think that a one-time use product is really "full size" and I kind of wish it was more of a bonus product instead.

4. Cremorlab: Triple Bright White Bloom Floral Cream ($72)
I think I was most excited to see this cream in my box. As I mentioned above, I love Cremorlab, but their products can be a little hard-hitting on the wallet. This is the Tripe Bright White Bloom Floral Cream, and it retails for a whopping $72. It's supposed to radically revive dull skin while leaving it super soft, firm and even-toned. It contains a medley of floral extract as well as Cremorlab's T.E.N. thermal water. It soften skins outer layers while strengthening the inner layers, as well as brightening and evening skin tone. This is exactly the type of product I swoon over, so I cannot wait to add this into my routine as soon as possible.

5. Banila Co: Clean It Zero ($22)
When Peach and Lily put this box up for sale, this was the only product that they spoiled, and it was very smart of them to do so. The Banila Co. "Clean it Zero" cleansing balm has been buzzed about any and everywhere lately. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen this product being discussed or advertised, so of course I felt like I needed to get it! If you've fully adopted a Korean skincare routine, then you're probably using an oil cleanser to remove your makeup before using a cream or a foam. This product is actually a sherbet-textured balm that contains papaya and acerola extracts, and is used in the place of an oil cleanser to help remove makeup and impurities. I'm excited to use up the rest of my green tea oil cleanser so I can finally try this product! Very happy that this was in the box.
Also, I don't know about anyone else, but Banila Co. reminds me a lot of Benefit in regards to their packaging a lot of the time!

6. Mizon: Correct Combo Lip Gloss ($16)
Here's the second Mizon product in the box, except this time it's makeup! This may sound dumb, but for some reason I didn't expect to get makeup in this box. When I think "Korean beauty products" I immediately think skincare, even though there are lots of awesome Korean makeup brands. I do love what I've tried from Mizon, so I was sure I would also love this product. This is the Correct Combo Lip Gloss, and it delivers intense pigment and high shine. It's infused with natural ingredients that smooth and hydrate lips for all-day comfort. There were a few different shades that were sent out, and I received "classic red." I love red shades as long as they're blue-toned, and fortunately this one is. This gloss smells absolutely amazing: fruity and juicy! The pigment is gorgeous and looks super sexy on the lips. Can't wait to use this now that the colder weather is here. It's going to look awesome with my Fall outfits!

7. PeriPera: Smoothie Waterproof Pencil Liner ($12)
I was a bit irritated to see a black liner in this box at first, I'll admit. It's not that I don't use black liners, but it's the fact that I have so many of them! It seems like even the more basic makeup enthusiast has a plethora of black liners, so I was hoping that something a bit more exciting would be in it's place. I've got to admit: It's a really nice liner! This is apparently a very popular product in Korea at the moment, and once I swatched it I noticed it had a beautiful shimmer. It's a gel liner that is waterproof, smudge-proof, and glides on like a dream. The swatch on my arm stayed put for the entire day, and I even had to use a little elbow grease when I scrubbed it off at the end of the day. Liners tend to last differently when they're on my oily lids, but I have a feeling thing one is going to stay put. Even though I was a bit bummed out at first, I am actually pleased with this and will probably toss it immediately into my makeup bag.

Bonus Gift: Earrings ($30)
While this product wasn't part of the total value of the box, Peach and Lily did mention that there would be a bonus gift included in the box. I think that earrings are a bit of a strange gift to include, as not all women have pierced ears. They say that these earrings are directly from Seoul's trendiest fashion district and are valued at $30, although unfortunately these seem more like $4 earrings you would get at a flea market. The gesture was nice, but I felt like it cheapened the box a little. It seems like there was a variety of different earrings they included, and while these are not my style at all they are a lot less gaudy than some of the others I've seen so far. Hopefully I can find them a home with someone who will enjoy them!

Overall Thoughts
The Seoulcialite Box cost $49 shipped and had a total value of $171; $201 if you include the earrings, although I still don't think they're worth $30 in any country. They delivered on their promise of a $150+ value, as well as the promise of buzz-worthy products being included. I am thrilled with the items I received, and I will absolutely use and enjoy everything. I wish that there were more featured brands, however. Out of the 7 products, 2 of them were from Mizon and 2 from Cremorlab. While these are both very nice brands, I would have enjoyed a bit more variety. 
Overall, I'm very pleased with the Seoulcialite box, and I do feel like I got my money's worth and then some, however I don't feel completely blown away. I think that the beautiful curation, packaging and hand written note made it feel more worth the price and more special, but I am left feeling unsure if I would purchase another box at the same price point. I think it would completely depend on if I was interested in the spoiler they provided. I am interested to see if another one of these boxes goes up for sale in the future!
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  1. I agree, it would completely depend on the spoiler. I'm with you on the fact that it needs more brand variety, too. I was pretty nervous that the Cremorlab cream would be too flowery smelling based on the description but it's not bad at all! #kbeautybloghop

  2. I am intrigued by this box. The products are really nice, but I am not sure they are so much better than what you get in Memebox. Plus, I am already in product overload!

  3. I did not receive the travel kit or the eyeliner. I feel gyped.