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Plated: Fresh Ingredients and Unique Recipes Delivered!

I have been wanting to try a subscription service like Plated for a while now. There is something so alluring about a home cooked meal- and one that you'd never normally think of making yourself. Jeff and I love to cook and try new foods, although we don't always have the time to research recipes and go shopping for specialty ingredients. 

That's where Plated comes in with their meal subscription service. Each week (or every other week) they will send you a recipe and all the ingredients you need in order to make a beautiful meal. When you log into their site, you will be able to choose which meal ingredients/recipes you want them to send. They always have a vegetarian option, and usually chicken/fish/beef options as well.

The great thing about Plated, is that you can opt for the Membership for a $10 per month fee, and it saves you money on every plate you buy. You can also just choose to order the plates as you feel like, with no recurring charges or subscriptions to worry about.

Each Meal comes with at least "2 Plates", or enough food to feed 2 people. You can opt for a larger amount as well if you'd like.
If you have a subscription to Plated, each plate will cost $12. Without a subscription, each plate is $15.

You need to have at least 4 plates total to make an order, so I decided to choose the Breakfast Pizza and the Chicken en Papillote.
Breakfast Pizza Info

Chicken en Papillote Info
Before you decide on which meals you want, you can take a look at exactly what ingredients Plated will be sending you, and what you will need in order to prepare the meals. It pretty much lays out all the details so you know whether or not it'll be something you're interested in or capable of making, which is nice.
Checkout Process
I used a promo code that gave me one month of free Membership. I only paid the $20 shipping cost. As you can see in the cart I have 2 plates of Chicken en Papillote at $12 each, and 2 plates of Breakfast Pizza at $12 each. 
Shipping does cost $20, however it is completely justified. Plated does 2-day air shipping and your food is packed incredibly well in a cooler-box with ice packs etc.

If you'd like to get a subscription in order to save money on your plates, it is incredibly easy to sign up for, and to cancel. As soon as my box shipped, I logged onto my account and canceled with the click of a button, so there's no stress if you just want to try it out!
Detailed Recipes were packed on top of the box
This is how my box was packed. They even included some extra Tribe Hummus and Pita chips. Yummy!
This is all the goodies laid out and it includes all the ingredients for both meals, other than a few basics that you must provide yourself. They are almost always things that you have around the house, like salt and pepper, eggs, olive oil etc.
Plated separates all the smaller ingredients into labeled bags so you can store one in the fridge for later, and take one out for dinner that evening!

Chicken en Papillote with Roasted Grapes and Shallots
Chicken En Papillote Ingrdients
This is the recipe card that Plated includes for each meal. If it's a bit too hard to read or to follow, they also have videos that you can watch if needed! I found the recipes and photographs to be very simple to use and follow, so I just went with the recipe card.

First up was preparing the chicken and potatoes!
This was easy enough! All we had to do was slice the lemon and potatoes, rinse and season the chicken and lay it all out nicely on a sheet of parchment with sprigs of thyme on top. After it was all set up, the recipe explains how to wrap the chicken up in the parchment paper to be baked within a little parchment pouch. Very interesting!

Next was the weirdest thing I've ever made, hands down. I chose this meal because I knew Jeff and I both love chicken, and also because the side dish as so bizarre, and I just wanted to try something fun! This side dish was made up of shallots, red and green grapes, rosemary, olive oil, salt, pepper and vinaigrette dressing. After mixing all that up together, it went into the oven to be roasted. 

And here was the finished product! I couldn't believe how fancy the meal looked! Seriously, the nicest meals we get in this house are casseroles, so this was a huge step up for us! The chicken cooked perfectly inside the parchment paper, as did the potatoes. The Grapes and Shallots were such an interesting combination, but it all seemed to work beautifully once they were roasted. Everything gained a "caramelized onion" flavor once roasted, and the side dish made a perfect compliment to the chicken. We really enjoyed this one!

Breakfast Pizza with Potato Scallion Hash and Eggs
Breakfast Pizza Ingredients
Breakfast Pizza Recipe and Instructions
This recipe was a lot easier to prepare than the chicken, but it was just as much fun! The simple recipe included sizzling up some potatoes and scallions and laying them out on some hand rolled pizza dough. Top it off with 3 different cheeses, and bake! Once it was almost done, I removed it from the oven, added two eggs on top, and popped it back in until they were done cooking. Once the pizza was done, I sprinkled the arugula on top and that was it! Easy peasy.
Here's the finished product! While Jeff wasn't a huge fan of this pizza (he's not really into eggs or green veggies) but I thought it was absolutely delicious! The scallion potatoes and eggs on a fluffy pizza crust was so rustic, and perfect for breakfast on a cold Fall morning. I think the only thing I would have liked more of was cheese!

I had such a great time preparing and cooking these recipes! I think Plated is a fantastic service, especially if you have a dinner party to prepare for, or even a romantic night for two. This could really be a great way for you and a loved one to connect once a week by cooking and sharing a really unique meal together!

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  1. Looks like they came out great! I like the concept of Plated, but they don't really seem to have much in the way of vegan options, so we probably will not be trying them out anytime soon. I like the whole not having to plan a recipe or shop aspect of it though.

  2. I just made my Plated dinner, too! I didn't have this, mine was... hangar steak and scalloped potatoes (basically but called a fancy name). I'm laughing because I read Rebeccas comment about theres not enough Vegan and I'm thinking there's never enough meat! Plated must be really great for vegetarians, then.
    It's always good and the one time I had a problem (one ingredient exploded en route), they credited me all my plates so that was nice!

  3. This looks like so much fun! I don't want to miss the pay-shipping-only trial, but we're moving in about one month, and will have a new address. Not having anything shipped before that. Do you know if I sign up, do I need to use my trial immediately?

  4. Also, it says "refer a friend and get two free plates", but I don't see your referral code on the post?

  5. Since this was a sponsored post I'm not allowed to post my affiliate links, but if you want to shoot me an e-mail at I can totally send it to you! :) And to answer your earlier question, as far as I know you can use your coupon codes or free trials whenever you want. I signed up for an account and didn't end up using the trial for about a month or two, so it should be all set!

  6. Very interesting! I'll email. I think once we're moved, I'd definitely love to try this out. And by the way - I asked a few questions in the chat on the site. The $10 monthly membership that gave plates at $12 rather than $15 ends tomorrow, and it'll just be $12/plate. Bonus!