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PopSugar Must Have Box October 2014 Review and Unboxing

My October PopSugar box showed up on my doorstep out of nowhere. I never got a shipping notification, and I had no idea if and when it was supposed to arrive. They recently revamped their entire website, which was supposed to make it easier to use and offer more options etc, however there seemed to be endless issues that caused PopSugar to not charge anyone for their boxes until much later than usual, among other problems that were a big headache for everyone.

Problems aside, PopSugar Must Have is consistently my favorite subscription. While it's more expensive than your typical beauty box at $40 per month, there are almost always coupons available to make the boxes much more affordable. They also offer discounts if you purchase more months in advance.
The great thing about PopSugar is that their boxes have a wide variety of products in them each month. It really does feel like you're opening a gift from a close friend. From cosmetics, to fashion to home decor, PopSugar consistently provides a wide variety and well curated boxes month after month.
What Inspired PopSugar's October Box:
Tricks & Treats, Cat Eyes, Moonight, Getting Cozy, Pumpkin Spice.

1. Nailed Kit: Halloween Decals ($8)
These adorable Halloween nail decals are perfect additions to an October Box. I'm usually not too fond of nail wraps and decals because I think they take too much time and effort, however I am obsessed with Halloween, and I will absolutely spend the extra time making my fingernails look like little jack-o-lanterns!

2. Mine Design: Chalkboard Candle ($24)
What's a Fall subscription box without a candle? This one is unique in that the container has chalkboard paint on the outside so you can write or design whatever your heart desires! I wrote Autumn quickly on the outside of mine for the photograph, but I later drew a leaf on it since my cursive is anything but pretty. I think this is a great addition to an October box, however I was incredibly disappointed in the scent. It's a nice scent, don't get me wrong; It just smells like fresh, clean laundry, and not at all like something I want to burn in the month of October. Give me apple cider, cedarwood, or even the overdone pumpkin spice! Anything that makes me feel warm and cozy during the Autumn months. Unfortunately this candle falls flat, and I'll most likely put it away until Spring.

3. Dean & DeLuca: Pumpkin Spice Malt Balls ($5.75)
Speaking of over done pumpkin spice, here was have some Pumpkin Spice flavored malt balls. I really thought the label said meatballs at first glance, and I almost gagged at the thought!
These were surprisingly good, although malted items aren't my favorite sweet treats. The pumpkin spice made me feel a bit like I was eating a candle, but the chocolate and the malt ball inside were actually pretty yummy. I can't eat a lot of sweets, so I passed these on to my fiance and our roommate who devoured them all in one sitting. Needless to say, these were pretty delish, and a great item for the season.

4. Happy Socks: Animal Socks ($12)
I have been hoping and praying for a comfy pair of socks in my PopSugar box, and I finally got my wish! Unfortunately, I am way too particular about curation and appearance when it comes to Fall subscription boxes, so I found the red/grey/black pattern on these socks to be a bit of a disappointment. I would have loved to see some cranberry colored socks in a chevron print, some fuzzy slipper socks or even Halloween socks! The possibilities are endless, which is why I'm unsure as to why I got black and red leopard print. These will definitely be worn and enjoyed, regardless.

5. butter LONDON: WINK Eye Pencil ($18)
I love butter LONDON, I love their eyeliners, and I LOVE this shade! This eye pencil is super soft, glides on like butter, and is a absolutely stunning, shimmery charcoal gray. I cannot think of a more perfect shade for fall smokey eye looks! I'm already planning to use this liner to create an eye look for work tomorrow!

6. Isaac Jacobs International: Acrylic Frame ($24)
This is a very nice, durable acrylic frame that has magnetic closures on all 4 corners. Unfortunately, the clear frame isn't really my style, as I'm more rustic in my home decor. I also don't use frames all that often, although I should probably start displaying more photos around my house! I think I will keep this in the box and save it for a holiday gift. As nice as it is, I have a strong feeling I'll never end up using it.

7. K. Hall Designs: Shoreline Shea Butter/Olive Oil Bar Soap ($10)
This was listed as a "special extra" on the info card, so while it isn't included in the total value of the box, I still include it in my calculations. This is a Shea butter and olive oil vegetable soap that is triple milled and weighs a whopping 1/2 pound! I don't really like bar soaps, but I love getting them in subscription boxes because they make great additions to gifts. Although, I'm trying to figure out why they would include a soap with the scent name, 'Shore Line' in an October box. The scent notes are, "ozone, summer blossoms and beach breezes." Seriously. I know I'm being a bit hard on the box this month, but I cannot understand why they wouldn't put a more appropriate scent in the box. I checked the K Hall website and they have quite a few scents to choose from, and many that would have been more appropriate. This is yet another thing I'll be putting aside in my gift pile for when the weather gets warmer.

Overall Thoughts
This box cost $40, although I paid $30 with a coupon. The total value of the October box is $113.75. As always, PopSugar delivers a great value, although for the first time in a while, they've disappointed me in regards to overall curation. Visually, this box is very appealing and would still make a great gift for someone that would enjoy all of these items. I will definitely use the decals, the liner and the socks, but more products than not have ended up in the gift pile, which is rare for PopSugar. I can't say that this is the worst box I've ever gotten from them, but there wasn't much of a "wow factor" this month. 
I will still say that PopSugar is one of the best subscriptions out there, and even though this box doesn't work for me, it could be a great box for someone else!

If you're interested in subscribing to PopSugar, use the code REFER5 at checkout to get $5 off your box! 
Use OCT10SELECT to save $10 off your 3-month subscription!
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