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Beauteque BB Bag #3 Diva Diner Review

Beauteque is back with the third edition of their BB Bag! The first two bags were filled with all kinds of awesome Korean beauty and skincare goodies, and I'm thrilled to share with you the 3rd Edition: Diva Diner!
Who is Beauteque?
Beauteque is a US-based website that sells lots of wonderful Korean beauty products. They describe themselves as:
The sum of beauty plus boutique gives you an equation called Beauteque. The one stop shop haven of everyone’s dreams! An online store that is not just simplifying, but magnetizing the business of beauty, bringing on board elements and brands from the other side of the world, Beauteque brings together for you the East and West, as it continues to globalize.
What is a BB Bag?
Back in June, Beauteque launched their BB Bag, which stands for Beauteque Beauty Bag. Beauteque has hand picked Korean products and brands that they think are top notch and tucked them into a cute travel bag to help introduce you to their favorites! I did a review on the June bag as well as their Head-to-Toe Spa Bag that was released last month. I also did a review on the second BB Bag, "Showstopper."This month's bag theme is "Diva Diner" and contains 6 beauty products and a fun fashion item!
The BB Bag costs $22, with free shipping to the US. It is also available for purchase in Canada and Europe for an additional shipping fee. 
The great thing about the BB Bag is that Beauteque allows for some level of customization. With the Diva Diner BB Bag, you're allowed to choose a scent of blotting paper, and a style of scarf. The other 4 items were left a secret, so you can have the best of both worlds with some customization, without ruining all the surprise!
 The Diva Diner bag is a sunny yellow quilted makeup pouch. It's actually quite large, I'd say about twice the size of an Ipsy bag. I'm actually quite happy with the size of this bag, as it will be great for travel.

Autumn Scarf ($12)
While this isn't something you would normally expect in a beauty bag, Beauteque always wants to include a special item in each bag that isn't a cosmetic, similar to the pore cleansing brush in the BB Bag 2. This was also one of the items you could choose the style of, and I have to say I LOVE this scarf! The colors, the pattern...everything about it is so beautiful and absolutely my style. I love the cute deer and almost boho-style pattern. I also like that the fabric is thin, yet the scarf is large so it can be worn lots of different ways. I have a huge collection of scarves because I feel like my entire wardrobe is super boring and can be spruced up with a pretty scarf. This one is going right into my rotation and I'll be wearing it to work on Monday!

Cosmos: Facial Blotting Tissues in 'Green Tea' ($6)
This was the second product that was revealed before purchase, and I was able to choose from a variety of different scents. I went with Green Tea, because I love how soothing green tea products are on the skin. These oil blotting sheets are great to have in my purse or on my nightstand to pat the excess oil from my face. I tend to be an oil slick when I wake up and in the middle of the day, so having these on hand can be a lifesaver. I love the setup of the packaging, where there's a little sticker that grabs onto the next sheet in the pack. When you open the pack again, the next sheet will pull up for easy access.

The Face Shop: Blackhead Out Aloe Nose Strips ($5.25)
 This little kit includes 5 single use pore strips. These are pretty standard strips, however these particular ones contain aloe as well as pore minimizing ingredients so they not only remove blackheads, but leave your pores tight and your skin smooth. I haven't given these a try yet, however I use a pore strip once a week to clear out any blackheads and cosmetic residue from my pores. I'm always happy to receive these as 4 of them will last me a month, and I don't like the Biore strips that are sold here in the US.

It's Skin Green Tea Lips & Eye Cleansing Pads ($13.50)
Before I discovered oil cleansers, I almost exclusively used cleansing pads to remove my eye and lip makeup. I used to use the Almay ones, however they always irritated my skin. These Green Tea cleansing pads are gentle and work even on the most sensitive skin. I was going to pass these on to my mom, but I thought I'd give them a quick test first! I think these are actually the best remover pads I've used! They remove makeup pretty easily, and don't have a strong scent, which I like. They're heavily soaked in product so I was able to remove my eye makeup on both eyes with just one pad. Very pleased with these!

Mizon: Good Night White Sleeping Mask ($12)
 I have my favorite products when it comes to Korean skincare. 2 of them happen to be sleeping packs, and whitening products. This Mizon product is the best of both worlds, and I couldn't be more thrilled to see it in this bag!
This mask brightens the skin overnight, leaving it looking radiant and hydrated. It contains niacinamide for glowing skin, hyaluronic acid and glycerin for moisturizing purposes, and botanical extracts that protect the skin from irritation and environmental stressors. Just like any other sleeping mask/pack, this is applied as the last step of your skincare routine. It is suggested that it's washed off in the morning, however I usually wait until I hop in the shower to do so.
It has a very light and subtle lavender scent, and has a thin, gel-like consistency. For a sleeping pack, it actually absorbs pretty quickly and doesn't leave a sticky residue, which I like. There's nothing worse than having a sticky face and trying to lay on your pillow!

Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream ($16.50)
 While some might be disappointed to see 2 products from the same brand, I couldn't be more thrilled. While I'm still slowly working my way through the line of Mizon products, so far I have been very pleased with the results and they're becoming one of my go-to brands. This eye cream contains highly concentrated collagen to lift wrinkles around the eyes while improving skin elasticity. It helps keep the skin around your eyes moisturized and smooth by creating a moisture-locking barrier, similar to how a sleeping pack would work. The consistency is gel-like, and it has no noticeable scent. It's quite a small tube for the price, however since it's an eye cream, you need an incredibly small amount. I'm interested to see how well this works on my fine lines!

 Overall Thoughts
The Beauteque Diva Diner BB Bag costs $22 and ships for free. The total value of all the products (not including the cosmetic bag) is $65.25. That's almost triple the cost of the bag, so I am very happy! I love the variety of products in the bag this month, and I especially love the inclusion of the Mizon products. The scarf is absolutely lovely as well! It's always nice to support a small business, especially one that is constantly working with and for their customers. Beauteque is always open to feedback and suggestions, so let them know what you think of this new BB bag, and what you'd like to see in future bags!

If you're interested in buying a Diva Diner BB Bag, you can do so HERE.
Also, if you're one of the first 100 people to buy your bag, you will get a FREE lip liner with your purchase! So if you're thinking of getting one, don't wait!

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  1. Ooo!! Looks like fun! And a nice mix of products, too! This reminded me that I wanted to get some nose strips. Maybe I should just get this bag!

    1. This was a pretty great bag, especially because of the Mizon products, which I'm already obsessed with! The eye cream after one night blew my old one out of the water in how soft and smooth my skin felt!

  2. Hmm I was charged shipping on mine. Is it supposed to be free in US?

    1. Hmm, it should be free shipping, at least it was when I checked! I would shoot an e-mail to Beauteque and find out what happened!

    2. Just wanted to update on the resolution on this. I sent them a question that admitedly was vague a few days ago so sent a clearer follow up this morning. Less than an hour and I got a response with a store credit for the shipping charges (which is what I asked for). Great CS!

  3. Seems this was a nice gift bag. I am interested in those pore strips with aloe. I have been using Biore in the past and have recently made some myself using these tutorials. That worked well, but my skin is always very dry afterwards, so I like the idea of aloe in it. Will check them out soon. Thanks.