Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Birchbox Man November 2014 Review and Unboxing

November's Birchbox Man arrived early as usual, but I decided to let it sit for a bit so I could at least upload my review in November! Jeff has been receiving Birchbox Man for almost a year now, and while not every box has been a hit, he's been happier with this subscription than any other he's tried.
If you're unaware, Birchbox Man is a men's lifestyle and grooming subscription box that costs $20 per month. While the women's Birchbox is only $10 per month, the men's box tends to have more lifestyle products such as clothing, electronics, gadgets etc. 
This month, the theme was "On a Mission." 
As we gather this month to test the outer limits of our appetites, we're deeply thankful for all that we have-and particularly focused on just how much we have to give. This month's brand partners, many of whom contribute to larger social missions, have inspired us to ponder our own contributions and commitments. What's your mission? There's no better time to chart a course.
So with all that said, let's see what Jeff got in his November Box!
 Public Supply: Notebook and Pencils
This month, Birchbox Man allowed subscriber to choose their lifestyle item, and Jeff was over-the-moon about this pencil/notebook set. I think they're so classic-looking! He's always jotting down notes and ideas, and I'm always finding little notebooks around the house, weathered from being pulled in and out of his pockets for so long. This is a brooklyn-designed desk set, and a portion of the proceeds from these products help fund creative projects in high-needs schools.

Basics for Men by Beckman: Ultimate Tough Skin Relief
Do the Right Thing: Face to Face Foam Cleanser
While Jeff doesn't like to use lotions because they're "too greasy", this lotion by Basics For Men promise to be free of any greasy finish, while toting a powerful formula that heals and hydrates skin. Jeff tried this out the other day after a particularly rough day outside in the cold, and he really enjoyed it!
The foam cleanser by "Do the Right Thing" is a pretty standard cleanser, which is fine by Jeff! He basically lives off of these little travel sized cleansers that he gets from Birchbox, and likes that he can have a different one almost every month.

Hanz de Fuko: Sponge Wax
Atelier Cologne: Vetiver Fatal Cologne Absolute
Hanz de Fuko is a popular brand in our house. Jeff uses their wax for his mustache, and thinks it the best stuff he's ever tried; and he's tried a LOT. This sponge wax is a firm-holding wax, and is made to be used on hair, however I'm sure this will become a travel-sized mustache wax in no time!
Atelier Cologne is also a favorite of Jeff's. He loves their scents because they're so unqiue. This one has notes of Sicillian lemon, black plum and cedarwood. It's citrusy and masculine. A very small bottle of this is $75, so we usually never have intentions of getting full sizes of these, but maybe one day I will surprise him with one! Christmas is coming, afterall!

Overall Thoughts
The November Birchbox Man had a very nice variety of products: Hair, body, face, fragrance and lifestyle. Jeff enjoyed everything in his box this month which isn't very common, believe it or not. He's more picky than I am when it comes to products! They have to be quick and easy, as well as practical. He's not a very high-maintenance guy. I loved the fact that they allowed subscribers to choose their lifestyle product this month, and I'm hoping this is something they do more frequently. All too often, the highest valued item in the box is the lifestyle item, and they're always hit or miss with Jeff. I think it makes the box more than worth it when the lifestyle item is on point! Overall, this was one of the better boxes Jeff has received, and I hope that December's box brings the same kind of value and curation.
If you're interested in signing up for Birchbox Man, you can do so HERE.
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