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Kloverbox November 2014 Review and Coupon!

 Kloverbox is quickly becoming one of my most looked-forward to subscriptions each month. While most boxes become less exciting over time, it seems like Kloverbox continues to get better and better. While I don't live my life completely green, I am always looking for ways to simplify my life and be better to the environment and myself. It's difficult changing over things in your life that you've become used to, but the more you read about the harsh chemicals in beauty products, and the additives in our food, the more you want to start searching for healthier, more natural alternatives. What better way to discover these products than a subscription box that focuses on finding and sharing natural and organic food, cosmetics and more!
What is Kloverbox?
Kloverbox is a lifestyle subscription box that sends 6-8 natural and organic products  for you to fall in love with each month. This isn't a beauty subscription. Kloverbox sends products from all categories: beauty, health, food and home products, so you can incorporate more natural products into every aspect of your life!
How Does It Work?
Unlike a typical subscription box, Kloverbox does NOT automatically renew. I think this is fantastic, because you don't have to worry about being charged for more boxes than you want, or you could gift a subscription to a friend or family member and not have to stress about remembering to cancel once their gift is over. On the Kloverbox site, you can choose a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription. Once that subscription is over, you will not be billed again unless you're interested in picking up more boxes! The longer the subscription you choose, the more of a discount you get, which is also awesome!
Another really great thing about Kloverbox is that they usually include a coupon code on the information card for each product for that month. So if you really fall in love with something from your box, you'll be able to get more at a fantastic discount. This month, the coupons were all up to 25% off!
How Much?
A 1 month subscription to Kloverbox is $25 
 3 month subscription is $71.25 ($23.75 per box) 
6 month subscription is $135 ($22.50) per box. 
Shipping is free and fast!
You can save even more money by using the code "HB25" at checkout to save 25% off your order! This code can be used on any subscription.
(This code would save you another $33.75 on a 6 month subscription, making each box only $16.88! That's over $8 in savings PER box!)
Let's see what I received in my November Box!

 Firstly, I have to mention the beautiful upgrade in packaging! Kloverbox usually has a very simplistic approach to presentation, which is fine considering they're a green/organic box, but they've stepped it up a notch to include natural-colored tissue paper, and a lovely hand-written thank-you tied with a pretty green ribbon! I love seeing how new boxes grow and flourish, and I think that Kloverbox did a great job with the packaging upgrade! It felt very personal and like I was opening up a special gift.

Love Reusable Bags: Mini Lunch Sack ($13.95)
 Ohhh my gosh I am obsessed with this lunch bag! I haven't had a lunch bag since I was in high school, although it's become a ritual for my coworkers and I to have lunch together before work starts (I work at an afterschool program) and I am always bringing my food in a plastic bag. This lunch bag is not only ridiculously adorable, but it's lined with food safe PEVA lining, and feels very well-made and durable. I love getting things that are useful in subscription boxes! There were a few variations in color and pattern with these lunch bags, but I am in love with the one I got!

Kosmatology: Hand Sanitizer in "Spearmint Rosemary" ($3.99)
This is another product that I am thrilled with receiving in this box. I can't tell you how many sanitizers I have that contain harmful chemicals. I'm always going back and forth on whether it's even worth it to use some of them. In this particular sanitizer there are no chemical thickening agents, so the consistency is more of a liquid than a typical gel. It has a shaker-like top that helps you easily apply it without it going all over the place. It contains no tricolsan, parabens or sulfates and is made with organic and natural ingredients. Ethyl alcohol his used to cleanse the skin, but it also contains organic glycerin to help rehydrate the skin. The scent is created using natural essential oils and I've got to say: it smells SO good. I believe there were also a few different scent options that were available, but this one smells so fresh and clean. Definitely going directly into my purse!

Lavina: 100% Pure & Organic Argan Oil ($2.15)
 This is 100% Moroccan Argan oil, and if you've never used it before, you should probably start! It's renowned for it's natural ability to moisturize and condition skin and hair. I use argan oil mostly in my hair as a way to revitalize and soften the strands when they start to become brittle. It's also a great split end treatment! Argan oil is also fantastic to use on skin, as it doesn't have a greasy-feeling, and absorbs quickly. You only need a few drops for the face, and you'll have soft, glowing skin in no time!

Jolly Oak: Dark Chocolate Coconut Raisin Granola ($2.50)
 Oh my goodness this stuff is heaven in a bag! I almost didn't get a photo of this granola because I wanted to open it and eat it immediately. Jolly Oak Granola is all natural, an contains lots of protein and fiber, without any artificial ingredients. It's also nut free, which is great for those with allergies!  Each package is portion-controlled as well, which is great for anyone dieting. This flavor was so good that I've already made an order for more. it contained little chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, coconut shavings, raisins and something that tasted exactly like a less-sweet version of sugar smacks cereal. I made the mistake of bringing this to work with me, and all my coworkers wanted to try it! I was very impressed with the flavor, and I think it would be a great alternative to candy when I'm craving something sweet.

SoyWerks: Appletosh Candle ($5)
 Alright, Kloverbox. Stop with the perfection already! I am obsessed with candles. I love them as much as cats or Korean skincare, and that's saying something. I was brought up in a house with a mother who burned a candle in practically every room, so to not have a candle burning in my house at every moment would just be weird! This candle smells like they cut down an apple orchard, blended it up and poured it into a jar with a wick. My mouth literally started to water when I smelled this! And $5 for an obviously well-made candle is a great price. I'm going to take full advantage of the coupon code Kloverbox provided and pick up more of these candles for holiday gifting!

Small Beauty Keys: Handmade Soap in "Cocoa-Mint" ($5)
 I'm convinced that the theme of this box was, "Things that smell amazing" because this soap is out of control on the smells-ridiculous-good meter. This is their Coco-Mint soap, and if you are a big fan of the chocolate/mint combination, you need to stop reading this and go to buy this soap. Small Beauty Keys is an etsy shop. I love supporting small businesses and I'm glad Kloverbox does too! Small Beauty Keys' mission is to give their customers the tools they need to take small steps towards a non-toxic life. Sounds a lot like Kloverbox's mission too! I think I have yet again, found holiday gift ideas with this company!

The Wonder Seed: Hemp Hand Cream in "Spring Lavender" ($12.95)
 It's hand cream season in New England, so I am going through my purse-sized lotions like water. This particular cream is made from hemp seed oil, and is all natural- no parabens, sulfates, gluten, artificial colors or fragrances. It's also 100% vegan and cruelty free. The lavender scent is light and calming without being overwhelming. I love the consistency of this lotion in that it doesn't leave a greasy-feeling on the skin. Yet another item from this box that's going right into my purse!

Overall Thoughts
The November Kloverbox on it's own costs $25 (less if you have a 3 or 6 month subscription) and the approximate value is about $45.50. This is my 3rd month getting Kloverbox, and I have to say that every month has been better than the last. This box is by far my favorite! Every single thing is useful to me, I love all the scents I received, and even discovered some new small businesses to support this holiday season! I am ridiculously excited to see what the December box has in store, and if it can top this one! (Psst Kloverbox, you can't go wrong with more candles!)
Kloverbox would make a fantastic gift, especially since you can choose exactly how many boxes you want to buy, and you don't have to worry about being continuously charged. I can see this being a great option for a health-conscious friend, or someone in your life that you want to see live a healthier and more green lifestyle!

Don't Forget the Coupon!
If you want to try Kloverbox for yourself, you can save 25% off of any subscription with the code: "HB25"

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  1. ohhhh, I just ordered one box based on your review! I love all of the items you got and I hope my box is as nice! I used your coupon, so I think this is a great deal :)

    1. Ahh Isn't it a fantastic box?? The coupon makes it an even better deal, but seriously, 5 out of 7 products are full size, and it's so well curated. I'm probably going to like this box even more than PopSugar this month, and that's hard to do! ;) I was so ridiculously happy when I opened this one. I mean...the lunch bag and the candle alone would have done me in LOL

    2. I saw PopSugar this month and this box beats them, imho!

  2. That lunch bag is so ridiculously cute! I rarely need to pack a lunch but I want one, haha. :)

    1. Omg I totally agree- I never used to pack a lunch until i started my new job, but even when I was unemployed I would have wanted this lunch bag. It's just way too adorable!

  3. Ohh I had not heard of these boxes before your review~ ^ 3 ^
    I am going to have to go check them out! ^ ___ ^

  4. I want that soap soooop badly! I'm a choco mint junkie! Need to check if this etsy shop would ship to Japan.
    I. Need. This. Soap. Hahaha!

    1. hahah omg I hope they will ship to you!! It smells amazing! I think it's funny that people either dislike chocolate-mint scents and flavors, or they're OBSESSED! hehe :D

  5. I like what I see in this box & have so missed my Saffron Rouge box. Signed up for 3 months to give it a try. Thanks for the discount code!!

    1. You're very welcome Marcey :) I hope you love it as much as I do! It's such a great deal with the coupon code too. Also, I love that you are able to only buy the amount of boxes you want.

  6. Wow! Kloverbox is looking awesome!!

  7. I finally got my box today and I LOVE IT. The hand sanitizer is one that I will be buying - it is not that thick goopy gel crap that I can never use and finish. Plus I love mint!! Everything about this box is great. The lunch bag will be used for my fruit & yogurt and I really think it is cool that I can put my name on it! lol thank you rachel for introducing me to this subscription. I think I will sign up for the 6 month in december...

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you love it! I agree the hand sanitizer is awesome! It's apparently watery because it doesn't contain the chemicals that make it a gel, which I love. I've been using the lunch bag to take snacks to work with me. :) They're doing a black friday sale (on black friday obviously LOL) when you use the code "BlackFriday" on a 3 month subscription, it will be the cost of 2 months! :)

    2. That is GREAT. I will be there. Thank you again :D

    3. Oh I'm sorry Michele, I'm a dolt. The Code is "GreenFriday" haha :)