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Memebox Cutie Pie Marzia #2 Review and Unboxing

This particular collaboration with Memebox and Cutie Pie Marzia has been the topic of many conversations in the Memeverse. For one, I think it has been in stock longer than any other Memebox in history. Memebox even bundled it with many newly released boxes to try and get rid of overstock. They even did a sale when it was first released where they included a "mystery item" with purchase. I figured I would purchase one so I could do a review and find out the scoop on it firsthand, as there's been many mixed feelings on it, for sure!

 (product info card tells you more information and how to use each product)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their collaboration boxes, which are curated by a youtuber or blogger, in this particular case, CutePieMarzia who is a popular youtuber. The collaboration box contents are always revealed before purchasing, so you can decide whether or not you're interested in a box ahead of time. If you're into the surprise that comes along with regular Memeboxes, these collaborations may not be for you.
The Cutie Pie Marzia 2 box cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping. Most of the time, unless it's a "Superbox", Memeboxes usually contain a mix between full size and deluxe size samples. In the case of the Cute Pie Marzia 2 box, all 6 items are full size.
From Memebox:
CutiePieMarzia fans rejoice! Memebox is thrilled to bring you the 2nd collaboration with the fabulous CutiePieMarzia. With over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, CutiePieMarzia's beauty channel is filled with darling moments and we're sure you'll fall in love with her 2nd box right away!
Marzia's 2nd box is packed with some of the loveliest items we've ever laid eyes on, so if you missed out your chance to grab her 1st box, don't miss out this time! CutiePieMarzia fans know she won't disappoint, and this box is packed with the best of K-beauty we know you're going to love!
Always on top of her beauty game- grab this box and you'll see what we mean!

 Jeju Hallabong: Energy Mild All-In-One Serum
(Full Size Product: $20) 
One of the few skincare products featured in the CutePieMarzia box, this serum is made with "hallabong", which is a special type of orange cultivated only on Jeju island. It's bursting with vitamin C and has a sweet and juicy taste. This particular serum is infused with jeju-born ingredients such as kiwi, broccoli and aloe vera, and works to replenish, soften and protect the skin.
While this is called a "serum", I would say that it has more of an essence consistency. Serums tend to be a bit more thick and or oily, which this has more of a watery, gel-like feel. It absorbs quickly, and leaves no residue on the skin. I absolutely love the citrusy scent as well. I'm excited to add this into my routine, although I might use it as an essence rather than a serum.

Cheek Room: Lip Balm in "Cherry Clover"
(Full Size Product: $12)
Cheek Room is the bane of my memefan existence. I think their packaging is cheap, their products are cheap, and yet they keep appearing in Memeboxes. This is a basic lip balm that contains olive oil, shea butter and jojoba oil and has a very strong cherry scent, which is actually nice. This balm is more of a gloss in a pot, and has a very sticky texture with no color payoff. Not even remotely interested in keeping this so I will pass it on to a family member, although I feel bad about giving someone I know anything from this brand.

Revecen: Face Control Foundation in "Violet"
(Full Size Product: $22)
This is actually quite an interesting product! This face control foundation is used to cover up skin imperfections and control dull, yellow skin tones. It creates a more even tone to the skin, and creates a smooth finish as a base makeup. It contains natural preservatives such as green tea and magnolia extracts, and is suitable for all skin types. Purple is used to cover yellow tones in skin, but even if your skin doesn't have a yellow undertone, this product is really great for making a brighter, smoother look to the skin. You can see in my swatch that my skin looks smoother and whiter once the foundation is blended out. I think I would use this as a makeup base more than on it's own, however it's a unique product and one that I definitely don't have anything comparable to in my collection!

Shara Shara: Triple Shine Color Shadow in "White Pink"
(Full Size Product: $15)
First of all, who in their right mind would pay $15 for this tiny little trio of shadows? Shara Shara and I have a interesting relationship, because I like some of their products, but their cosmetics are so childish and cheap-looking. This shadow compact really looks like something you would give a little girl to play with. It passes "cute" right into juvenile. The shadows are all incredibly shimmery and not very pigmented. There were a few other color selections (blues, purples and browns) and I would have much preferred ANY of those over the pink. This might be even worse than the Cheek Room lip balm in my book.

Shara Shara: Petit Friend Matte Lip Crayon in "Neon Pink"
(Full Size Product: $11)
Here's an example of a Shara Shara product that is actually decent, even though it's housed in a cheap-looking, still childish package. There were a few different shades that I could have received, but I am glad that I got this one. The others were either too orange, or didn't have a pigment to them at all. This shade is "Neon Pink" and it's very pigmented. It definitely looks more "neon" when applied to the lips rather than swatched on my hand. With flash, it's blindingly neon! I doubt this is something I will wear regularly, so I will pass it on to a family member who is more daring than I am!

TonyMoly: Red Appletox Honey Cream
(Full Size Product: $12)
TonyMoly's ever-famous adorable packaging strikes again with their Red Appletox Honey Cream. I have seen this everywhere and never got around to trying it, so I am thrilled to see it in this box. In fact, I think it's the clear highlight of the entire box. This cream is made from red apples (obviously!) as well as black honey, manuka honey, royal jelly and propolis. The ingredients work together to increase skins elasticity, increase moisture, and soothe skin problems. 
This cream starts out looking and feeling sticky and gel-like, but once it's applied, it absorbs fairly quickly and has no sticky residue. Memebox suggests using this after toner application, as it's an AHA gel and has some exfoliating properties, however I have read that it can be used in many different ways, even as a sleeping pack if so desired. The great thing about this cream is that it can be used on dry or oily skin, so it's very versatile!

Bonus Product: Dr MJ: Bee Tox Control Cream
As I mentioned earlier, during the first week of sales, Memebox offered a bonus mystery gift with purchase of the Cute Pie Marzia #2 box. My mystery product was the Dr. MJ Bee Tox Control Cream, which I believe was featured in Luckybox #10. This cream contains bee venom and propolis extract, tea tree, and trehalose extract, which is a combination of different herbs. It also contains Hyaluronic acid, which is an excellent moisturizer. It gives teh skin vitality and long lasting moisture, is non-sticky and contains no color, parabens, or mineral oil. Other than the Appletox cream, I think this is my favorite item, and it wasn't even included in the original box! I love "venom" products, so this is definitely going in my skincare lineup soon! I'm excited to see how it works!

Overall Thoughts
This box cost $30 shipped, and not including the bonus item, has a retail value of $92. While that is over 3 times what I paid for the box, I don't feel like this was a good value due to half the products being cheap and uninteresting. Both Shara Shara products are unusable for me, and the Cheek Room lip balm is a waste of a product in my opinion. I do like the skincare products in this box as well as the lavender foundation, but I can't imagine many people being that thrilled with this box overall. I think that the bonus Beetox cream makes this box well worth it, even with the junk products, however not everyone will get the same bonus product, or a bonus product at all. I think that this box could have been great if there was one extra product in every box, and if they took out the Cheek Room or Shara Shara shadow and replaced it with something else. Heck, even a sheet mask would have been more welcome. Having said that, I definitely don't think this box is the worst I've ever received, and I think that people who are new to K-Beauty may actually enjoy it. Unfortunately, the cosmetics included in this box are not an accurate representation of the quality that K-Beauty brands can offer. I know that CutiePieMarzia has released a 3rd box, and possibly a 4th that is coming soon, so hopefully her last collaboration will be the best one yet and she'll go out with a bang.

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  1. Now that I'm taking a closer look at the contents, this box doesn't really seem so bad to me. Not Meme's best but not awful. Other than that ghastly-looking Cheek Room balm - why is the center green?!

    1. haha I don't even know! I didn't touch it because I figured someone might want it and it just looks too terrible for me to even bother trying! I agree though- I think they marketed this box poorly. Marzia's unboxing was lackluster, and even SHE didn't seem that excited about the products, not to mention the photos they took of the products make it look EMPTY. Without the beetox cream, it would look pretty sparse.

    2. Isn't that a clover leaf in the center? It's cherry clover, right?

    3. Yes it's a clover. :) It's green, so I'm not sure if that part is the cherry part, or if they entire gloss is cherry scented.

  2. I own the tonymoly appletox honey cream and it is really amazing as a sleep pack! I have oily skin, and it works nicely on me. Plus it smells divine! you got a great free gift! I am obsessed with venom products as well, and that looks really nice :)

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