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Memebox Free From Oil and Trouble #4 Review and Unboxing

As much as I pretend my skin is flawless, it's got some serious troubles. Luckily, Memebox sent me the Free From Oil and Troubles 4 box. I tend to be spendy with fun and interesting Memebox themes, but the "boring" ones like this tend to go under my radar. Interestingly enough, these are the kinds of boxes I probably should be buying. My combination skin tends to be relatively "normal" unless it's having a freak-out. Then I never know if I'm waking up to an oil slick, or my skin flaking off. My major issue is adult acne. Even with a strict Korean skincare routine, I just can't seem to shake it for longer than a week or so. Just when I think I've got it beat, I wake up to a host of new dots on my face. While my usual skincare routine keeps my skin soft, bright and moisturized, there isn't a whole lot that I use regularly that combats the acne directly, so I was hoping and praying for some really solid blemish-fighters in this box!

(product info card tells you more information and how to use each product)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their superboxes, which are filled with full size products. The products featured in Superboxes are more often than not, a bit more expensive than products found in regular boxes.
  "Free From Oil and Trouble #4" cost $32 plus $6.99 shipping.
From Memebox:
Turn down the shine and control excessive sebum with our Free From Oil and Troubles #4! This is the ultimate go-to box for covering those pesky pimples, treating blemishes, and keeping skin matte all day! Our oil absorbing products are proven to work fast, so that your skin is left refreshed, smooth, blemish free and healthy-looking!

insobeau: Acnic Blemish Spot Solution
(Full Size Product: $20)
This is a type of product that I use pretty frequently already, although it's from a different brand (Lioele). Basically this product is half liquid and half powder. It contains mandarin and unshin oil that is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2 and C. It's a spot treatment that is used to relieve redness and swelling of blemishes which protecting this skin from further contamination. Basically, this is used by letting the pink powder settle to the bottom of the container, and then slowly dipping a cotton swab down past the liquid and into the powder at the bottom. When you pull the swab out, you should have a thick, pink paste that you can then dot on the spots that need treatment and protection. I've been trying this particular one out for a few days, and while it did have a slight effect on the redness, I didn't notice it did much more than that. I do prefer my Lioele version of this, as it does an amazing job not only relieving the redness of blemishes, but the size as well. I'll keep this as a backup, though!

ideeB: Goodbye Oil Pact
(Full Size Product: $12) 
I was happy to see a translucent pressed powder in this box, because anyone that battles with oily skin usually has one of these in their purse wherever they go. This one blots oil and has a super lightweight formula filled with oil-absorbing ingredients that will keep you shine-free. I like this powder because it is very fine, and doesn't leave a chalky look on my skin once applied. I think rather than wiping this across your face, it should be dabbed on to absorb the oil. I do have a few disposable round sponges that are made for compacts like this, so I think I will incorporate those while using this product. Something that uses a sponge/product together to absorb oil is a breeding ground for bacteria, so make sure you're washing the sponge it comes with, or you invest in some disposable ones to change out every few days.

The Skin House: Dr. Clear Magic Toner
(Full Size Product: $25) 
Interestingly enough, toners are a rare breed in Memeboxes. I think I've only received one or two in all of the 60+ Memeboxes I've purchased, so this one is a welcome addition to my skincare stash. It's enriched with tea tree extracts, which are great for troubled skin. It helps soothe and control blemishes and balances out the moisture/oil level of the skin. This is a spray-type toner, however I don't really like misting toner directly on my face. My solution to that is using a cotton round and heavily spraying it with the toner, then patting it onto my skin. I'm almost out of my current Amarte toner, so I'm happy to swap this into my routine soon!

Lindsay: Linzy Egg Pack
(Full Size Product: $12) 
This little set is the talk of the town, and rightfully so: look at how stinkin' cute the packaging is! At first glance, this looks like a tiny carton of eggs, however the eggs are actually cleansing soaps! This duo is specially formulated for troubled skin. The white egg is made from egg white an witch hazel, and is used to cleanse away the oil in clogged pores. The brown egg is made of red clay and NMF complex, which help to tighten up pores after they've been cleaned so that they are less visible and give a more smooth complexion. These actually have a very strong scent that might be pleasant for some, but anything that smells this strongly tends to give me a headache, so I think I would be better off gifting these to an oily-skinned friend (my sister)!

Benenet: Herb & bee A.C Control Serum
(Full Size Product: $38) 
This serum contains bee venom, which may sound scary to someone who hasn't used it before, but it's actually very effective in protecting, repairing and hydrating the skin. Also in this serum, is a bunch of herbal extracts taken from grapefruit, citron, eucalyptus, clove flower and sophora root. I feel like this is similar in idea to the famous Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, except they traded out the snail secretion for an herbal concoction. It's a very light serum, and it absorbs very quickly into my skin. It does have an herbal scent to it, but nothing too overpowering or upsetting to my nose, thank goodness! I've only been using this for a few days and I haven't noticed any miracles, but it's also been kind and gentle on my skin which I appreciate. I'm interested to see if this helps my recent breakouts!

Pro You: Aroma AC Cream
(Full Size Product: $54) 
Pro You is actually a favored brand by a few bloggers that I read and love, however I've never had much experience with the brand before. This Cream retails for $54 according to Memebox, so it better perform some miracles, or I'll be pretty disappointed. It's loaded with goodies like green tea, grapfruit, machillia and thujopsis dolabrata extracts (not even going to pretend I know what that is) that work to tighten up enlarged pores and control oil production. It also contains juniper, lavender and tea tree essential oils with soothe and purify irritated skin. This is a thicker cream, and while I would normally try to avoid those due to my adult acne, I think I might do a bit more research on this and possibly give it a go considering it's made for troubled skin!

Overall Thoughts
This box cost $32 + $6.99 shipping, and has a total value of $161. Not only is the value excellent, but the box is a winner! I feel like this might be a holy grail box for someone with oily or acne-prone skin. There's almost everything you need right here in one box. You've got your cleanser, toner, serum, cream moisturizer, spot treatment and powder for caring for oily skin on the go. There's not much more you could ask for! The curation of this box is flawless, and I'm actually quite excited to incorporate some of these products into my routine. I've always been a fan of the oil and troubles series, even though they do tend to be a higher price point than the average box. Very pleased with this one, and very grateful to Memebox for sending it my way!

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  1. Hi Rachel!
    I actually have an incredibly difficult time with my oily skin.
    Is there a possibility that in the future, you could do some reviews on specific products you found useful? c:
    Thank you!

    1. I can absolutely do that! I've really been wanting to do more singular product reviews, especially of k-beauty products that have worked well for me since getting them in Memeboxes, however my plate has been overflowing with things to review that I can barely keep up! I absolutely have a "To Review" list and I will work my butt off to get my workload done so I can get some specific product reviews up for you! :)

      Oily skin is a pain in the butt! I have combo skin, so I get a break from it every now and then, but my sister has very oily skin and it's a constant struggle for her to find things that work well! I will keep my eyes and ears out for things that work and hopefully make a blog post for each skin type and include recommendations!