Sunday, November 9, 2014

Memebox Halloween Special Review and Unboxing

I know, I know. Before you even start reading this, you're thinking: "Uh...Rachel, Halloween happened over a week ago. What's with the Halloween Memebox?" Well here's the thing: Memebox is super nice and occasionally sends me surprise boxes to review for you guys, and they must have had a few of these bad boys left over and sent me one to review! So put on your witch hats, take out that bag of candy you got for 75% off at Target on November 1st (am I the only one that does that?) and enjoy a little time travel back to Halloween Night: Memebox style!

(product info card tells you more information and how to use each product)
 If you're new to Memebox, they are a website that sells Korean beauty products, but their most popular items are of course, the Memeboxes. These boxes are full of deluxe samples and full size Korean beauty products and are delivered to you all the way from Korea. Memebox has been kind enough to create a FAQs page that you can view HERE if you want more info on the boxes, as there are many to choose from!

This particular box is one of their special edition boxes, which are curated around a specific theme.
  "Halloween Special" cost $23 plus $6.99 shipping. Most of the time, unless it's a "Superbox", Memeboxes usually contain a mix between full size and deluxe size samples. In the case of  "Halloween Special", all 7 items are full size.
From Memebox:
Just in time for Halloween! This Halloween, your possibilities are endless with a chock-full box of spooky makeup ideas! No need to drop loads of cash on costumes you'll only wear once a year, just grab this Halloween Special box, loaded with fun and crafty makeup ideas that are fit for any party occasion! Whether you plan on being a sexy vamp, a pretty pixie, or just sport your trusty ol' witch hat for the night, these do-able Halloween makeup ideas will compliment any costume and also be sure to get you a double-take!

 Revecen: Eye Lash
(Full Size Product: $6)
Because this is specifically a "Halloween Makeup" box, I'm not going to review it the way I usually would. Normally I would groan and whine about getting crazy eyelashes in a box, however these are kind of perfect for the theme! They're dramatic, but not too over-the-top. I think these would go nicely with a wide variety of costumes, and there's no better time to start rocking some false lashes than Halloween!

Revecen: Supra Lining Color in "007 Purple"
(Full Size Product: $30) 
Now this is some interesting makeup. Upon first glance, I thought this was a deep eggplant eye shadow, however this is something called, "Lining Color" which is essentially a face and body paint. The description on the card says this can be used to experiment on the eyes, face, lips or body. You do need a bit of water on your brush to use this apparently, which is too much work for me. I know...I sound incredibly lazy, but anything that requires me to get up off my butt and wet a brush when I'm doing my makeup is landing in the giveaway bin. I do think however, that I would be a little more ambitious if I were to use this for costume makeup.

Revecen: Cake Eye Liner in "Black"
(Full Size Product: $8) 
If you're sensing a Revecen theme here, you'd be spot on. Everything in this box (aside from the next two items I show you) is from the brand, Revecen. I think they specialize in pro/stage/costume-like makeup, which would of course make them the perfect company to feature in this box. While this product may also be a bit on the "too much work" side for me, I still will get some use out of it. This is a cake liner, which can be used as an eyeshadow, or when wet, as an eyeliner. Memebox also suggests using this as a face paint, if desired. I have a friend who is a pro makeup artist, so I think they would love something like this. I have a desire to open it up and mess around with it, but chances are I'll use it once and it'll end up gathering dust in my vanity drawer. Even so, I think it's a pretty solid product for a box like this.

Elizavecca: Lip Tattoo 
(Full Size Product: $14) 
Elizavecca is widely known by Memebox fans as a fantastically fun skincare line, but they also apparently make weirdo stuff like lip tattoos. These things are truly the most gimmicky product I could ever think of, and hilariously enough, I've tried them before. They're a huge pain to cut into the exact shape of your lips. You just have to wing it and hope you've memorized the exact dimensions of your mouth. After you've cut them into shape, you adhere the tattoo to your upper and lower lip and use a wet cotton ball to press down, just like any other temporary tattoo. According to Memebox, these are waterproof and last up to 8 hours. However, according to the packaging, it says "3 days." Either way, these things never adhere right to my lips, and end up looking like a shriveled mess. I was going to try this one out for laughs, but I remember I had a very bad reaction to the last one I used years ago so I guess this will also have to be passed on. I don't really think something like this is practical even for Halloween, considering lipstick is a thing...

LALANC: Real Tattoo #4
(Full Size Product: $5) 
Sooo yeah. These are temporary tattoos. There's honestly nothing much to say about them. They're exactly like the ones you used as a kid (or as an adult if you're into it!) except these ones look a bit more realistic. These are actually a fun product to put into a Halloween box, although it would stink if you were going as a fairy and only had crosses and crowns to choose from! The crowns are actually pretty cute...I might just go ahead and use one to see if it's realistic-looking!

Revecen: Liquid Lipstick Blood
  (Full Size Product: $16)
This Revecen liquid lipstick is made to look exactly like blood. Which is creepy and also awesome. It looks more brown in the tube, but is definitely that brown/red shade of fake blood when it's applied. Memebox suggested using this to make fake blood "gush out of your eyes and mouth," however I'd rather not apply this anywhere near my eyes. I still think this could be a really nice color for Fall if I want to do a really dramatic lip look!

Revecen: Face Control Foundation in "White"
(Full Size Product: $22) 
I might have a difficult time pulling off this white foundation now that Halloween is over. I did receive a purple hued version of this foundation in my Cutie Pie Marzia 2 box, which can be used to even out skin tone and brighten the complexion when worn under makeup. I'm not entirely sure what this white foundation could be used for other than for costume makeup. Memebox says it can be used to control dull, yellow skin tone to evenly balance the complexion. While that would be good for people with yellow undertones, it wouldn't work so well with the pink/red tones in my skin. My fiance does enjoy dabbling in the costume makeup world, IE: doing zombie and vampire makeup for photo shoots etc, so I might give this to him for his little makeup case. This is a fun item to include in this box because I think it could be used in a variety of ways costume-wise.

Overall Thoughts
This box retailed at $23, plus $6.99 for shipping. The total value of the products included is $101.  That's a really nice value, and while I think this is a fun mix of Halloween/costume cosmetics, I don't think it's something I would be happy with if I had purchased it at full price. I don't think there's enough variety in this set to really do a lot with. If you were to dress up as a witch or a vampire of some sort, I think this box would really come in handy. Any sort of "pretty" costume might not fair as well with the products included here. I think it was a valiant effort on Memebox's part to create a Halloween box, although instead of the lip and body tattoos, they could have included some loose, shimmery glitter or possibly an extremely bright and fun-colored lip product to off set the dark and spooky makeup!

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  1. I actually though the Rêvecen stuff was fairly versatile - you could paint a butterfly on your face with the purple and white, lol. I agree 100% about the tattoos though - there are just so many better things they could have included instead. Glitter, another color of cream makeup, press-on nails, etc... oh well!

  2. Do they celebrate Halloween in Korea? I thought this was a pretty fun box although it's not one I would have purchased for myself. I secretly wouldnt mind having some paint like that.